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That the fourty nine Preceding Pages Contains Just
Copy of the Valuation book of the Shire of Lanerk is Certified
And Attested By us Major John Roberton of Earnock
& James Semple one of yr [the] Baillies of Hamilton Two
of the Commissioners of Supply of the Said Shire & Robert
Hamilton writer to the Signet Clerk to the Said Commissioners
In Testimony whereof We the said Commissioners
And Clerk have Subscribed these Present and each of this
foregoing fourty nine Pages Upon this Thirtieth
Day of January jajvy [1700] and thirty nine Years
And I the Sd [Said] Robert Hamilton att [attest] Edr [Edinburgh] the third day of February
jajvy [1700] and thirty nine

[Signed] Robert Hamilton -- John Roberton -- James Semple

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