Proprietor and land Valuation
Woodside Old Machan £62.10.0
Auldtoun £200.0.0
Dalserff Valuation £3320.11.0
The Duke of Hamilton for Collingair & Watston £136.3.0
Castlehill £1668.13.4
Raplochs Tweedie Sub Div [Division] £138.0.0
Thomas Cullen £30.10.0
James Stewart £30.10.0
John Nimmo now John Hamilton £45.15.0
John Stewart now John Fairrie £15.10.0
Robert Wiseman now Alexander Hamilton £16.0.0
Thomas Cullen in Arlitchholme £36.0.0
Easter Kittymuir £133.6.8
Patrickholm mains £106.13.4
Robert Renwick Wester Kittymuir £92.0.0
Corslett £68.0.0
Thomas Craig in Hisledean £34.0.0
James Hastie now George Auchinleck £34.0.0
The Laird of Overtoun now John Armour £50.0.0
Thomas Robison £25.0.0
Richard Meikle £22.0.0
Robert Wiseman of Lan now John Wiseman £13.0.0
John Alston of Overhall £33.0.0
Templeland £26.0.0
John Paterson of Hopenet £9.0.0
John Craig in Chapple £36.0.0
John Hamilton Bridgeholm £36.0.0
The £10 Land of Arlitchholme £18.0.0
Stonehouse valuation £2720.1.4
Torrence For my Ld [Lord] Semple -- £1287.0.0
Torrence his part yrof [thereof] £918.5.0
Baillie Crauford £102.4.8
John Marshall in Heads £72.2.2
John Semple for whitecraigs & ⅓ of Maideneuck £62.6.8
John Hamilton for Calderholm & Burnside £35.5.8
John Hart in Heads £43.12.8
John Dykes in Craigthorn £37.8.0
William Semple for the half Maidenwell £9.7.0
Alexander Semple for the other half £9.7.0
Nethershields £126.11.6
Burn £79.5.0
The Earle of Eglinton £410.0.0

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Robert Hamilton Clk [Clerk]
John Roberton
James Semple

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