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Proprietor and land Valuation
William Hamiltoune of Gilkerscleuch For [asflochin]
James Weir of Johnshill
David Hamiltoune of over cumerhead
Raploch of Logan
David Hamilton formerly neytr [nether] cumerhead
William Leni of Clenchbrae
Thomas Mcquarray of scorryholm
James Weir of Watersyde
Thomas Weir por [portioner] of Sheillhill relict of William sheill yr [there]
James Fairservice of Glengour
Raploch For blae reckoning
Robert Wilson & Mareon Broune for the how
Robert Steill & Thomas paitt
For Foullfoord & brigeholme
Robert Steill of Tows [Trows]
Mr Adam Muir of Murthergill
Richard Viccard of paithheid & Cleuchheid
John Rodger of Airdoch
Ralf Weir of graystaine
Andrew Cleilland of Howmaynes
Thomas Fairservice of whytsyd
Johm Watsone In Murrays land
portioner of gangour
Johne Gillis of Broompark
John Sheill In Netherhouss
Thomas paitt of Bankhouss
Peter Thomsone of Muttonholl
John Hutchestoune of Maines
Raploch For pryerhill
Georg paitt por [portioner] of over gilgovie
Lord duks land subdivydit
John Watson
James pattoune
Abraham and Georg Weirs
John Stodeart & [Raggie] tutop
Adam Wilsoune In Newburne
John Broune in Manis
James porteus
Dalserfe Totall is 3320 lib [pounds]
Raplock £440.0.0
Broomhill and fewars £250.0.0
Cander & Milnburn £840.0.0
Dalserff £320.0.0
Auld machan £125.0.0
Woodsyd £35.0.0
Birkingshaw £35.0.0
Tourland £12.0.0
Sandieholme £50.0.0
Lady dutches £1020.0.0
Stratheid & halstain myle £83.0.0
Swynhill £45.0.0
Netherburne £65.0.0
Stainhous totall 2723 lib [pounds]
Sub division
My lord duk £544.12.0
Silvertounhill £453.16.8
Raploch £672.16.0
The lands of Heasilden belonging to-
William & George Auchinlecks £74.16.0
John Wood in Coslett £68.1.6
Viccarland £34.4.0
John Miller his lands £36.13.4
Mathew Hamiltoune £6.13.4
John Hamiltoune In [---] £6.17.4
John Lawson £3.0.0
Elizabeth Williamsone £3.3.4
Stenhous lands £907.13.4
John Hamiltone coller [collector] payes
all this in cumulo
Glasfoord totall 2650 lib [pounds]
The daills £1287.0.0
Chapelltoun burne & Netherfeild £441.12.0
Henchshalltoune & drumloch £127.1.8
Robert Hamiltoune £46.6.8
The sex pund land £435.6.8
Stanihill £25.12.4
Michaell Mair £44.6.8
the leard of Earnock £243.0.0
Avondale totall is 7650 lib [pound] no sub division of this becaus James young my lords chamberland payes the haill parosh
My lord Sempill £754.0.0
Kilbryd totall is 7700 lib [pounds] No sub division of this because John Smith of [Brewsterland Collects & payes this parosh

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William Weir coller [collector]

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