Proprietor and land Valuation
William Tennent in pooll
James Graham of westhall for the greens
Hew Somervell For spittellands
Mr Robert Alisone & William Lawrie portioners
James ballzie of Todholls For the walls
Sir John Cheislie of Carswall & newbigging
William & John Hutchesons portioners of Templecruicks
Earle of Carnwath
Libertoune & quadquan £2500
The vassalls thr [there]
Robert chancellar of sheillhill £250.0.0
William Lockhart portioner of quadquan £148.0.0
John Kello thr [there] £227.0.0
Mr Robert Broune ther £79.13.4
James Aikein thr [there] £55.0.0
William Greinsheills of Hogcastell £35.5.0
James Somervell of Eister gladstains £99.0.0
Andrew Black of Cormistoune £82.14.0
Mr John Muirhead of Baittlaw £50.0.0
Thomas Chancler of Birlahoill £30.0.0
Simeon Gledstains of Greinsheills £60.0.0
John Gledstains of Athorsheills £56.12.0
John Broune port [portioner] of [Bowmilrig] & libertone £45.0.0
Thomas Carmichaell of wester Gledstaines £89.2.0
Allexander broune port [portioner] in Milnerig £30.0.0
John Somervell For kirkland £11.0.0
William Cheislie collector
Crawfourdjohn Totall is £2360.0.0
sub divisio
William duk of Hamiltoune £750.0.0
William Telpher In Liscleuch
William Hamitoune of Gilkerscleugh
James McMorren of Glespen
John Weir port [portioner] of Moscastle
Mungo Weir port [portioner] ther
William Telpher of Holmhead
Alexander Ballzie of Caldlands
John Telpher of strangcleuch
Sir William Ballzie of Glendroich
James Ballie of west glentewing
John Hendersone in Glengonnar
Walter Carmichaell In littellshaws
William Gibsone In Nethertoune
Coltherd In Glentewing
Georg Aiken In overabingtoune collector
Coulter totall is £1600.0.0
sub [sub division]
Allexander Menzies of [Culterous] £462.0.0
Andrew Lindsay of Birthwood £178.0.0
William Barten £83.5.[--]
Thomas Muir £29.13.[4]
Margaret Menzies £55.10.0
John Broune of Cultourmayns £210.0.0
Sr [Sir] William Ballzie of Lamington & muire £63.0.0
Silvester Chapman £100.0.0
Richard Watsoune £33.6.[0]
John Black £8.5.[0]
Claud ballzie of Bagbie For [?] onthank of Hangingshaw £200.0.[0]
Mr Allexander Bartoun of darnbra £36.0.[--]
Margaret Broune of Wolfclyd £46.0.[--]
James Crichtoune & Jean Watsoune £29.13.4
Hellen Mitchell & hir sisters £40.0.0
James Aikin collector
Lamington totall is £2600.0.0
Sir William Ballzie of Lamington £1300.0.0
James Marqueis of dowglas For wandall £1300.0.0
Robert Currie & Robert johnston Collers [Collectors]
Wistoun totall is £1033.0.0
Mr James Winrahum & milnrig
Sir John Whytfoord of newtoune
William Ballie of Littelllgill
James Marqueis of dowglas
John Ferguson collector
Symingtoune totall £838.0.0
Lord ley £587.0.0
John Muir of Annistoune £175.0.0
John Ballie of st johnskirk £76.0.0
For lockharthill
Mark porteous
Thomas rae collector
Covingtoun totall £1333.0.0
Sir William Lindsay & meadowflatt £1110.16.0
Warrenhill £222.4.0

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Transcriber's notes

Quadquan = Quothquan
Hogcastell = Ogscastle
Athorsheills = Arthurshiels
Glendroich = Glendorch

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