Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Kirkmabreck continued
David Maxwell of Cardoness Cullendogh and Drummore £82.0.0
John Hannay Kirkbryde £90.0.0
James Stewart Garrocher £15.0.0
James Murray McCulloch of Ardwall Balmacrail £75.0.0
Alexander McLean of Mark Mark £30.0.0
Pibble and Craignook £100.0.0
Culcronghy £70.0.0
Anthony Kennan's Heirs Burns £20.8.2
Mrs. Hughan Burns £13.12.2
Total Valuation of the Parish of Kirkmabreck £3212.10.0
Parish of Kirkpatrick Durham
Major General Thomas Goldie of Goldielee Barncaillie and Feinds £270.0.0
Nether Kilwhanady and Feinds £224.0.0
Markland £60.0.0
Kilwhanady Miln of Milnmote Croft £55.0.0
Alexander Welsh of Skarr Crofts £104.0.0
Marwhirns and Feinds £211.0.0
John Martin of Kilwhanady Upper Kilwhanady £227.0.0
James Frazer of Barr Upper Barr of Nether Glaisters £210.0.0
John Maxwall of Terraughty Auchenhay and Feinds £164.0.0
William Copland of Collieston Over Darngarroch £40.0.0
Nether Darngarroch of Feinds thereof £41.0.0
Brocklogh £69.10.0
Thomson Stongaber of Westland and Feinds £68.0.0
Welsh Mool £100.0.0
James Graham Upper Glaisters £100.0.0
Robert Gordon of Craig Nether Barr £77.10.0
Lochenkitt and Feinds £106.0.0
Narry £65.0.0
Stothart Two Drumumphrays and Feinds £106.0.0
Aruming £80.0.0
Arkland £75.0.0
Peter McCartney Over Marcartney £34.0.0
John MacMorine Nether Marcartney £134.0.0
Kirklebryde and Feinds £82.0.0
William Laidlaw of Grieve Minnydow £85.0.0
Barmoffity £55.0.0
Boguchall of Mosside and Feinds £14.16.10

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