Land tax rolls for Kirkcudbrightshire, volume 02

Page Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total) Transcribe other information Transcriber's notes
E106/20/2/1 Anwoth Paroch
E106/20/2/1 Gourlays Laggan one hundred and Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Newtoun of Cairdoness Two hundred & eighty eight £288.0.0
E106/20/2/1 St. Johns croft Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Bardarroch Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Glencaipnoch Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Drumuch loch Stenry park & waulk miln Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Miln of Skyre burn One hundered & forty pound ten Shills. [Shillings] £140.10.0
E106/20/2/1 Kirk bryde and Miln Isle one hundered pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/1 [sub total] £860.10.0
E106/20/2/1 Boreland of Cardoness two hundered & Seventy two pound £272.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Old Land Twenty one pounds £21.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Killiegown Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Kirkland & Marchrocher Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Lauchen tyre one hundered and five pound £105.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Killern Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Over Ardwall Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Lauchen Lairy one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/1 [sub total] £808.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Over Rusco Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Nether Rusco one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Arknockinoch Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Half mark Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Miln of Killern Thirty three pd [pound] Six Shill [Shillings] eight pennys £33.6.8
E106/20/2/1 Kings Laggan eighty three pound three Shills [Shillings] four pennys £84.3.4
E106/20/2/1 Polcree one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/1 [sub total] £527.10.0
E106/20/2/1 Whitesyde one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Calsyde or Slaights Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Bardrislan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Laggan Mulline Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Arkland One hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Hintoun Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Kirkclaugh Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Nether Ardwall Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/1 [Sub total] £675.0.0
E106/20/2/1 Totale of this parish is Two thousand eight hundered and Seventy one pounds £2071.0.0
E106/20/2/1 [Page] 1st Valuation of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/1 Hi LindaC80 This first page is more difficult because of the dirty condition, a good first effort, have a read through and try the next page, if you need any help post a message on the forum. I have amended this page, hope it helps. Parish name entered on page The search for place names at top right of page is very useful, if you are only sure of a part of the name the system will return any names which includes that part. They are spelt as hundered and all unusual spellings are transcribed as seen. Transcribe capitals or lack of, as seen. Abbreviations as seen then full word in [--] except first names which are only written in full. [Sub total] added for monies from second column signature Thos. Beon? = Thomas Bean checked on another page and first name expanded. Dauvit Noderator
E106/20/2/3 Balmaclellan Paroch
E106/20/2/3 Hardland eighty four pounds £84.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Lochowie forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Lagan Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Upper Blackmark forty four pound £44.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Nether Blackmark fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Knocknon forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Blackcraig Fifty two pound £52.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Halfmark of Benayvie Seventy two pound £72.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Ewenston Eighty four pound £84.0.0
E106/20/2/3 [sub total] £514.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Armackanny one hundered and Twenty five pd [pounds] £125.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Park one hundred & Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Eight shilling land Thirty Six pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Hill Sixty pound Armaneely Sixty pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Martieston Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Troquhane one hundered and Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Bartaggart Sixty six pound thirteen sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/3 Blarinny one hundered and five pounds £105.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Altowhit Thirty three pd [pounds]: six shill [shillings] : eight penny £33.6.8
E106/20/2/3 Creroch & Doumwhan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Barnmark one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Toydeaverrys Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Killochy Sixty six pound £66.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Knocklae Twenty nine pound Sixteen shill: [shillings] £29.16.0
E106/20/2/3 Barnmurrie fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Little Craig fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Gordon of Holm Estate one hund:[hundred] & Twenty seven pd: [pounds] £127.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Craigmaid Two hundred and Twenty six pound £226.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Barscob one hundered and one pound £101.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Mark Thirty three pound Six Shillings & eight pennys £33.6.8
E106/20/2/3 Drumanister Thirty three pound Six shillings eight pennies £33.6.8
E106/20/2/3 Curriedow Sixty six pound thirteen shillings four pennies £66.13.4
E106/20/2/3 Barnshalloch Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Shirmers Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Cubbox one hundered and Twenty five pound £125.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Craig Fifty five pounds £55.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Corse fifty five pounds £55.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Upper Minibuie one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Nether Minibuie eighty six pounds £86.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Crogo one hundred and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Balmaclellan paroch continued
E106/20/2/3 Knocklairn fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Barley one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Halfmark of Barley Twenty three pounds £23.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Cassenvey Fifty two pounds £52.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Garcrogo one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Arlosh Sixty three pound £63.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Waterhead forty four pounds £44.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Caldow Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Tiele Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Totale Three thousand four hundred and eighty one pounds two shillings eight penny scots £3401.2.8
E106/20/2/3 Balmaghie Paroch
E106/20/2/3 Boreland of Balmaghie one hund:& fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Barnboard One hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Glentow Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Drumlane one hund: & thirteen pd[pound]:Six shill[shillings]: 8 pen:[pennies] £113.6.8
E106/20/2/3 Creochs forty three pounds £43.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Campduddiell one hund :&thirty three pd:[pounds] Six sh:[shillings] eight pen:[pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/3 Glenlocher Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Grobdale eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Nether Crae eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Upper Crae forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Tormolland thirty Six pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Slogairly & Stroan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Finneness Sixty three pounds £63.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Airy Sixty four pound £64.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Livingston one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Ganoch fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Five Shilling land Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Bridgestone croft Fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Quintenespie Sixty four pound £64.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Clauchenpluck mill Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Two Dornells eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Bargaton one hundered and eight pounds £108.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Edgartoun one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Dinnens Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/3 Gatehouse Thirty Seven pounds ten shills [shillings] £37.10.0
E106/20/2/3 BALMACLELLAN PAROCH [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/3 LindaC80 , Can you please read the transcriber note on page 1. There is still some lines to be added to page 3. Thank you Dauvit Have edited some of the entries to include pounds shillings pennies in brackets after the abbreviated words. I have also completed the Balmaghie transcription on the bottom of the page please could you look it over and advise if I have done it correctly. Thankyou Linda
E106/20/2/5 Balmaghie paroch continued
E106/20/2/5 4 [page]
E106/20/2/5 Clauchenpluck Twenty Seven pound ten shill:[shillings] £27.10.0
E106/20/2/5 Craigenelly Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Milnlack fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Howcroft fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Craigcroft ten pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Hemphill ten pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Lochenbreck thirty Seven pound £37.0.0
E106/20/2/5 [sub total] £585.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Darngarroch Twenty pound £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Bellymack Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Grennoch Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Mains of Duchrae one hundered & ninety pound £190.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meikle Duchrae Seventy eight pound £78.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Little Duchrae fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Tornoroch forty eight pound £48.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Nether Drumglass Thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Upper Drumglass and Barbeck Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Uloch one hundered and Thirty three pound 6sh [shillings] 8pe:[pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/5 Uroch one hundered and Thirty five pound £135.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Two Craigs Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Drumbreck Thirty Six pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Clony Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Threave Grange & Little Mains Three hund and forty five pounds £345.0.0
E106/20/2/5 [sub total] £1415.6.8
E106/20/2/5 Totale is Three thousand four hundred and eighty Six pounds Scots £3486.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Bootle Paroch
E106/20/2/5 Almerness Four hundered pounds £400.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Orchycardton Three hundered and Twenty pound £320.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Blegbelly Sixty eight pound £68.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Little Castlegowr fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meikle Castlegowr one Hundered and thirty five pd: [pounds] £135.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Craigton one hundered and fifty one pound £151.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Breoch one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Corraw Ninty two pound £92.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Coole one Hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meikle Leaths Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Halket Leaths one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Corbitoun one hundered & sixty pound £160.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Scrogiehill Hopehead Sixty eight pound £68.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Scrogiehill forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Midtown forty four pound £44.0.0
E106/20/2/5 [sub total] £2136.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Bootle Paroch continued
E106/20/2/5 5th pa: [page]
E106/20/2/5 [Carried forward] £2136.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Milntoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Lagan two hundered and forty five pound £245.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Auchengate Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Bootle one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Guffockland Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Little Knox Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meikle Knox one hundered and & Seventy five pound £175.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meikle Kirkland Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Cullinaw Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Barcheen Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Clonyeard ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Kirkennan Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Munches one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Marroch Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Barlochan one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/5 [sub total] £1270.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Totall is Three thousand four hundred and Six pounds Scots £3406.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Borgue Paroch
E106/20/2/5 Laigh Borgue Three hund: & Thirty three pd [pounds] 6 sh: [shillings] 8pen:[pennies] £333.6.8
E106/20/2/5 Nether Sennick Two hundered and Seventy pounds £270.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Upper Sennick & Mile Two hund: & Ninty Six pounds £296.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Balmangan and Meikle Ross five hund: & ten pd [pounds] £510.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Dunnot and Kessockton four hund: & fifteen pd: [pounds] £415.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Borness Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Muncraig One hundered & Seventy pounds £170.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Chappellton one hundered & Twenty Six pound £126.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Ingliston one hundered and Thirty two pound £132.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Meggerland Forteen pound £14.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Roberton Sixty Six pound £66.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Corsefield and Miln Forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Corse yeard Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Kingantoun Fifty Seven pound £57.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Barlocco & Isle is valued at Two hundred & Six pounds But ought only to be One hundred & Six pounds being But £102.0.0 in the Excheqrs. [Exchequers] Valuation £106.0.0
E106/20/2/5 Knockbrex Sixty three pound £63.0.0
E106/20/2/5 [Signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/7 Borgue Paroch continued
E106/20/2/7 6 [page]
E106/20/2/7 Margree one hundered and Seventy pound £170.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Lennox plunton one hundered & Seventy pound £170.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Sprots Plunton & Mill One hundred & Ninty pound £190.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Meikle Carleton Two hundered and forty pound £240.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Little Carleton One hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Barmagachine Three hundered & twenty pound £320.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Meikle Temple land croft Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Little Temple land croft Sixpound £6.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Auchenhay one hundered and Twenty nine pd [pounds] £129.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Mossrap croft Eleven pound £11.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Barharrow One hundered and Seventy pound £170.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Gategill and Quarters one hundered & ten pd: [pound] £110.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Littletoun fifty Seven pound £57.0.0
E106/20/2/7 [sub total] £1951.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Slack fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Conchitoun one hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Miln of Borgue Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Ratraw one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/7 High Borgue one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Boreland of Borgue Two hundered and thirty eight pd [pounds] £238.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Mark Thirty eight pound £38.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Blackcraig one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 [sub total] £831.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Totall is Five thousand and Three hundered & Sixty Nine pound six shills [shillings]: & eight pennys £5369.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Carsphairn Paroch
E106/20/2/7 Holm of Daltallochan one hund: thirteenpd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8 pe: [pennies] £113.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Brockloch Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Drumjoan one hundered & three pound 6sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies]
E106/20/2/7 Nether Lamfoord one hund: thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8p: [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Drumsharr Sixty Six pound thirteen shill:[shillings] & four pe: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/7 Woodhead two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Garryhorn one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Moss one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Over Brownhill Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Nether Brownhill Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Over Knockinggurroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Bank one hundered and Seven pound 107.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Carsphairn Paroch continued
E106/20/2/7 Over Knockgray one hundered and four pound £104.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Nether Knockgray Two hundred pound £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Nether Knockingurroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 [Sub total] £2013.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Marbreck Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Furmistoun one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Marscalloch one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Dundeugh Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Mardrockal Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Nethr. [Nether] Smeetoun one hundered and Twenty five pound £125.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Over Smeetoun Sixty Six pound Thirteen sh: [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/7 Craigengillan one hundered and Twenty five pd [pounds] £125.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Moorbrock Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Two Glenns one hundered & fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Strawhanaw Sixty Six pound thirteen sh: [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/7 [Sub total] £1473.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Upper Lamfoord one hundered & thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Nether Holm of Dalwhairn one hundred & eighty pd [pounds] £180.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Over Holm of Dalwhairn two hundred & Sixty pound £260.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Barley one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Dalshangan eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Neyr Caerminow Sixty Six pound thirteen sh [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/7 Mid Caerminow Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Over Caerminow Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Bardannoch Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Carnavell Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Bradennock and Kiltersan one hund: & twenty pds [pounds] £120.0.0
E106/20/2/7 [Sub total] £1220.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Drumness & Craiglingell Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Northside of Castlemadie Seventy three pound £73.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Southside of Castlemadie One hund:& thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8pen [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Holmhead of castlemadie Thirty three pound Six sh: [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Sheel of Castlemadie Eleven pounds £11.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Halfmark forty three pound £43.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Blackcraig and Lamloch one hund:& twenty five pd £125.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Two Cullendochs one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Howmeadow Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Portmark one hundered and Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Loch head Ninty five pounds £95.0.0
E106/20/2/7 [sub total] £913.13.4
E106/20/2/7 Totall is Five thousand Six hundered & Twenty pounds Six Shillings & eight pence Scots £5620.6.8
E106/20/2/7 Glenstocking Ninty five pound £95.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Barcloy one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/7 Colvend Paroch
E106/20/2/7 [Signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/9 Colvend Paroch continued
E106/20/2/9 8 [page]
E106/20/2/9 [brought forward] £195.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Mark fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Drumwhany four pound Kirkland fifty pound £54.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Barclay and Smithsland Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Boreland of Colvend one hundered & thirty pd [pound] £130.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Kipp one hundered pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Barnbarroch Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Meikle Cloak ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Little Cloak forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Clonyard fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Auchensheen fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Fairgirth Two hundered and eighty pounds £280.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Barscreoch one hundered and eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/9 [Sub total] £1389.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Corsock one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Laggan Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Marbrowie Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Barnhourie one hundered & Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Auchenlosh Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Drumstinchell Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Chappellhill and Stepend croft Five pounds £5.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Auchenhay Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Auchenskeoch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Maidenpap Eighty one pound thirteen sh: [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £81.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Roundfell Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Glenson Forty pounds Drumcow Twenty five pds [pounds] £65.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Ryes Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Boreland of Southwick one hund: & fifteen pds [pounds] £115.0.0
E106/20/2/9 [Sub total] £1085.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Mains & Crofts Forty eight pounds £48.0.0
E106/20/2/9 The Feus formerly called James Irvings Thirty four pd [pounds] £34.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Bareness Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Dinmuck Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Gillfoot Two pound ten shillings Bank fifty pounds £52.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Barescrape and Shaw Seventy two pound ten shill [shillings] £72.10.0
E106/20/2/9 Burgh Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Eastwood Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Milnbank Ninty two pounds £92.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Jackleg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Upper Cliftoun Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Nether Cliftoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 [Sub total] £759.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Crossmichael Paroch
E106/20/2/9 Airds one hundered and Twenty Six pound thirteen sh[shillings] 4d [pennies] £126.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Ironcrogo Ninty five pound £95.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Blawrinny Sixty Six pound thirteen Sh:[shillings] four pen:[pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Glengappoch Eighty two pound thirteen sh [shillings]: four pen: [pennies] £82.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Auchendolly one hundered and eleven pd [pounds: 13sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £111.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Trowdale Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Largnean one hundered and Six pound 13sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £106.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Kilnotry Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Bagerran Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Kirkland Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Culgruff one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Chappellgairn Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Crofts Three hundered and forty eight pounds £348.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Nether Ironambrie forty four pounds £44.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Upper Ironambrie forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Ironfillan forty eight pounds £48.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Upper Clarbrand forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Nether Clarbrand forty four pounds £44.0.0
E106/20/2/9 [sub total] £1728.6.8
E106/20/2/9 Mollance Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Meikle Drybrugh one hundered & Eleven pound 13sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £111.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Little Drybrugh one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Dunjarg one hund:& fifteen pound 13Sh [shillings]:4 pen [pennies] £115.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Gerrantoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Blackgairn one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Hillowtoun Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Ironespie one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Chapmantoun one hund: forty three pd [pounds] : 13Sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £143.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Fuffock fifty five pounds £55.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Upper Mains one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Nether Mains one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Greenlaw Park one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Blackpark Ninty three pound £93.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Ironminnie one hundred & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Crossmichael Miln forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/9 Larnanaly Sixty three pound 13Sh [shillings]: 4 pen: [pennies] £63.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Templand Twenty pound £20.0.0
E106/20/2/9 [sub total] £1602.13.4
E106/20/2/9 Totale is Three thousand four hundred and eleven pounds Scots £3411.0.0
E106/20/2/9 9 [page]
E106/20/2/9 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/11 Dalrye Paroch
E106/20/2/11 10th [page]
E106/20/2/11 Bogg Three hundered pounds £300.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Millmark Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Gordonstoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Uppertoun Seventy Six pound £76.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Corseglass Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Glenshimeroch Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Kilnare Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Lochenvarr Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Regland one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Margree one hundred and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Stroan Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Claughraar Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Knockman Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Duchraw Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Cairn Fifty three pound £53.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Halfmark forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Craigencorr Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/11 [sub total] £1779.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Grennan Two hundred and fifty pound £250.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Mulloch Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Stewarton Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Parslubben Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Tower Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Clauchenside and Isle one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Trolane Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Stronpatrick one hundred & Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Stronfregan one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Little Auchrae one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Palcheskie one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Meikle Corlae one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Blackcraig one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Benbreck one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Manwhill one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Meikle Auchrae one hundred & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Altry one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Lochfoot one hundred and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Pavedock seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/11 [sub total] £2235.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Mains of Earlston two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Holm of Dalrye one hundred pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Meikle Kirkland forty pound thirteen Shills [shillings] four pen: [pennies] £40.13.4
E106/20/2/11 Little Kirkland forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Underhill Twenty pound £20.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Clauchensyde forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Dalrye Paroch continued
E106/20/2/11 11 [page]
E106/20/2/11 Clauchenmark one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Miltoun Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Blawhairn forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Ardoch one hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Todstoun Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Two Cleughs one hundred & Sixteen pound £116.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Glenhold & Leys one hundred & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Mackillstoun one hundred & Fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Arndarroch one hundred pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Two Barleys one hundered & Thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Brigmark and Garrioyard one hund: & Thirty Seven pd [pounds] £137.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Marskeeg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Caerniehill forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Culmark and Blacknook one hundred & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Earlstouns Feu Dutys Twenty nine pound 13 sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £29.13.4
E106/20/2/11 Laughrinnie Two hundered and Twenty five pound £225.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Fingland Two hundered & Twenty five pound £225.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Knocksting one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Auchenshinnoch one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Trostan one hundered and Fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Little Corlae & Cornharrow one hund: & fifty pds [pounds] £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Cairoch Craiglowr & Blackmark one hundred & Seventy five pound £175.0.0
E106/20/2/11 [sub total] £2492.13.4
E106/20/2/11 Totale is Seven thousand one hundered & thirty Seven pound Six shills [shillings]: & eight pennys £7137.6.8
E106/20/2/11 Over orchar and Roundfell Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Mid orchar Thirty Seven pound ten shillings £37.10.0
E106/20/2/11 Nether Orchar Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Knockbrex fifteen pound Six Shills [shillings] & eight pennys £15.6.8
E106/20/2/11 Burns and Auchencloy Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Grobdale One hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Lagg one hundered and eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Culreoch one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Croofulk Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Laughenghie Sixty pounds & Burnfoot forty Six pounds £106.0.0
E106/20/2/11 Castrammen & Derriegown one hund: & fifty pds [pounds] £150.0.0
E106/20/2/11 [sub total] £918.16.8
E106/20/2/11 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean Claughenn Mains
E106/20/2/13 Girthon Paroch continued
E106/20/2/13 12th [page]
E106/20/2/13 Brought over £9181.16.8
E106/20/2/13 Mains of Cally Two hundered & Twenty five pds [pounds] £225.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Disdow one hundered & Twelve pounds £112.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Lochans one hundred & Seventy eight pd [pounds] 16 sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £178.16.8
E106/20/2/13 Gatehouse Twenty five pound & Whitecroft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Dalmalin Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Whinnyhill Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Tannyfadd Sixty two pounds & Six Shills :[shillings] 6pen: [pennies] £62.6.6
E106/20/2/13 Two Drumrucks one hundredd & Twenty five pds : [pounds] £125.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Murrayton & Cullindeugh one hundred pd [pounds] £100.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Fililarg Ninty pounds Meikle Barley Seventy five £165.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Drumwall Sixty pounds Creoch forty pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Endrig & Milnysof two hundred & ten pounds £210.0.0
E106/20/2/13 [sub total] £1565.13.3
E106/20/2/13 Clauchen one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Cairns of Endrig forty pound Merfellton & 72 lib 10sh [shillings] £112.10.0
E106/20/2/13 Rainton Eighty one pound eleven Shills: [shillings] & three pen: [pennies] £81.11.3
E106/20/2/13 Knockeun carrick of Millarton Eighty two pds: [pounds] 12sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £82.12.4
E106/20/2/13 Boreland Eighty one pound eleven Sh: [shillings] & three pen: [pennies] £81.11.3
E106/20/2/13 Cleun Eighty one pound eleven Sh:[shillings] & three penys [pennies] £81.11.3
E106/20/2/13 Airds & macknaughton Seventy two pd: [pounds] ten Shill: [shillings] £72.10.0
E106/20/2/13 Cuffytoun Eighty one pound eleven Sh:[shillings] & three pen: [pennies] £81.11.3
E106/20/2/13 Lagganorry Seventy Seven pound & Six pennys £77.0.6
E106/20/2/13 Barr of Girthon Seventy Seven pounds two Sh [shillings] 6d [pennies] £77.2.6
E106/20/2/13 Two Fishers crofts Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Mill of Lake Twenty pound £20.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Syllodioch Seventy two pound ten shills: [shillings] £72.10.0
E106/20/2/13 [sub total] £960.1.?
E106/20/2/13 Deduie if Ministers Tiend one hundred & ten pds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Totale free is Three thousand three hundred & thirty four pound ten Shills [shillings] & Two pennys £3334.10.2
E106/20/2/13 Irongray Paroch
E106/20/2/13 The Riddings one hundred & Twenty two pound five Sh [shillings] £122.5.0
E106/20/2/13 Upper and Nether Barncleughsone hund: & forty four pd [pounds] £144.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Burngrains ten pound Meikle Barncleugh 213 lib. 6sh[shillings] 8p:[pennies] £223.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Mallabay Seventy eight pound £78.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Irongray Paroch Continued
E106/20/2/13 13th [page]
E106/20/2/13 Crochmore Eighty eight pounds £88.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Larbreck Fifty Six pounds £56.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Cloudan forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Knockshinoch Two hundered & twenty pounds £220.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Bogrie Thirty Six pound thirteen Shills: [shillings] & 4 pen: [pennies] £36.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Bracko Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Killilourone hundred & Sixty Six pd: [pounds] 13sh [shillings] 4pennys £166.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Maxwells Beoch one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Romes Beoch One hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Saughtrees Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Kilncroft Thirty three pound Six Shills: [shillings] & eight penys [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Knockgeeg Thirty three Pound Six shills: [shillings] & eight pennys £33.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Peartree Thirteen pound Six Shills: [shillings] & eight pennys £13.6.8
E106/20/2/13 [sub total] £1559.18.4
E106/20/2/13 Glen Sixty pound Masecroft Thirteen pound 6 sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £13.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Glenhead Twelve pound thirteen Shillings & four pennys £12.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Meikle Beoch one hundered & Sixty Six pound 13 Sh [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £166.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Upper Glenkill Fifty pounds Ney. Glenkill forty five pounds £95.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Margreeg Seventy pound Shalloch one hundred & one pounds £171.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Upper Marglolly twenty two pd [pounds] Nethr.[Nether] Margloley Twenty pounds £42.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Drumclyel thirty one pound thirteen Shills [shillings] & four peny [pennies] £31.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Knaughtstoun Forty Six pound thirteen Shills [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £46.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Scarr Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Skeoch Fifty four pound three shill [shillings] & four pennys £54.3.4
E106/20/2/13 Cornlee eighty two pounds Waterhead Sixty three pds [pounds] £145.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Craigloff Fifteen pounds three Shills: [shillings] & four pennys £15.3.4
E106/20/2/13 Barbow Eighty two pound thirteen Shill: [shillings] & four pennys £82.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Captaintoun thirty four pound three Shill: [shillings] & four pennys £34.3.4
E106/20/2/13 Hall Sixty three pound Six Shills: [shillings] & eight pennys £63.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Drumpark Thirty one pound thirteen Shill [shillings] & four pens [pennies] £31.13.4
E106/20/2/13 Waterside Thirty pound Sixteen Shill: [shillings] & eight penys [pennies] £30.16.8
E106/20/2/13 Slack fifteen pound Sixteen shill [shillings] & eight pennys £15.16.8
E106/20/2/13 Causeyhead Thirty one pound thirteen Shill: [shillings] & four pen [pennies] £31.13.4
E106/20/2/13 [sub total] £1213.10.0
E106/20/2/13 Boreland Thirty pound Sixteen Sh: [shillings] & eight pennys £30.16.8
E106/20/2/13 Maxwelton fifty three pound Six Shill [shillings] & eight pen [pennies] £53.6.8
E106/20/2/13 Nether Clouden one hundred & Seventy pounds £170.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Corn Mill there Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Fishing Seventeen pound Waukmill fifteen pound £32.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Kirkpatrick Ninty Seven pound £97.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Holecroft Forteen pound two Shillings £14.2.0
E106/20/2/13 Ingliston Three hundered & thirty two pounds £332.0.0
E106/20/2/13 Burnscroft Forteen pound eight Shillings £14.8.0
E106/20/2/13 Windyhill Eighteen pound Lag Sixty three pound £81.0.0
E106/20/2/13 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/15 Irongray Paroch continued
E106/20/2/15 14th [page]
E106/20/2/15 Bridge Ninteen pound Twelve Shillings £19.12.0
E106/20/2/15 Dalwhairn one hundered & Twenty nine pound £129.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Midtoun Forty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £47.12.0
E106/20/2/15 Townfoot Fifty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £57.12.0
E106/20/2/15 Roughtree Thirty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £37.12.0
E106/20/2/15 Hallhill Seventy one pound £71.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Newark Fifty three pound £53.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Braes Twenty nine pound Twelve Shills : [shillings] £29.12.0
E106/20/2/15 Kirkland Seventy five poun £75.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Barnsoul one hundered and eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [sub total] £1599.
E106/20/2/15 Totale is Four thousand three hundered & Seventy three pound one shill [shilling] & eight pennys £4373.1.8
E106/20/2/15 Kells Paroch
E106/20/2/15 Nether Garlog & Hole Sixty Six pound 13 sh: [shillings] 4 pennys £66.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Claughrum Twenty pounds Tannoch thirteen pd [pounds] 6 sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/15 Craigs & Nether Laggan Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Laggan Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Knocknarling & Caldsyde Forty eight pound 13 sh [shillings]: 4d [pennies] £48.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Upper Auchy Sixty pounds Hillhead Twenty eight pd [pounds] £88.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Burnfoot Fifty four pound, Nethr.[Nether] Burnfoot Fifty pd: [pounds] £104.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Bow and Cloan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Garlog Twenty Six pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Darsalloch Twenty Six pound thirteen Shill [shillings]: & four pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Mains of Kenmore one hundered & eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Glenlee Two hundered & ten pounds £210.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Fintilloch one hundred & ninty two pounds £192.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Mill and Mill Lands Forty eight pounds £48.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Liggat Sixty pounds Burntoun Sixty eight pounds £128.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Craigshinny Seventy Seven pounds £77.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Gate Ninty four pounds £94.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Clatterenshaws Sixty pounds Buss Seventy Seven pds [pounds] £137.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Forrest one hundered & fifteen pounds £115.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Nether Forrest one hundered & Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Darnaw one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [sub total] £1236.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Two Garrochs one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Dunveoch Fifty pounds Lockspraig Thirty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Park one hundered & Ninty two pounds £192.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Airy one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Largirie forty eight pounds Wood=head thirty Six pd [pounds] £84.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [Sub total] £576.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Strangassell Sixty pounds Nethr. [Nether] Strangassell forty eight pds [pounds] £108.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Upper Airds Seventy pound Bennanhill Sixty pound £130.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Ringour Twenty two pound ten Shillings £22.10.0
E106/20/2/15 Kells Paroch continued
E106/20/2/15 15th [page]
E106/20/2/15 Nook Twenty two pound ten Sh [shillings] Mossdale Twenty two pd [pounds] 10sh [shillings] £45.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Quarterland Twenty two pound ten Shillings £22.10.0
E106/20/2/15 Park £13 6 Sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] Bridgecroft £13 6Sh 8 pen:[pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Nether Airds one hundered and Twenty Seven pound £127.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Boatcroft Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [Sub total] £506.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Barskeoch and Caven Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Waterside one hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Hannaston & Barschock one hund: & fifty three pound £153.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Knockreoch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Knocknaling Sixty pounds Craigmichael forty pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Largmore & Clenry Ninty five pounds £95.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Duckaston Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Burnhead Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Three Garverys Two hundered & twenty pounds £220.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Two Craigenbays Eighty five pounds £85.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Stranfasket and Largvey one hundred & forty pound £140.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Knocksheen [scored out: Seventy] Forty eight pound Craigend Twenty three £71.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [Sub total] £1496.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Totall is four thousand five hundered & forty eight pund thirteen Shills [shillings]: four pennies £4540.13.4
E106/20/2/15 Keltoun Paroch
E106/20/2/15 Carlingwork forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Buchancroft Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
E106/20/2/15 urberliggat Thirty Seven pound £37.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Slagnaw one hundered and thirteen pound £113.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Mid Keltoun one hundred and eighty five pound £185.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Browniehills Eighty five pound £85.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Meikle Lochdougan one hundered & Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Miln of kelton one hundered & Twenty three pd [pounds] £123.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Ronhouse Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Granyfoord Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Kelton hill one hundered & ten pound £110.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Kelton parks & Hightae one hundered & Thirty pds [pounds] £130.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Fishing Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Bullrig croft fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Airrieland Two hundered and Thirty pound £230.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Torrs one hundred & Sixty five pound £165.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Causeyend Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0
E106/20/2/15 Whitepark Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0
E106/20/2/15 [signed John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/15 Cant see start of Place name looks like it ends berliggat (underneath Buchancroft in Keltoun Paroch records)
E106/20/2/17 Keltoun Paroch continued
E106/20/2/17 16th
E106/20/2/17 Dildawen Ninty nine pound £99.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Auchlane one hundered and Twenty Nine pound £129.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Mill of Auchlane Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Laigh Arkland Fifty Six pound £56.0.0
E106/20/2/17 High Arkland Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Boreland of Gelston one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Little Inglistoun Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Billies Ninty nine pound £99.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Millthrid one hundered & eighty pound £180.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkcormock Mill and Kirkland £80.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Hallmyre one hundred and thirty two pound £132.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkland of Gellstoun forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £1670.0.0
E106/20/2/17 N.B. The Commisioner : upon application of the proprietor did lately Stryke this Ground out of the valuation Wch not withstanding the Collector Continues in his Books as an arrear Because he thinks it erronously Struck out as Standing in the valluation Keepling Excheq [exchequers] & having been in use to pay to the parish Collector
E106/20/2/17 Craigley Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Meikle Ingliston Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Newlands Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Sheels Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/17 West quarter fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £260.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Glenyaroch fifty one pounds £51.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Porterlands Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkmirren Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Glen of Skreel Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Whitehill Thirty four pound £34.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Killdow Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Hole of Gelstoun Seven pound £7.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Sagie foord Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Netherthird Two hundred & eighty two pound £282.0.0
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £164.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Sum totall is Three thousand and Seven hundered & Three pounds Scots £3703.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkbean Paroch
E106/20/2/17 Doctor. Murrays land Sixteen hundred & Ninty pound £1690.0.0
E106/20/2/17 The Lands of Arbigland Eleven hundred & Sixty one pds [pounds] £1161.0.0
E106/20/2/17 The Lands of Torrery Three hundred & Twenty five pds [pounds] £325.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Ladylands Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Airdrie Two hundred & Seventeen pound £217.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Redbank Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkbean paroch continued
E106/20/2/17 17th [page]
E106/20/2/17 The lands of Wreaths one hundered & thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/17 The Lands of Nunbelly Three hundred & Seventy pds [pounds] £370.0.0
E106/20/2/17 The lands of Kirkbean one hundred & fifty two pds [pounds] £152.0.0
E106/20/2/17 The Lands of Cowcross Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Totall is Four thousand Three hundred & Twenty five pounds Scots £4325.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkcudbright Paroch
E106/20/2/17 Torrs Two hundered & Seventy one pounds £271.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Balmae Two hundred and Seventy five pounds £275.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Balgreddan Two hundered and eighty five pds [pounds] £285.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Little Sypland one hundered & Sixteen pound £116.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Halfmerkcroft Thirteen pounds £13.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Meikle Sypland one hundered & ninty two pounds £192.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Black Stockerton one hundred & Sixty one pound £161.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Little Stockerton one hundered & thirty five pd [pounds] 18sh [shillings] 9d [pennies] £135.18.9
E106/20/2/17 Brock loch Thirty pound Redbrae Thirty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Whinnyliggat Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Culdoch one hundred & Seventy three pds [pounds] 13sh [shillings] & 4d [pennies] £73.13.4
E106/20/2/17 Carse Eighty Six pound Six Shills [shillings] & eight pen: [pennies] £86.6.8
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £1788.18.9
E106/20/2/17 Cannee one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Little Kirkland one hundered & Eleven pound £111.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Meikle Kirkland one hundred & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Auchenflower Two hundered & Twenty nine pounds £229.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Grange Three hundered & Ninty two pound £392.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Moothill Sixty Six pound thirteen Shill [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/17 Little Gala Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Meikle Gala one hundered & Thirty three pds [pounds] £133.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Knockourgala one hundered and fifty five pound £155.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Miltoun of Dunrod Four hundred & eleven pound 16sh [shillings] 8d[pennies] £411.16.8
E106/20/2/17 Mill and Crofts yr one hundered & Thirty five pd [pounds] £135.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkland Ninty Six pounds Slack croft Seven pd [pounds] 10Sh [shillings] £103.10.0
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £2277.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Glonnancroft Fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/17 St. Mary Isle one hundered & Sixty Six pd:[pounds] 13Sh [shillings] 4 penies [pennies] £166.13.4
E106/20/2/17 Jurdilands Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Bombie one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Mile of Bombie Two hundered & Seventy pounds £270.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Gribly one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Marks one hundered Kirkbride Twenty Seven pound £127.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Glenley Twenty five pound Colland Twenty five pds [pounds] £50.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Kirkhouse Twenty five pounds Grange Mill £100 £125.0.0
E106/20/2/17 Tangcroft Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/17 [Sub total] £1118.13.4
E106/20/2/17 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/19 Kirkcudbright Paroch continued
E106/20/2/19 18th [page]
E106/20/2/19 [Brought forward] £1118.13.4
E106/20/2/19 Mullocks Drummore one hund: & Ninty two pd [pounds] 8Sh [shillings] £192.8.0
E106/20/2/19 Mr Hamiltons Drumore Ninty Six pound four Sh [shillings] £96.4.0
E106/20/2/19 Townhead Ninty Six pound four Shillings £96.4.0
E106/20/2/19 Burnside of Balfier Fifty three pound fifteen Sh: [shillings] £53.15.0
E106/20/2/19 Bank fifty three pound fifteen Shills: [shillings] £53.15.0
E106/20/2/19 Gregory fifty three pound fifteen Shillings £53.15.0
E106/20/2/19 How well Fifty three pound fifteen Shills [shillings] £53.15.0
E106/20/2/19 Lochfergus High and Laigh Two hundered & 25 lib £225.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [Sub total] £824.16
E106/20/2/19 Sum Totall is Six thousand & nine pounds Eight Shillings & one penny Scots £6009.8.1
E106/20/2/19 Lands of Armannoch Forty two pound £42.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Barclosh one hundered and fifty two pounds £152.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Clawbelly Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Falguneon Thirty three pound Six Shills [shillings] & 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/19 bargrug Eighty eight pound Six Shills: [shillings] & eight pen: [pennies] £88.6.8
E106/20/2/19 Culkeest Forty two pound £42.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Quawhead Seventeen pound Twelve Shillings £17.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Culdrain Twenty Seven pound £27.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Tarkirow one hunderd & Twenty eight pound £128.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Plaskow Twenty Six pound Thirteen Sh: [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/19 Congeith one hundered and Eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Glaisters eighty two pound £82.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Drumjoan Eighty four pound £84.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Corraw Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [sub total] £1057.18.
E106/20/2/19 Kirkhouse Twenty three pounds £23.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Boghall Seventeen pound Twelve Shillings £17.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Stepend Seventeen pound Twelve Shillings £17.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Dyksid Seventeen pound Twelve Shillings £17.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Cowans Twenty two pound £22.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Betwixt the Waters Twenty two pound £22.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Hillhead Seventeen pound Twelve Shillings £17.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Brounrig Twenty two pound £22.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Killimingan one hundred & Six pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4 pe: [pennies] £106.13.4
E106/20/2/19 Causeycroft Twelve pound Capenwarren Thirty two £44.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Bar Thirty two pound Shankfoot Sixteen pounds £48.0.0
E106/20/2/19 The Douns Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Conneeveing one hundered & Twenty Seven pounds £127.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Corwarr one hundred & fifteen pound Sixteen Shills [shillings] £115.16.0
E106/20/2/19 [sub total] £616.17.4
E106/20/2/19 Kirkguneon Paroch Continued
E106/20/2/19 19th [page]
E106/20/2/19 The Carten Eighty nine pounds £89.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Porterbelly one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Blairshinnoch Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Inglistoun Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Bushcroft Nine pound four Shillings £9.4.0
E106/20/2/19 Mains of Drumcoltran Ninty pound Sixteen Sh: [shillings] £90.16.0
E106/20/2/19 Bearcroft Ninty pound Sixteen Shillings £90.16.0
E106/20/2/19 Lochend of Brakenside Forty one pound ten Sh: [shillings] £41.10.0
E106/20/2/19 Whitesyde Forty one pound ten Shills: [shillings] £41.10.0
E106/20/2/19 Meikle Brakenside Eighty three pound £83.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Little Brakensyde fifty two pound £52.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [sub total] £0757.16.0
E106/20/2/19 Totall is Two thousand Four hundered & thirty two pound Twelve Shillings Scots £2432.12.0
E106/20/2/19 Kirkmabreck Paroch
E106/20/2/19 Balmacraill Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Culchronch Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Claughred Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Cambret Fifty pound and Mark Thirty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Spittall Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Coole one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Muirfad Seventy pound Blairs eighty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Kirkdale one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Burns one hundered and eight pounds £108.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Falbay Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Barholm one hundered & Sixty two pounds Ten Sh [shillings] £162.10.0
E106/20/2/19 Balhasie Two hundered & Twenty five pound £225.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [sub total] £1405.10.0
E106/20/2/19 Broach Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Bagbie one hundered & Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Cullendock Sixty pound Drumore Twenty two pound £82.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Glenuicken forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Garrocher Fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Pible & Craignook one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Craig Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Capencarry one hundred and eight pounds £108.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Carse Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Ferrycroft & Mill one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/19 Larg one hundered and fourteen pound £114.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [Sub total] £977.0.0
E106/20/2/19 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/21 Kirkmabreeck Paroch continued
E106/20/2/21 20th [page]
E106/20/2/21 Meikle Glen one hundred & Sixty five pound £165.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Little Glen Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Carslooth and Mile Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Strowans one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 High and Laigh Kirkmabrecks Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Kirkbryde Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/21 [sub total] £830.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Totall is Three thousand two hundred & Twelve pound ten shillings Scots £3212.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Kirkpatrick Paroch
E106/20/2/21 Upper Bar one hundred & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Auchenhae one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Two Darngarrochs Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Slangaber Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Wastland Twenty Seven pound £27.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Mool one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Nethr.[Nether] Barr Seventy Seven pund ten Shills: [shillings] £77.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Nethr. [Nether] Glaisters one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Upper Glaisters one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Kirklebride Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Areeming Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Crofts one hundered and four pounds £104.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Margley Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Bardarroch Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Marcartney one hundered and Sixty eight pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/21 [sub total] £1301.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Upper Killwhanady Two hundred & Twenty Seven pound £227.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Markland Sixty pound Tarbreoch one hund: & thirty pound £190.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Culshawen one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Barncailzies Lands two hundred & Sixty pounds £260.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Arklands Knockwalloch forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Barmoffity fifty five pound £55.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Craig Knockwalloch fifty five pound £55.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Culfadd Seventy Seven pound ten Shillings £77.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Minidow Eighty five pound £85.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Little Crochatfoord Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Lochenkitt one hundered pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Neilsons Marwhirn Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Hamiltons Marwhirn & Middleton one hundred pd: [pounds] £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Blackmark Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Brockloch Sixty Nine pound ten Shillings £69.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Barbayn Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/21 [sub total] £1443.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Kirkpatrick Paroch continued
E106/20/2/21 Two Drumconchraws one hundered pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Meikle Crocketfoord Forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Arkland Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Narie Sixty five pound Corse Twenty five pound £90.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Craignooks Kirkland Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Neg Killwhanady Two hundered & Twenty pounds £220.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Mill of Killwhanady & Moat croft Fifty five pound £55.0.0
E106/20/2/21 [sub total] £735.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Totall Three thousand four hundered & eighty pound ten Shillings Scots £3480.10.0
E106/20/2/21 Lochrooton Paroch
E106/20/2/21 Lawstoun Sixty pounds Bowrock forty three pounds £103.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Above the Brae forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Beneath the Brae forty three pounds £43.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Meikle Barfill Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Bettyknows Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Brae & Burnside Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Bogrie & Merkland one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Rough Merkland Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Denstoun forty two pounds £42.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Mains of Hills Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 [Sub total] £684.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Howyeard Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Foresyde Seventy Six pounds £76.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Berkleys Thirty Six pounds £36.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Lochfoot fifty two pound £52.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Kirkland Thirteen pound Six Sh: [shillings] & eight pennys £13.6.8
E106/20/2/21 Kirkstyle Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Upp Bank Twenty Six pound thirteen Sh:[shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/21 Mid Bank Sixteen pound Braecroft Ten pound £26.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Fellsyde Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Lochenhead Twenty nine pound thirteen Sh:[shillings] 4d [pennies] £29.13.4
E106/20/2/21 [sub total] £365.13.4
E106/20/2/21 Hallybush Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Nunlands Mains one hundred & one pounds £101.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Lochrootongate one hundered pound £100.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Mains of Barnbackle Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/21 The Third forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Upper Deadside forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/21 The Three Crofts forrty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Lower Deadside Thirty three pound £33.0.0
E106/20/2/21 Mains of Auchenfranko Sixty three pound 6 Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £63.6.8
E106/20/2/21 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/23 Lochrooton Paroch continued
E106/20/2/23 22d [page]
E106/20/2/23 The Whiteyeard forty two pound £42.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Slaiks forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Moat Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £611.6.
E106/20/2/23 Mill of Auchenfranko Thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Mains of Barwharr one hundered & Sixty Six pd [pounds] 13Sh [shillings]4d [pennies] £166.13.4
E106/20/2/23 The Toun of drumar forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Mains of Carswada Twenty four pound £24.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Nethr. [Nether] Toun Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The merkland of Carswada Eighteen pound £18.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Toun of Armannoch Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lands of Head forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Coldside of Carswada Twenty four pound £24.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £482.
E106/20/2/23 Totall Two Thousand one hundred and forty three pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] & four penies £2143.13.4
E106/20/2/23 Minnygoff Paroch
E106/20/2/23 Lands of Arroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Glenmalloch Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Drumjoan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lewesbay Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Corradirnce Sixty Six pounds £66.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Dalnaes Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Glengubock Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Bargrennan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Drumallanlie forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Drumucork fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Mallanghill Nyne pound £9.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Bridgestoun fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Miniwick eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lesser Caldons Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Holm one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Borgan and Taragh one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Larg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Camber Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lagbeas Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Cloynts Forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Corsdorcan Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Torthegan Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Bardrochwood one hundered and thirty five pounds £135 £135.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Greddock one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Dronandow one hundered and Thirty five pd [pounds] £135.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Barclay Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Minnigoff Paroch continued
E106/20/2/23 23d [page]
E106/20/2/23 Dergoal Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Boreland one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Claughrie Eighty four pounds £84.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Knockbrex forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Glenmalloch Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Glenshalloch Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Garlarg one hundered and Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lamochan Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Fishing of Boreland Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £1299.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Blairbowie Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Crau and Draught Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Mill of Garlies Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Drymuclures yrof Sixty Six pound 13Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/23 Fort Mart Kyne Two hundered & Sixty Six pd [pounds] 13Sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
E106/20/2/23 Wedders one hundred and Twenty five pound £125.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Butter one hundred and Twenty pound £120.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Little Park one hundred and Fifty pound £150/ £150.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Terraughben & Meikle Caldons one hundred pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Glencaird one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Lochspraig and Mark one hundred and Twenty pds [pounds] £120.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Caswalitees of Toraghben & Meikle Caldon Ninteen pd: [pounds] £19.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Ardwall Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £1217.6.8
E106/20/2/23 Corrwar Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Mill of Bardrochwood Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Park and crofts Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/23 The Caswalities Ninteen pound £19.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Machrimore Sixty eight pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £68.13.4
E106/20/2/23 Park McClurg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Meikle Carse Eighty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Half of Carsmannoch Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Blackcraig Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £417.13.4
E106/20/2/23 Carsnaw one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Caswalities Sixteen pound £16.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Talnotry forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Half of Craigeneailzie forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Bargaly Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Barhoys Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Daleash Cairns Forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Craignell Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Tonnorghie Twenty pds: [pounds] Brockloch Thirty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/23 Bellbrock Bowie
E106/20/2/23 [sub total] £531.0.0
E106/20/2/23 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/23 The 4 transcriptions after Mill of Garlies Im not 100% sure I have right Wedders and Butter? would that be correct?
E106/20/2/25 Minnygoff Paroch continued
E106/20/2/25 24th [page]
E106/20/2/25 Bellbrockbowie Thirty Six pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Craignennie Forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Glenamer Sixty pound £60.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Glengorran forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Drumnaught Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Barthraightlaw & Biddistoun Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Torwhincoch Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Colgow one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Cursduncan Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Stranord Fifty pound £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Town of Minnigoff Fifty Seven pound £57.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Mill of Minnigoff one hundered and Seventy five pound £175.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Fishing thereof Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 [sub total] £873.0.0
E106/20/2/25 [sub total] £873.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Caswalities thereof Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Black Laggan Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Stronbae Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Meikle Stronbae Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Auchenleck Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Risk Fifty five pounds £55.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Drumlawhinzie Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Two Dallashes Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Glenhoys Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Half of Lessend Thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Half of Carsmannoch Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Corn Milln of Glenhoys Twenty four pound £24.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Waulkmiln Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kirkdeochwood Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 [sub total] £619.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Caswalities Twenty Nine pounds £29.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kirriereoch Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Palgoun and Kirkennan one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kirriemore Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kirrie castle one hundred and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Stroan Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Killimore Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Areskeon chan Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Killiconchie and Drostan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Astrongihanlie Thirty Seven pound ten Shillings £37.10.0
E106/20/2/25 Caswelities Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/25 For Grassums Sixty Six pounds thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/25 Other half of Craigeneailzie Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kirroughtree one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Other half of Lossens forty pounds
E106/20/2/25 Minnigoff Paroch continued
E106/20/2/25 25th [page]
E106/20/2/25 Craigdews Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Drigmorn Thirty Six pounds £36.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Kenmore & Largo Tiends Four hundered & eighty eight pound Six Shills [shillings] & eight pennys £488.6.8
E106/20/2/25 [sub total] £1584.10.0
E106/20/2/25 [total before deductions] £7851.10.0
E106/20/2/25 Deduce for Lands former by Larg McKies and for Kenmore Larg and Minnisters Tiend Two hundered & Sixty five pound £265.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Totall free Rent is Seven thousand five hundered & eighty Six pound ten Shills [shillings] £7586.10.0
E106/20/2/25 New Abbay Paroch
E106/20/2/25 Grange of Shambelly & Claughrumhead one hundred & thirty Seven pound £137.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Auchengray one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Barley Eighteen pound Sandyfoord Twelve pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Allans Twenty four pound Solen Glen Seven pound £31.0.0
E106/20/2/25 anbowie Thirty Six pound Wanfoord Twelve pound £48.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Little Barbogh Forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Carsegoun Sixty two pounds £62.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Wester Glen Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Tounhead & Damcroft Seventy two pound £72.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Corbelly Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Carloss Forty Six pound Six Shills: [shillings] and eight pennies £6.6.8
E106/20/2/25 Waukmiln Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Drum Two hundered & Seventy five pound £275.0.0
E106/20/2/25 The Miln Three hundered pounds £300.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Lands one hundered and forty five pounds £145.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Glenson Thirty Seven pound ten Shillings £37.10.0
E106/20/2/25 Cullindoch Twenty Sixpound £26.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Tiends of the Lands of Drum one hund: & fifty Seven pd: [pounds] £157.0.0
E106/20/2/25 of the Mill one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
E106/20/2/25 of the Lands Fifty five pound £55.0.0
E106/20/2/25 of Glenson Twelve pound ten Shills [shillings] £12.10.0
E106/20/2/25 of Cullindoch Twenty four pound £24.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Little Bar Sixty three pound nine Shillings £63.9.0
E106/20/2/25 Little Ingliston forty one pound five Shillings £41.5.0
E106/20/2/25 Meikle Inglistoun fifty four pound £54.0.0
E106/20/2/25 Nethr. [Nether] Carse and Drumsland Forteen pound two Sh: [shillings] £14.2.0
E106/20/2/25 Midcroft Eighteen pound Three Shillings & four pen: [pennies] £18.3.4
E106/20/2/25 Westcroft Eighteen pound Three Sh: [shillings] & four pennies £18.3.4
E106/20/2/25 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/27 Newabbay Paroch continued
E106/20/2/27 26th [page]
E106/20/2/27 Lochbank thirty pounds Kipock thirty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Drungans Twenty one pound Trostan Fifty two pd [pounds] £73.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Upper Carse Fifty pound Easther Glen thirty three pd [pounds] 6Sh [shillings] £83.6.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Barbegh Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Nethr. [Nether] yate & Annatland Seventy one pounds £71.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Fryeryeard Twelve pound Drumcroft Twenty eight pd [pounds] £40.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Locharthur one hundered and Ninteen pounds £119.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Craigend Forty five pound Kinharoy fifty four pd: [pounds] £99.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Ardwall one hundered & fifty two pound £152.0.0
E106/20/2/27 [sub total] £910.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Grange of Lochhill forty one pound five Shills: [shillings] £41.5.0
E106/20/2/27 Broadcroft ten pound Byercroft Twenty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Gateside ten pounds Bog thirty one pound £41.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Inglistonfoord five pound Double Dykes five pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Sheepburn ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/27 John Smiths poind fold house wt: his houses in Clauchen & two acres of Land forty Six pound £46.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Gavine Gregans Mkland m Corbelly forteen pound £14.0.0
E106/20/2/27 John Turners Merkland there forteen pound £14.0.0
E106/20/2/27 James McNoes houses in Clauchen Eleven pounds £11.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Robert Grays Mid Glen Eighteen pound £18.0.0
E106/20/2/27 his houses in Clauchen ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Birkmyers houses Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Thomas Smiths houses there ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/27 James Stewarts houses there five pound ten Shills: [shillings] £5.10.0
E106/20/2/27 Andrew Newalls houses there two pound £2.0.0
E106/20/2/27 James Edgars houses there four pound £4.0.0
E106/20/2/27 [sub total] £284.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Totall is Three thousand two hundred & thirty Seven pound ten Shills [shillings] four pennies £3237.10.4
E106/20/2/27 Orr Paroch
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Richorn three hundered and Twenty pounds £320.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Waterside & all beyond the Burn Two hund: & twenty pds [pounds] £220.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Little Dalbeaty one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Dalbeaty one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Edinghame two hundered & fifty pounds £250.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Culloch one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Little Furthead Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Dalmanyside Twenty Seven pounds £27.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Furthead one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Orr Paroch continued
E106/20/2/27 27th [page]
E106/20/2/27 Little Culloch and Sowens moss Sixty Six pd: [pounds] 13Sh [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
E106/20/2/27 Reidcastle and Waterside Three hundered pounds £300.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Little Kirkland forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/27 [Sub total] £1878.13.4
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Kirkland one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Spotts Three hundered and ninty four pounds £394.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Laird of Moats Lands Three pounds £3.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Tarscrechan one hundred and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Chappelltoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Garmartine Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Auchenreoch Two hundered & Twenty pounds £220.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Glenarm one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Markfass Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Blacket one hundered and Thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Merkland one hundered and forty five pounds £145.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Little Cocklick Sixty pounds Wardmeadow fifteen pd [pounds] £75.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Whitehill Fifty pounds Little Culmayn Eighty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/27 [sub total] £1627.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Cocklick one hundered and Thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Auchengibbert one hundered and forty pounds £140.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Larg Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Laggs Larg one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
E106/20/2/27 The fell fifty pounds Little Barfill forty five pounds £95.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Grange Four hundered pounds £400.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Three Merkland Two hundered and fifty pounds £250.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Crochmore one hundered and Eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Little Miltoun Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Miltoun one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Craiglay Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Meikle Culmayn one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Two Riggs in orr Three pounds Lawstonsdale four pounds £7.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Gilbert Murrays Park in Orr four pound £4.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Baldoon Tiends four hundered pounds £400.0.0
E106/20/2/27 [sub total] 2146.0.0
E106/20/2/27 Totall is Five thousand Six hundered and fifty one pound Thhirteen Shillings and four pennys Scots £5651.13.4
E106/20/2/27 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/29 Partoun Paroch
E106/20/2/29 28th [page]
E106/20/2/29 Cogerth one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Barwhillanty one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Boreland one hundered and Fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Gargunnock Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Craigley Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Mid Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Little Fominoch Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Sarkennaw Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Kirkland forty eight pounds £48.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Bairs forty two pounds £42.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper and Mid Fominoch Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Boreland Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Croughie Forty eight pounds Roan ten pounds £58.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Drumrash Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Ervie forty pounds Nethr. [Nether] Ervie forty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Dullarg Forty pound Neg Dullarg Eighty pd [pounds] £120.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [sub total] £1137.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Barend Sixty pounds Glenfoot forty eight pounds £108.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Laggan Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Little Merkland Twelve pounds Shaw forty pounds £52.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Cairn forty pound Glenhead forty pound £80.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Largleer twenty pounds Marnhoul forty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Two Auchenveys fifty five pounds £55.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Ervie Neilson Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Little Mochrum forty pounds Meikle Mochrum one hundred pound £140.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Poundland Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Armannoch forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Falbay Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Armannoch Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Meikle Merkland Seventy five pound £75.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Corsock one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Corsock one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Two Blackhills Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Two Glenlairs & Milln Two hund: & Twenty Eight pounds £228.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [sub total] £1400.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Totall is Two thousand five hundered and forty five pound Scots £2545.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Rerrick Paroch
E106/20/2/29 Lands of Glenshinoch Two hundred & fifty Seven pound £257.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Millhall Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nethr. [Nether] law & Barcheskie Six hundered & Twenty two pound £622.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Drumbowie Thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Rerrick Paroch continued
E106/20/2/29 29th [page]
E106/20/2/29 Wester Kirkcarsell Seventy Seven pound ten Shills £77.10.0
E106/20/2/29 Easter Kirkcarsell one hundered & Twelve pounds ten Sh [shillings] £112.10.0
E106/20/2/29 Upper Linkins Seventy pound £70.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Green Canecroft fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Lenkins Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Over Auchenleck thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Auchenfadel one hundered and Seventy five pound £175.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Balearie Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Airds one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Rascarrell one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Over Hezelfield Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [sub total] £1859.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Oraland two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Over Rerrick Two hundered and ten pounds £210.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Fagra one hundered and Seventy pounds £170.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Nether Rerrick One hundered and thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Girdstingwood Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Mullock one hundered and Eighty five pound £185.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Chappeltoun Two hundered and Twenty nine pounds £229.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Auchengool one hundered and fifteen pounds £115.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Barclay one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Colinn & Hasses one hundered and Twenty three pd [pounds] £123.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Stocking one hundered and Twelve pounds £112.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Castell one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [sub total] £1874.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Balmangan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Auchnabony Fifty three pounds £53.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Barrend fifty three pound £53.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Flatt and Longrigg Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Bridgend and Closscroft Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Mains of newlaw Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Monks Moor Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Bullioncroft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Sourside croft ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Midcroft ten pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Barr of Newlaw Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Gill in Abbay Forty pound £40.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Hard croft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Taits croft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Clonrig Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Stockbrigg ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/29 Holmcroft Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [sub total] £621.0.0
E106/20/2/29 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/31 Rerrick Paroch continued
E106/20/2/31 30th [page]
E106/20/2/31 John Rains Tack Twelve pounds ten Shills [shillings] £12.10.0
E106/20/2/31 William Blacks Tack Twenty two pound ten Shills [shillings] £22.10.0
E106/20/2/31 Barlocco one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Miln of Auchencairn Sixty five pound £65.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Nether Miln Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Placecrofts Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Outer Netherlaw one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Forrest Thirty Six pounds £36.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Torrs lands two hundered and eighty five pounds £285.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Baligg Two hundered and Twenty pounds £220.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Overlaw Two hundered and ten pounds £210.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Culnaightry Two hundered and Thirty five pd [pounds] £235.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Nether Auchenleck Thirty five pound £35.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Blackfoord Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Drungans Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Nether Hazelfield Ninty five pounds £95.0.0
E106/20/2/31 [sub total] 1606.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Totall is Five thousand Nine hundered and Sixty pounds £5960.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Terregles Paroch
E106/20/2/31 Waterheads Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Beltonhill Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Brounhill Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Cleughbrae Thirty three pound Six Sh: [shillings] eight pen :[pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Cornyeard and Badyhill Sixty three pd:[pounds] 6 Sh: [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £63.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Brockholes & Seaside Eighty four pound £84.0.0
E106/20/2/31 John Mains Seaside Twenty four pound £24.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Upper and Nether Stead Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Braecroft and Holecroft Twenty two pound £22.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Aikie Bush Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/31 The Hole Thirty three pound Six Shills: [shillings] & 8pen : [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Andrew Robsons Clung Seventy four pounds £74.0.0
E106/20/2/31 The Corrie Clung Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Kaigs croft Six pound thirteen Shillings & four pen: [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/31 Terregles Mains one hundered and thirty three pd [pounds] 6Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/31 The Knockings Six pound thirteen Shills: [shillings] & 4 pennies £6.13.4
E106/20/2/31 The Hardthorn Thirty three pound Six Shills: [shillings] & 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Barnhill Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Terregles Toun Three hundred & Twenty pounds £320.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Terregles Paroch continued
E106/20/2/31 31st [page]
E106/20/2/31 Newtoun Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Colledge Mains Sixty Six pounds £66.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Kirkland one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Baillie Hynds Clung Ninty Six pounds £96.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Hallmyre Thirty Six pounds ten Shillings £36.10.0
E106/20/2/31 Carse Meadows and Frierhill Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/31 McKinnnys woodhead Sixteen pounds £16 £16.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Maxwells Woodhead Fifteen pound £15.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Jardingtoun Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Charles Neilsons Aiky hill Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/31 James Hoops croft ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Mitchelsons croft Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/31 John Corries croft and Mossup Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Cuninghams Land Thirty three pound £33.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Mary Holm Forty pound ten Shillings £40.10.0
E106/20/2/31 Colledge Water Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/31 [Sub total] £1159.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Drungans Two hundered and Twenty five pound £225.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Troqueer Paroch
E106/20/2/31 Kirkconnells Lands Six hundered & Sixty pounds £660.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Mabies Lands Five hundered and fourteen pounds £514.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Robert Griers Lands Five hundred & Seventeen pounds £517.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Cargen Lands Six hundered and fifteen pound £615.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Dalscairths Lands one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Carruchans Lands Four hundred & Sixty two pd [pounds] 2Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £462.2.8
E106/20/2/31 The Brae Lands Thirty pound £30.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Conheaths Lands Forty pound fifteen Sh: [shillings] 8 penies [pennies] £40.15.8
E106/20/2/31 Upper Brae Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Causeylands Twelve pounds £12.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Five acres belonging to Gribtoun Thirty three pd [pounds] Six Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £33.6.8
E106/20/2/31 Nethr. [Nether] Terraughty one hundred& forty one pound 13Sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £141.13.4
E106/20/2/31 The Fellend Thirty Six pound five Shills: [shillings] £36.5.0
E106/20/2/31 Terraughty Mill Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Starry Heugh Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/31 The Holm Multures Eighty two pound ten Sh: [shillings] £82.10.0
E106/20/2/31 The Lands of Holm one hundered & Sixty five pound £165.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Craigenbrig croft Eighteen pound £18.0.0
E106/20/2/31 Garroch one hundered pounds Sixteen Shillings £100.16.0
E106/20/2/31 [signed] John Dalyell David Tlefair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/33 Troqueer Paroch continued
E106/20/2/33 32d [page]
E106/20/2/33 Killfoord Seventeen pound £17.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Chapman Lays Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Currystons one hundered and five pounds £105.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Kirkhouses Acres Forty five pounds £45.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Newalls Terraughty Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Hills's Terraughty Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Lewars's Kirkland croft ten pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/33 [Sub total] £910.6.0
E106/20/2/33 The five Merkland of Troqueer belonging to Lag Carnsalloch
E106/20/2/33 Manihs Nunland & James Kennan Seventy four pound £74.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Provost Irvings Cargenbridge croft Eighteen pound £18.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Moortreeknow Five pound £5.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Lands of Bilbow Seventy four pound 13Sh: [shillings] 4 penies £74.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Suffockhill Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
E106/20/2/33 John Cairn's house in Bridge end eight pound £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 John Masons houses Six pound 13Sh [shillings]: 4 pennies £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 John Shortriggs houses and yeard Twenty four pd [pounds] £24.0.0
E106/20/2/33 The Stone house croft Sixty two pound £62.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Gallowhlls belonging to Francis Caruthers 10 lib Newlands lands £8 10 /18
E106/20/2/33 Richard Houats Interest Fifty pound thirteen Sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £50.13.4
E106/20/2/33 [Sub total] £362.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Bank of Gatewhills Twenty pound 13Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £20.13.4
E106/20/2/33 John Hutchisons houses Eighty pound £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Thomas Vetches house Eight pound £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 William Hannays house Eight pound £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 William Hairstains house Eight pound £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Stakefoord forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Stakefoord Miln forty five pound £45.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Westhill Thirty three pound £33.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Nunlands Interest Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Three Acres life rented by Elspeth McNaightTwenty pd [pounds] £20.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Three Acres belonging to Provost Irving Twenty pd: £20.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Three Acres belonging to Gribtoun Twenty three pd [pounds] 6Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £23.6.8
E106/20/2/33 One Acre belonging to McClellan Six pd: [pounds] 13Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Three Acres of Lady Terraughtys Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/33 The Kill & Willies belonging to the Toun of Drumfries Four pds [pounds] £4.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Kirkstyle belonging to William Birkmyre five pound £5.0.0
E106/20/2/33 The Corbelly hill Twenty one pounds £21.0.0
E106/20/2/33 [Sub total] £335.13.
E106/20/2/33 Hyslops land Sixteen pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] & 4d [pennies] £16.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Hannays Acre belonging to James Mitchelson Six pd: [pounds] 13Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Mr Frasers Interest Twenty four pd: [pounds] 6Sh: [shillings] 8 pennies £24.6.8
E106/20/2/33 William Edgars land Eleven pd: [pounds] thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £11.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Mrs Irvings land thirteen pound eight Shills: [shillings] £13.8.0
E106/20/2/33 Troqueer Paroch continued
E106/20/2/33 33 [page]
E106/20/2/33 Collistouns Land and house Twenty Six pd: [pounds] 13Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £26.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Mr Crosbies Acre Six pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] & 4 pen: [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 William Blairs house and yeard Six pd: [pounds] thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 James Dodds house fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Cunninghams Cargen Bridgecroft Twelve pound £12.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Conheaths Seven roods Nine pound £9.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Thomas Martins house & land Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Couper and Hamiltons house Six pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £6.13.4
E106/20/2/33 Andrew Mitchells house Five pound Six Sh: [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £5.6.8
E106/20/2/33 James Kennens interest Sixteen pd: [pounds] & 4 pen [pennies] £16.0.4
E106/20/2/33 John Steylands Land Sixteen pound 13Sh: [shillings] four pennies £16.13.4
E106/20/2/33 [Sub total] £258.8.4
E106/20/2/33 Mr John Carlyles Parks Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Baillie Kennans house Three pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £3.13.4
E106/20/2/33 The Rochelle Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Charles Hairstans houses thirty pd: [pounds] 13Sh: [shillings] 4d [pennies] £30.13.4
E106/20/2/33 James Shortrigs Land Eleven pound five Shills: [shillings] £11.5.0
E106/20/2/33 William Hutchisons interest three pd: [pounds] 6 Sh: [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £3.6.8
E106/20/2/33 Agnes Wharks Land Thirty two pound £32.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Dalskairths house in Bridge End Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Robert Pains houses & land Twenty five pound £25.0.0
E106/20/2/33 John Goods house and Land ten pound £10.0.0
E106/20/2/33 John Brotches interest Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 William Burnets Land Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Mrs Reochs Land Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
E106/20/2/33 [sub total] £272.10.4
E106/20/2/33 Deduce Brotches houses being rumous and from Nunland valluation being overvalued 11lib. 15 sh £8.0.0
E106/20/2/33 £11.15.0
E106/20/2/33 Totall free Rent £5429.14.4
E106/20/2/33 Tongueland Paroch
E106/20/2/33 High Clauchen Seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Underwood Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Little wood Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Meikle wood one hundered and five pounds £105.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Upper and Nethr. [Nether] Culwhaes one hundered & Ninty pds: [pounds] £190.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Drumbow Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Baleannan Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Upper barncrosh Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Nether Barncrosh one hundered & eighty pounds £180.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Park one hundered and thirty pounds £130.0.0
E106/20/2/33 Upper Clauchen one hund: thirty three pd [pounds] 6Sh: [shillings] 8 pens: [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/20/2/33 [signed] JohnDalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/35 Tongueland Paroch continued
E106/20/2/35 34th [page]
E106/20/2/35 Multures of the paroch Three hundered & forty four pd: [pounds] £344.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Fishing of Tongueland one hundered & fifty four pd: [pounds] £154.0.0
E106/20/2/35 [Sub total] £1601.6.
E106/20/2/35 Corn Mill of Tongueland one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Waukmiln Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Upper Barcaple one hundered & Ninty pounds £190.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Nether Barcaple Eighty five pounds £85.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Chappell Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Quarters Eighty Seven pounds £87.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Dunjap one hundered and fifteen pound £115.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Largrennan one hundered & Eleven pound: £111.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Beoch Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Bogcroft Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Meikleyett Seven pound £7.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Kirkconnell Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Bush of Beeld fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Blackmark Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Lairdmannoch one hundered & Twenty pds: [pounds] £120.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Ronnochmore Twenty two pounds £22.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Underwood Twenty Six pounds £26.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Lintriggs Forty Six pounds £46.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Cowcrossan Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
E106/20/2/35 [Sub total] £1214.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Totall is Two thousand Eight hundred and fifteen pound Six Shills: [shillings] 8 pennys £2815.6.8
E106/20/2/35 Twynholm Paroch
E106/20/2/35 Kempleton one hundred & Eleven pd: [pounds] thirteen Sh: [shillings]: 4 pen: [pennies] £111.13.4
E106/20/2/35 Nuntoun Three hundered pounds £300.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Bishoptoun Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Kirkeock one hundered and Sixty five pounds £165.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Nun Miln Forty pounds £40.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Nether Newtoun Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Upper Newtoun one hundered & eight pounds £108.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Bank Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Uppr. [Upper] & Nethr.[Nether] Campbelltouns one hundered & thirty pds: [pounds] £130.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Ingliston and Croft one hundered & eight pds: [pounds] £108.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Culcaigrie Sixty five pounds £65.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Glengap Ninty pounds £90.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Fuffock Twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Irelandtoun Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Knockindarroch Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Twynholm Paroch continued
E106/20/2/35 35th [page]
E106/20/2/35 Trostree Sixty pounds £60.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Barwhinnock Ninty Six pounds £96.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Nethr. [Nether]Mains Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Doon Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Millhill Six pounds £6.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Hrdgate Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Auchengastle Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Ringcroft thereof fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Littlemains twenty eight pound £28.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Largs one hundered pounds £100.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Walltrees Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Mayfield Fifty pounds £50.0.0
E106/20/2/35 [Sub total] £2024.13.4
E106/20/2/35 Glencroft Ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Torskaily ten pounds £10.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Mark Thirty pounds Scots £30.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Upper Mains Eighty pounds £80.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Upper Comston Ninty Six pound ten Sh: [shillings] £96.10.0
E106/20/2/35 Compstonend Thirty Six pound £36.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Nethr. [Nether] Comstoun Ninty four pounds £94.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Merse one hundered and Thirty four pound £134.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Kirkchrist Two hundered and thirty Six pounds £236.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Woodhead Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Croft Eight pounds £8.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Old Miln of Twinholm Thirty pounds £30.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Totall is Two thousand Seven hundered and Ninty Seven pound Three Shillings and four pennys Scots £2797.3.4
E106/20/2/35 [Sub total] £772.10.0
E106/20/2/35 The Bishop of Drumlanes Feus & Tiends in the Stewartry are vallued James Nasmyth Cole at Six hundered pounds £600.0.0
E106/20/2/35 The Bishop of Galloways Feus & Teinds in the Stewartry George Muir Cole are valued at Four hundered pounds £400.0.0
E106/20/2/35 Follows on the other Page a true Coppy of the Totall valuation of the Stewartry
E106/20/2/35 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean
E106/20/2/37 Totall valuation of the Stewartry
E106/20/2/37 36th [page]
E106/20/2/37 Anwoth Paroch £2871.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Balmaclellan £3481.2.8
E106/20/2/37 Balmaghie £3486.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Bootle £3406.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Borgue £5369.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Carsphairn £5620.6.8
E106/20/2/37 Colvend £3183.0.0
E106/20/2/37 [Sub total] £27416.9.6
E106/20/2/37 Crossmichael £3411.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Dalrye £7137.6.8
E106/20/2/37 Girthon £3334.10.2
E106/20/2/37 Irongray £4373.1.8
E106/20/2/37 Kells £4548.13.4
E106/20/2/37 Keltoun £3703.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Kirkbeen £4325.0.0
E106/20/2/37 [Sub total] £30832.11.10
E106/20/2/37 Kirkcudbright £6009.8.1
E106/20/2/37 Kirkguneon £2432.12.0
E106/20/2/37 Kirkmabreck £3212.10.0
E106/20/2/37 Kirkpatrick £3480.10.0
E106/20/2/37 Lochrooton £2143.13.4
E106/20/2/37 Minigoff £7586.10.0
E106/20/2/37 Newabbay £3237.10.4
E106/20/2/37 [Sub total] £28102.13.9
E106/20/2/37 Orr Paroch £5657.13.4
E106/20/2/37 Partoun £2545.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Rerrick £5960.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Terregles £2021.6.8
E106/20/2/37 Troqueer £5429.14.4
E106/20/2/37 Tongueland £2815.6.8
E106/20/2/37 Twinholm £2797.3.4
E106/20/2/37 [Sub total] £27220.4.4
E106/20/2/37 [Sub total] £113571.19.11
E106/20/2/37 Bishop of Dumblane Feus & Tiends £600.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Bishop of Galloway £400.0.0
E106/20/2/37 Totall valuation of the Stewartry is one hundered and fourteen thousand five hundred and Seventy one pound Ninteen Shillings and three pennys Scots money £114571.19.3
E106/20/2/37 Wee John Dalyell of Barncrosh & Thomas Bean of Auchenhay Two Commisioners of Supply for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
E106/20/2/37 [signed] John Dalyell David Telfair Thomas Bean 37thpa: [page] Kirkcudbright and David Telfair Clerk to the said Commissioners Do hereby Attest Certify and Declare to all Concerned That what is wrote upon the Thirty Six preceeding pages Is The true valluation of all the Different Lands &c in this Stewartry of Kirkcudbright According As the Same Stands in the Collectors Books amd according to which he the said Collector at Present Collects the Supply of this Stewartry In Witness whereof Wee the said two Commisioners & Clerk have Subscribed this Certificate And the said Thirty Six preceeding pages at Kirkcudbright the Twelth day of October one thousand Seven hundered & fifty three years [signed] David Telfair Clerk Thomas Bean Comr John Dalyell Comr
E106/20/2/38 [Back cover written] Valuation Rec Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 1753