Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Irongray Paroch continued
14th [page]
Bridge Ninteen pound Twelve Shillings £19.12.0
Dalwhairn one hundered & Twenty nine pound £129.0.0
Midtoun Forty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £47.12.0
Townfoot Fifty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £57.12.0
Roughtree Thirty Seven pound Twelve Shillings £37.12.0
Hallhill Seventy one pound £71.0.0
Newark Fifty three pound £53.0.0
Braes Twenty nine pound Twelve Shills : [shillings] £29.12.0
Kirkland Seventy five poun £75.0.0
Barnsoul one hundered and eighty pounds £180.0.0
[sub total] £1599.
Totale is Four thousand three hundered & Seventy three pound one shill [shilling] & eight pennys £4373.1.8
Kells Paroch
Nether Garlog & Hole Sixty Six pound 13 sh: [shillings] 4 pennys £66.13.4
Claughrum Twenty pounds Tannoch thirteen pd [pounds] 6 sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
Craigs & Nether Laggan Seventy pounds £70.0.0
Upper Laggan Forty pounds £40.0.0
Knocknarling & Caldsyde Forty eight pound 13 sh [shillings]: 4d [pennies] £48.13.4
Upper Auchy Sixty pounds Hillhead Twenty eight pd [pounds] £88.0.0
Upper Burnfoot Fifty four pound, Nethr.[Nether] Burnfoot Fifty pd: [pounds] £104.0.0
Bow and Cloan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Upper Garlog Twenty Six pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
Darsalloch Twenty Six pound thirteen Shill [shillings]: & four pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
Mains of Kenmore one hundered & eighty pounds £180.0.0
Glenlee Two hundered & ten pounds £210.0.0
Fintilloch one hundred & ninty two pounds £192.0.0
Mill and Mill Lands Forty eight pounds £48.0.0
Liggat Sixty pounds Burntoun Sixty eight pounds £128.0.0
Craigshinny Seventy Seven pounds £77.0.0
Gate Ninty four pounds £94.0.0
Clatterenshaws Sixty pounds Buss Seventy Seven pds [pounds] £137.0.0
Upper Forrest one hundered & fifteen pounds £115.0.0
Nether Forrest one hundered & Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
Darnaw one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
[sub total] £1236.0.0
Two Garrochs one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Dunveoch Fifty pounds Lockspraig Thirty pounds £80.0.0
Park one hundered & Ninty two pounds £192.0.0
Airy one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
Largirie forty eight pounds Wood=head thirty Six pd [pounds] £84.0.0
[Sub total] £576.0.0
Upper Strangassell Sixty pounds Nethr. [Nether] Strangassell forty eight pds [pounds] £108.0.0
Upper Airds Seventy pound Bennanhill Sixty pound £130.0.0
Ringour Twenty two pound ten Shillings £22.10.0
Kells Paroch continued
15th [page]
Nook Twenty two pound ten Sh [shillings] Mossdale Twenty two pd [pounds] 10sh [shillings] £45.0.0
Quarterland Twenty two pound ten Shillings £22.10.0
Park £13 6 Sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] Bridgecroft £13 6Sh 8 pen:[pennies] £26.13.4
Nether Airds one hundered and Twenty Seven pound £127.0.0
Boatcroft Twenty five pound £25.0.0
[Sub total] £506.13.4
Barskeoch and Caven Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0
Waterside one hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
Hannaston & Barschock one hund: & fifty three pound £153.0.0
Knockreoch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Knocknaling Sixty pounds Craigmichael forty pounds £100.0.0
Largmore & Clenry Ninty five pounds £95.0.0
Duckaston Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Burnhead Ninty pounds £90.0.0
Three Garverys Two hundered & twenty pounds £220.0.0
Two Craigenbays Eighty five pounds £85.0.0
Stranfasket and Largvey one hundred & forty pound £140.0.0
Knocksheen [scored out: Seventy] Forty eight pound Craigend Twenty three £71.0.0
[Sub total] £1496.0.0
Totall is four thousand five hundered & forty eight pund thirteen Shills [shillings]: four pennies £4540.13.4
Keltoun Paroch
Carlingwork forty pound £40.0.0
Buchancroft Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
urberliggat Thirty Seven pound £37.0.0
Slagnaw one hundered and thirteen pound £113.0.0
Mid Keltoun one hundred and eighty five pound £185.0.0
Browniehills Eighty five pound £85.0.0
Meikle Lochdougan one hundered & Sixty pounds £160.0.0
Miln of kelton one hundered & Twenty three pd [pounds] £123.0.0
Ronhouse Thirty pound £30.0.0
Granyfoord Twelve pound £12.0.0
Kelton hill one hundered & ten pound £110.0.0
Kelton parks & Hightae one hundered & Thirty pds [pounds] £130.0.0
Fishing Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Bullrig croft fifteen pound £15.0.0
Airrieland Two hundered and Thirty pound £230.0.0
Torrs one hundred & Sixty five pound £165.0.0
Causeyend Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0
Whitepark Seventy Seven pound £77.0.0

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John Dalyell
David Telfair
Thomas Bean

Transcriber's notes

Cant see start of Place name looks like it ends berliggat (underneath Buchancroft in Keltoun Paroch records)

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