Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Borgue Paroch continued
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Margree one hundered and Seventy pound £170.0.0
Lennox plunton one hundered & Seventy pound £170.0.0
Sprots Plunton & Mill One hundred & Ninty pound £190.0.0
Meikle Carleton Two hundered and forty pound £240.0.0
Little Carleton One hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
Barmagachine Three hundered & twenty pound £320.0.0
Meikle Temple land croft Twelve pound £12.0.0
Little Temple land croft Sixpound £6.0.0
Auchenhay one hundered and Twenty nine pd [pounds] £129.0.0
Mossrap croft Eleven pound £11.0.0
Barharrow One hundered and Seventy pound £170.0.0
Gategill and Quarters one hundered & ten pd: [pound] £110.0.0
Littletoun fifty Seven pound £57.0.0
[sub total] £1951.0.0
Slack fifteen pound £15.0.0
Conchitoun one hundered & Twenty pound £120.0.0
Miln of Borgue Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Ratraw one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
High Borgue one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Boreland of Borgue Two hundered and thirty eight pd [pounds] £238.0.0
Mark Thirty eight pound £38.0.0
Blackcraig one hundered pounds £100.0.0
[sub total] £831.0.0
Totall is Five thousand and Three hundered & Sixty Nine pound six shills [shillings]: & eight pennys £5369.6.8
Carsphairn Paroch
Holm of Daltallochan one hund: thirteenpd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8 pe: [pennies] £113.6.8
Brockloch Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Drumjoan one hundered & three pound 6sh [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies]
Nether Lamfoord one hund: thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8p: [pennies] £133.6.8
Drumsharr Sixty Six pound thirteen shill:[shillings] & four pe: [pennies] £66.13.4
Woodhead two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Garryhorn one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Moss one hundered and Twenty pounds £120.0.0
Over Brownhill Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
Nether Brownhill Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Over Knockinggurroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Bank one hundered and Seven pound 107.0.0
Carsphairn Paroch continued
Over Knockgray one hundered and four pound £104.0.0
Nether Knockgray Two hundred pound £200.0.0
Nether Knockingurroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
[Sub total] £2013.6.8
Marbreck Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Furmistoun one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Marscalloch one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
Dundeugh Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Mardrockal Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Nethr. [Nether] Smeetoun one hundered and Twenty five pound £125.0.0
Over Smeetoun Sixty Six pound Thirteen sh: [shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
Craigengillan one hundered and Twenty five pd [pounds] £125.0.0
Moorbrock Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Two Glenns one hundered & fifty pound £150.0.0
Strawhanaw Sixty Six pound thirteen sh: [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £66.13.4
[Sub total] £1473.6.8
Upper Lamfoord one hundered & thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
Nether Holm of Dalwhairn one hundred & eighty pd [pounds] £180.0.0
Over Holm of Dalwhairn two hundred & Sixty pound £260.0.0
Barley one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Dalshangan eighty pounds £80.0.0
Neyr Caerminow Sixty Six pound thirteen sh [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £66.13.4
Mid Caerminow Eighty pound £80.0.0
Over Caerminow Eighty pound £80.0.0
Bardannoch Sixty pound £60.0.0
Carnavell Sixty pound £60.0.0
Bradennock and Kiltersan one hund: & twenty pds [pounds] £120.0.0
[Sub total] £1220.0.0
Drumness & Craiglingell Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
Northside of Castlemadie Seventy three pound £73.0.0
Southside of Castlemadie One hund:& thirty three pd [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8pen [pennies] £133.6.8
Holmhead of castlemadie Thirty three pound Six sh: [shillings] 8 pen: [pennies] £33.6.8
Sheel of Castlemadie Eleven pounds £11.0.0
Halfmark forty three pound £43.0.0
Blackcraig and Lamloch one hund:& twenty five pd £125.0.0
Two Cullendochs one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
Howmeadow Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Portmark one hundered and Twenty five pounds £125.0.0
Loch head Ninty five pounds £95.0.0
[sub total] £913.13.4
Totall is Five thousand Six hundered & Twenty pounds Six Shillings & eight pence Scots £5620.6.8
Glenstocking Ninty five pound £95.0.0
Barcloy one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Colvend Paroch

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