Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Totall valuation of the Stewartry
36th [page]
Anwoth Paroch £2871.0.0
Balmaclellan £3481.2.8
Balmaghie £3486.0.0
Bootle £3406.0.0
Borgue £5369.0.0
Carsphairn £5620.6.8
Colvend £3183.0.0
[Sub total] £27416.9.6
Crossmichael £3411.0.0
Dalrye £7137.6.8
Girthon £3334.10.2
Irongray £4373.1.8
Kells £4548.13.4
Keltoun £3703.0.0
Kirkbeen £4325.0.0
[Sub total] £30832.11.10
Kirkcudbright £6009.8.1
Kirkguneon £2432.12.0
Kirkmabreck £3212.10.0
Kirkpatrick £3480.10.0
Lochrooton £2143.13.4
Minigoff £7586.10.0
Newabbay £3237.10.4
[Sub total] £28102.13.9
Orr Paroch £5657.13.4
Partoun £2545.0.0
Rerrick £5960.0.0
Terregles £2021.6.8
Troqueer £5429.14.4
Tongueland £2815.6.8
Twinholm £2797.3.4
[Sub total] £27220.4.4
[Sub total] £113571.19.11
Bishop of Dumblane Feus & Tiends £600.0.0
Bishop of Galloway £400.0.0
Totall valuation of the Stewartry is one hundered and fourteen thousand five hundred and Seventy one pound Ninteen Shillings and three pennys Scots money £114571.19.3
Wee John Dalyell of Barncrosh & Thomas Bean of Auchenhay Two Commisioners of Supply for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright

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John Dalyell
David Telfair
Thomas Bean

37thpa: [page]
Kirkcudbright and David Telfair Clerk to the said Commissioners Do hereby Attest Certify and Declare to all Concerned That what is wrote upon the Thirty Six preceeding pages Is The true valluation of all the Different Lands &c in this Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
According As the Same Stands in the Collectors Books amd according to which he the said Collector at Present Collects the Supply of this Stewartry In Witness whereof Wee the said two Commisioners & Clerk have Subscribed this Certificate And the said Thirty Six preceeding pages at Kirkcudbright the Twelth day of October one thousand Seven hundered & fifty three years
David Telfair Clerk
Thomas Bean Comr
John Dalyell Comr

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