Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brought forward £3398.10.0
James Morrison of Nachtons lands of Seggie per D.29 MAy 1731 No. 83, and 15 April 1784 No. 452 £521.6.8
Farm or lands of Seggiehill now James Cheap per D. 18 January 1814 No. 724 £233.11.9
Part of Pusk called Rood Rogs, Hattonflat and Henderflat ow marched off of new and containing 34 A. [Acres] 1 r. [rood] 8 p. [perches] Scots measure per D. 18 May 1790 No. 522 and 22 Decr. [December] 1790 No. 530 £55.16.3
Note 3
Remaining part of Pusk per D. 18 ay 1790 £428.1.6
Castle and Manor Place of Leuchars and inclosures theret belonging possessed by the Earl of Balcarres exclusive of the north garden per D. 10 September 1788 No. 498 £208.4.4
Auldmuirs possessed by A. Robertson and A. Louden per D. 10 September 1788 No. 498 £122.11.11
Balconzie or Balconie, Millton, Meadow possessed by the Earl of Balcarres, Meadow part of the Mill lands possessed by G. Kid and J. Bonella per D. 28 August 1788 No. 497 £331.11.0
The part of the Meadows of the Mill lands possessed by D. Keddie part of Myres of Broadlands also possessed by him, Horseflats being part of Broadlands possessed by T. Kettle and others, part of Broadlands called Well Stripe and
Carried over £1901.3.5 £3398.10.0

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