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The following state of the Valued Rents of the County of Fife is intended to shew the whole changes which have been authorised by the Commissioners of Supply on the Revaluation Book made up by the Commissioners in the year 1695.

The order in which the Presbyteries, Parishes and valued Rents stand in the Revaluation Book has been here invariably observed, at least in as far as possible.

Where valued Rents have been split into others, the warrants of this are referred to by the letter D with the dates of the warrants and the numbers of the Abbreviates which were made out shewing the substance of the different disjunctions.

Notes have also been added. They will be found, to shew what sums make up the cumulo valued Rents which are split into others, when these sums are numerous; and also to explain many circumstances which could not have been well introduced into the state without encumbering it with explanations and extending it to a grater length than we judged proper.

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