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Proprietor and land Valuation
Cupar Presbitrie
Balmirinoch Parish
Corbie Four hunderith & threttin pund £413.0.0
Grainge balfour Four hunderith nyntie four pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £494.13.4
bandean Fourscore eight pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £88.6.8
Nachtane Ane Thousand nyne hunderith pund £1900.0.0
Lord balmirinoch seven hunderith fyftie on pund 10ss [shilling] £751.10.0
Alexander Preston Tuentie fyve pund £25.0.0
Skur & scrogysyd fyftie four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £54.6.8
small feuares Thrie hunderith fyftie eight pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £358.13.4
Summa Four thousand fourscore fyve pund 10ss [shilling] £4085.10.0
Logie Parish
Logie Tuo hunderith fyftie thrie pund £253.0.0
Earle of southesk sex hunderith & tuo pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £602.13.4
Wester Forrett Tuo hunderith & fyftie pund 10ss [shilling] £250.10.0
Easter Forrett sex hunderith & seventie pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £670.13.4
Kinnaires Keadlock Thrie hunderith eightie seven pund £387.0.0
Denbrae Four hunderith & tuentie pund £420.0.0
John Imbries cruvie Thrie hunderith threttie tuo pund 10ss [shilling] £332.10.0
summa Tuo thousand nyne hunderith & sextin pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £2916.6.8
Phlisk parish
Glendukie sex hunderith & fourtie tuo pund £642.0.0
Pittauchop Thrie hunderith tuentie fyve pund 10ss [shilling] £325.10.0
Countes of Rothes Tuo thousand tuo hunderith sextie sex pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £2266.6.8
Summa Thrie thousand tuo hunderith threttie thrie pund 16ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £3233.16.8
Kilmainie Parish
Hilcairnie Four hunderith & eightein pund 10ss [shilling] £418.10.0
Midlmilne Ane hunderith sextie four pund £164.0.0
Kinnair Four hunderith & threttie pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £430.6.8
Myrkairnie Thrie hunderith & seventie pund £370.0.0
Rathillett Thrie hunderith & fourscore nyne pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £389.6.8
Mountwhannie nyne hunderith & fourscore pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £980.13.4
Cairnie sex hunderith & sex pund £606.0.0
Litle Kinnair Ane hunderith sextie seven pund £167.0.0
Aithernies pairt of Kilmainie Ane hunderith sextie four pund £164.0.0
Neutones pairt therof Fyve hunderith tuentie eight pund £528.0.0
denmoores pairt therof Thrie hunderith tuentie sex pund £326.0.0
Lochmalonie Ane hunderith & sextie pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £160.13.4
Star Fyve hunderith tuentie fyve pund £525.0.0
neubiging Ane hunderith & thrie pund £103.0.0
Summa Fyve thousand thrie hunderith threttie tuo pund 10ss [shilling] £5332.10.0

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The new book of vallouatione of the shyre off Cupar presbitrie Fyff
[Signed] David Malcolme

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