Proprietor and land Valuation
Denbuge parish
Balmedie Ane hundreth Nyntie tuo pund £192.0.0
Denbuge Ane Thousand three hundreth and Six pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £1306.13.4
Cullarny Nyne hundreth fyftie Six pund £956.0.0
Countess of Rothes for higham Six hundreth & eight pund £608.0.0
Summa Three thousand Ane hundreth Sixtie Tuo pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £3262.13.4
Moonzie parish
Culluthie fyve hundreth fourteen pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £514.6.8
Earle of Cranfield ane thousand tuo hundreth seventie four punds 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £1274.13.4
Summa Ane thousand seven hundreth eightie Nyne pund £1789.0.0
Ceres parish
Blebos Magask tuo hundreth fyftie four pund £254.0.0
Neither Magask Ane hundreth seventie pund £172.0.0
Teacesses Barronie Eight hundreth & seventie pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £870.13.4
Carskirdo, Three hundreth & Threttie four pund £334.0.0
Scotstarvit Eight hundreth fyftie Seven pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £857.13.4
Earle of Cranfurd Ane thousand three hundreth and fourtie fyve pund £1345.0.0
Craighall four Thousand tuo hundreth and Nyne pund £4209.0.0
Thomas Glover Ane hundreth Tuentie ane pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £121.13.4
Thomas Fleemings Baltullie Ane hundreth nyntie Six pund £196.0.0
Summa eight Thousand Three hundreth an Fyftie Nyne pund £8359.0.0
Darsie parish
Wester Craigfoodie Ane hundreth eighteen pund 13ss [shilling] 4ds [pennies] £181.13.4
Darssie Ane Thousand tuo hundreth pund £1200.0.0
Newmilne Ane hundreth fyftie eight pund` £158.0.0
Fingask Three hundreth fyftie tuo pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £352.13.4
Foodie fyve hundreth Eightie three pund £583.0.0
Mr William Bethune fyve hundreth and tuentie pund £520.0.0
pittormie Ane hundreth tuentie Ane pund £121.0.0
Summa Three thousand Ane hundreth and sixteen pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £3116.6.8
Cullessie parish
Rossie Cheap Ane Thousand eight hundreth and Sixtie four pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £2864.13.4
Daftmilne Ane hundreth tuentie Ane pund £121.0.0
Lumqwhat Three hunderith tuentie four pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £324.13.4
Robert Russels portione of Kinloch Ane hundreth & Six pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £106.13.4
James Thomsones part of Ballomilne Threteen pund 13ss [shilling 4d [pennies] £13.13.4
David Balfores portione of Kinloch, tuo hundreth & fytie four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £254.13.4
John Andersones portione yrof [thereof] Ane hundreth & Nyne pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £109.6.8
William Thomsone of Neutoun Ane hundreth fourscore three pund £183.0.0
Laird of Aytoune Drumtenent Ane hundreth & Seventie pund 10 shilling £170.10.0
Weddersbie Ane Thousand Six hundreth and three pund Six shilling eight pennies £1603.6.8
Mr James Melvill of Hallhill fyve hunreth & Nynteen pund ten shilling £519.10.0
James Bruce of wester Kinloch four hundreth & Nyntie tuo pund £492.0.0
Lord Rankillers part of Ballomilne fyftie tuo pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £52.6.8
Summa is fyve Thousand eight hundreth and fyfteen pund £5815.0..0
Cult parish
Earle of Craufurd Ane thousand Ane hundreth tuentie on pund £1121.0.0
Laird of Bunzione three hundreth tuentie Ane pund £321.0.0
Lord Rankillor for Hospitallmilne Ane hundreth tuentie Six pund £126.0.0
Toun of Edinburgh fewdeutie out yrof [thereof] eleven Pund 6ss [shilling] 8d £11.6.8
Laird of Mountqwharry for pitlessie four hundreth & Nyntie pund £490.0.0
Summa is tuo thousand Sixtie Nyne pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £2069.6.8
Straithmiglo parish
Wester Cash Tuo hundreth seventie seven pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £277.6.8
pitlouer Nyne hundreth and Sixty seven pund £967.0.0
Laird of Balfours Urgharts four hundreth & eight pund £408.0.0
Laird of Balcanquell four hundreth Nynie tuo pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £492.13.4
Laird of Denmilne for Drumdreill Ane hundreth & Nyntie pund £190.0.0
Maister of Burleigh fyve hundreth eightie four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £584.6.8
Corstoun four hundreth and Eighteen pund £418.0.0
James Belveradge part yrof [thereof] fourscore sight pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £88.6.8
Kincraigie three hundreth threttie Six pund £336.0.0
Glentarkie fyve hundreth fourtie fyve pund £445.0.0
Laird of Balbedie for cashmilne Sixtie Nyne pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £69.6.8
James Meldrum of Uestmilne of strithmiglo Ane hundreth 24 lib [pounds] £124.0.0
Lord Stormount for the Barronies of Balvaird Ane thousand four hundreth fourscore eight pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £1488.13.4
Lord Stormount for Armgosh barronie Seven hundreth and Nynteen pund 10ss [shilling] £719.10.0
Summa is £6708.3.4

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