Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Garvald and Bara Parishes
James Hay Esqr Nunraw £409.13.6
The Earl of Weymss Slaid £501.6.8
The Earl of Weymss Chesters £63.15.0
Douglas Esqr Garvald £268.6.8
Douglas Esqr Garvaldgrange £139.14.8
John Hay Esqr Hopes £207.16.6
Marquis of Tweeddale His Lands £1578.9.0
Marquis of Tweeddale Westhope £200.0.0
Robert Hay Esqr of Drummelzier Linplum & Bara £860.2.0
Total valuation of this Parish £4229.4.0

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The surname 'Douglas' occurs twice after the 'Earl of Weymss'. The name 'Douglas' is also part of the family name of the Earls of Weymss.

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