Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Dumbarton parish Scots
John Campbell of Stonefield Kirkmichael £360.13.4
Upper Cordeall £13.6.8
Laigh Cordeall £6.13.4
Total Valuation of this parish £380.13.4
Kilmaronock parish
I. MacKean Dam of Aber £58.13.4
John Galbreath Townfoot of Aber £20.10.0
James Galbreath Boghead of Aber £36.0.0
James Galbreath Miln of Aber £53.6.8
George Gardner Loaning of Aber £11.5.0
James Gardners' Half of Townhead of Aber £24.1.0
John Gardners' Half of Townhead of Aber £24.1.0
William Blair Cladochside £30.18.4
James Youll Dabbaniel £6.15.0
Robert MacGown Esq Mains of Kilmaronock £149.8.0
Peter Buchanan Wards £64.10.5
John Buchanan Meikle Fuinary £49.10.3
Cambusmoon - part thereof possessed by Robert Cunnungham £33.19.2
Cambusmoon part by John Aitken £33.19.2
Gartocharn - part thereof possessed by John Cunnungham £67.18.4
part by James MacKean £33.19.2
pat by James Galbreath £6.15.10
part by John Thomson £27.3.4
Mavie Miln £50.18.9
Little Fuinary £52.0.0
half of Dumcryne £38.19.0
other half of Dumcryne £38.19.0
Woodends £50.18.9
Carry forward £964.9.6

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Dumbarton parish

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Kilmaronock parish
N.B. The foregoing are Subdivisions of the Barony of Kilmaronock but in subdividing an error appears to have been committed which makes of the subdivisions ten pence more than the cumulo Valuation.

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