Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Roseneath parish Scots
Duke of Argyle Parkhead £92.9.4 5 5/8
Duke of Argyle Littleross £73.4.10 2/8
Duke of Argyle Meikleross £106.7.8 7/8
Duke of Argyle Portkiln £109.7.9 6/8
Duke of Argyle Little Arden £79.10.10
Duke of Argyle Meikle Arden £89.9.8 2/8
Duke of Argyle Knock derry £89.9.8 2/8
Duke of Argyle Kilcraigans £54.18.9 5/8
Duke of Argyle Mill and Lands £33.5.11
Duke of Argyle Hill of Camsail Easter Clachan & parks of Camsail £139.16.7 6/8
Duke of Argyle Douchlas £63.5.3 5/8
Duke of Argyle Clachan or Wester Clachan £99.6.8
Duke of Argyle Ailey £94.13.4
Duke of Argyle Mammore £39.0.0
Duke of Argyle Mambeg £36.0.0
Duke of Argyle Feornacarry £32.0.0
Duke of Argyle Meikle Rachean £39.15.5
Duke of Argyle Little Rachean £39.15.5
Duke of Argyle Cursnoch £79.10.10
Duke of Argyle Blairnachter £54.14.2
Duke of Argyle Barbour £78.10.10
Donal Campbell Peaton £100.7.8
Donald Cumming Barraman £37.9.4
Donald Cumming Clinder £35.16.4
Total Valuation of this parish £1698.6.8
Row parish Scots
Sir James Colquhoun Balernickbeg £33.6.8
Andrew Buchanan of Ardenconnel Esq. Blairvadick £33.6.8
Stucknaduff £33.6.8
Sir James Colquhoun West Kilbride £22.4.6
Sir James Colquhoun remainder of Luss's other lands in Row £550.15.6
Sir James Colquhoun Barony of Milligs (including Auchintail £620.0.0
Sir James Colquhoun Faslane £133.6.8
Gortain £30.0.0
Auchinvennal viz
James Dennistoun Esq of Colgram Two Thirds £53.6.8
Jean Campbell's One third £26.13.4
Andrew Macfarlane Blairnearn Easter & Wester £70.0.0
Andrew Buchanan of Ardenconnel Blairvallan £30.0.0
Duke of Argyle Westerton of Ardincaple £100.0.0
Cottary's of Ardincaple £52.0.0
Ardenconnell £160.0.0
Lateruel & Stuckahoich £105.0.0
Bannachra £120.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £2173.6.8

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Roseneath parish

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Row parish

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