Proprietor Land Valuation Totals
Mks. [Merks] s. [shillings] d. [pennies] Mks. [Merks] s. [shillings] d. [pennies]
The Three merkland of Toddilmuir and Righead 112.6.8
Reidhall in Queensberry's totall 0.0.0
The eight poundland of Elsheesheils, Esbie, and Shaw, The Twentie shillingland of Reidhall, Twentie shilling land of Templand, Greskin, and Mellingshaw in Moffat, the lands of Howes in Annan 660.0.0
The Lands of Brigmuir 200.0.0
Tha lands of Hallaiths, the feu dutie thereof, with the maill of the Eight shilling eight pennyland Sannick, pertaining to the Airs of Harbert Kennedy 225.0.0
The other Five merk eight shilling eight penny land pertaining to Hallaiths, deducing the late Earl of Annandale's feu duty 187.6.8
The Fyve merkland of Thorniequhat, included in the Earl of Annandale's totall 0.0.0
The six merkland of Harthats 135.0.0
The Three merkland of Cockethill 100.0.0
The Earle of Annandale's land valued with the rest in cumulo 0.0.0
SUMA 1620.0.0
Ane thousand six hundreth and twentie merks.
Earl of MANSFIELD Property and quit rents from Castlemains and Barony of Lochmaben 1340.0.0
ARCHIBALD GORDON of Halleaths Lands and Estate of Halleaths 312.6.8
Braidholm 140.0.0
Part of Fourtowns 61.6.8
Priestdykes 30.0.0
Part of Greenhill 7.0.0 551.0.0
WILLIAM BELL of Rammerscales Greenhill 176.6.8
*Three-merkland of Cockethill 100.0.0
Oxtart 41.6.8
Part of Hightae 40.0.0
Another part thereof 30.0.0
Another part thereof 30.0.0
Another part thereof 26.6.8
Another part thereof 21.0.0
Another part thereof 20.0.0
Another part thereof 15.0.0
Another part thereof 6.0.0
Another part thereof 3.0.0
*Mossburn 5.0.0 534.6.8
Sir WILLIAM JARDINE of Applegirth, Bart. [Baronet] Speddlings, Park and Gotterby 300.0.0
Brigmuir 200.0.0 500.0.0
Marquis of QUEENSBERRY *Rockhallhead and Carthat 405.0.0
JOHN E. DICKSON of Elshieshields One-merkland of Elshieshields 175.6.8
Templand 42.6.8
Reidhall 24.0.0 242.0.0
WELLWOOD MAXWELL of Barncleugh *Esbie and Shaw 240.0.0
WILLIAM MURRAY of Henderland Castlemains of Lochmaben 200.0.0
Part of Heck 29.0.0 229.0.0
WILLIAM WRIGHT of Smallholmburn Smallholmburn 221.0.0
Heirs of JOHN LAWSON Thronywhat 200.0.0
GEORGE POOL of Bush Bush 176.0.0
RICHARD CRUICKSHANK of Broomhill Broomhill and Broomhillmains annd Dales of Lochmaben 171.0.0
JOHN JARDINE of Ladyward Three fourths of Ladyward 75.0.0
Part of Smallholm 67.0.0
Remaining fourth of Ladyward 25.0.0 167.0.0
ROBERT RICHARDSON of Hitae *Part of Hitae 150.0.0
Another part thereof 7.0.0
Another part thereof 4.0.0 161.0.0
JAMES C. MACRAE of Holmains Harthat 135.0.0
JAMES HOGG Part of Hitae 130.6.8
JAMES WRIGHT Part of Smallholm 70.0.0
Another part thereof 56.6.8 126.6.8
ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND Part of Smallholm 118.6.8
Duke of BUCCLEUCH and QUEENSBERRY *Reidhall included in his cumulo in Kirkmichael.
Heirs of Miss KENNEDY and WILLIAM JOHNSTON Three-merkland of Todhillmuir and Righeads 112.6.8
Carried Forward 5760.6.8

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Lands and Estate of Halleaths - Mansfield
Three fourths of Ladyward - Part of 10 merk land of Halleath
Remaing fourth of Ladyward - Part of Halleaths

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