Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Alloa Parish Continued Scots.
Brought over £2506.18.6
The Honble [Honourable] George Abercromby of Tullibody Kirkland of Tullibody £50.2.10
John Francis Erskine Esquire of Mar Barony of Alloa £3268.1.1 Divided as follows
Adam Primrose possession of Jellyholm £23.1.3
Lands of Roseloch possessed by John Binnie, John Jameson, Alexander Thomson, James Michie William and James Hunter and Robert Paterson £99.11.8
Whins possessed by Robert Thomson £16.4.10
Waggon and Gin Parks possessed by John Fras. Erskine and Alexander Thomson £113.12.0
Farm of Pytree possessed by John Paterson £24.14.11
Farm of Braehead possessed by James Paterson £5.10.0
Lands of Sunnyside possessed by William Paterson, Alexander Thomson and James Michie £16.18.11
Farm of Brawlshill possessed by George Shaw £11.9.6
Lands of Gubber possessed by George Shaw John Proud William and Robert Henderson, James Kirk and James Laing £90.4.9
Lands of Gray gorn hill possessed by John Shaw, John Proud James Meikie & Alexander Russel £47.6.6
Carried over £3005.15.8
Alloa Parish Continued Scots.
Brought over £3005.15.8
John Francis Erskine Esquire Lands of Blind well possessed by Charles Hunter £23.4.10
Lands of Colleyland possessed by James White and John Miller £25.18.7
Farm of Coalabog possessed by Catherine Clark £16.12.0
Farm of Braigton possessed by John Kell £48.6.7
Farm of Coble crook possessed by Robert Cowie £22.10.1
Farm of Muirside possessed by William Paterson £20.16.2
Farm called Kinginmuirs possessed by John Donaldson £23.16.10
Muir near Rullibody also ossessed by said John Donaldson £2.7.9
Farm of Gartstrothie possessed by John Drysdale £21.9.6
Farm of Harperhill possesssed by Thomas Cowie £20.0.2
Wester Harperhill possessed by James Stewart £20.19.3
Lands of Lonbog possessed by John Tosacks widow and John Morison £52.2.4
Farm of Cooper hill possessed by John Paterson £12.1.4
Farm of Gateside possessed by David Proud £60.10.7
Farm of Mons possessed by John Cowie £51.15.11
Farm of Longkerse possessed by John Dawson £104.5.1
Inch of Longkerse possessed by John Dawson £15.18.5
Carried over £3548.11.1

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