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The Roll of the Rent of the Shrefdome [Shirefdome] of Clackmanan [Clackmannan] Maide and sett doun by the Comissioneris [Commissioneris] vndersubscryveand Noiat [Nominat] and appoyntit for that effect By Act of Convensioun of Estaitis of this kingdome holdin at Edgh [Edinburgh] the fyfteine day of August jaj vj Cs fourtie thrie zeiris [15 August 1643]. And that for payment of the sowme of Four Thowsand tuo hundrethe fourtie sex pundis [£4246.0.0]. As thair pairt of the Loane of 1000000 Merkis appoyntit to be vplifted of the Schyris of this kingdome for supplie of the Scottis Army in Ireland: And of the sowme of Sex hundreth and Sex pundis [£606.0.0] As thair pairt of that vther sowme of 100000 pundis grantit by the saidis estaitis To be payit by the saidis Schyres, for Interteinment of certane horses and fute wtin [within] this kingdome for the reassones conteint in the said act. Which Comissioneris [Commissioneris]haveing mett vpone the first tuysday of October last. And haveing made choyse of certane psones [persones] wtin [within] the said Schyre to Joyne wt [with] thame In making and perfyting of this Roll following, And haveing geven thair oathes juditiullie thairvpone to doe uprichtlie according to thair best knawledge and Informatun [Informatioun] In setting doun of the same. Conforme to the termes of the said act maide thairanent. And haveing vsit all vther ordinarye way for thair better Informatun [Informatioun] off everie psones [persones] proper rent wtin [within] the said Srefdome [Shirefdome] After mature deliberatun [deliberatioun] They have Sett doun the Roll following In articles According to the Number of the severall paroches wtin [within] the said Schyre (The victuall and vther cmoditeis [commoditeis] being convertit in money According as the pryces in everie parioche Rwlis for the tyme) viz.
The Bear Maill and Quhyt aittis at fyve pundis sex schillingis aucht pennyeis [£5.6.8] the boll. overheid wheat at Sevin pundis [£7.0.0] the boll. Small corne at Liij s. iiij d. [£2.13.4] the boll. Geise at ten schillingis [£0.10.0] the peice. Capones at vj s. viij d. [£0.6.8] the peice. Keane fowlis at Liij s. iiij d. [£2.13.4] the dzun [dozun]. Which Comissioneris [Commissioneris] noiat [nominat] and Elected Haveing Calculat the proper Rent off everie paroche wtin [within] the said Schyre. And haveing compaired it wt [with] the foirsaid Loane and taxt Imposit vpoun the same. They find and declair That for payt [payment] of the said sowme of four Thowsand tuo hundrethe fourtie sex pundis [£4246.0.0] And thair pairt of [that] said Loane The sovme of ---- sall be payit furthe of everie hundrethe pundis of proper Rent wtin [within] the said Schyre. And for payment of the sowme of Sex hundrethe sex pundis [£606.0.0] the sowme of ---- sal be payit furthe of everie hundrethe pundis of the said proper Rent And accordinglie the saidis Comissioneris [Commissioneris] to thair best knavledge and Informatun [Informatioun] have maide. sett doun. and subt [subscryveant] this pnt [present] Roll.

Williame Cowstoun for himselff and remanent heritors fewaris lyfrenturis proper wodsettaris and vtheris wtin [within] the pariochin of Clakmannane Thair proper Land Rent wtin [within] the said parochine (victuall and vther cmoditeis [commoditeis] being cvertit [convertit] in money) extendis to Elevin thowsand sevin hundreth fourtie sex punds thretteine schillingis eight penneyis, Quhairof peyit -- £11746.13.8

[Signed] [J.] Morisone [J. Cochrein ?]

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