Proprietor and land Valuation
Sheriff of Bute £1400.0.0
Dutchess of Hamilton £4000.0.0
The Feu Duties of Bute and Cumbrays £2430.13.4
Archibald Bannatyne of Lubas £95.11.0
Lucrece Boyd his Mother £66.13.4
Donald Moir Mckan £44.9.4
South Garrachty £62.4.4
Largizaine elder £88.17.8
Largizaine younger £62.4.4
Kilcattan £784.0.0
John McKurdie Kiremenoch £30.0.0
John Mcferson Kiretonly £30.0.0
Margaret Mckurdie for Bruchak £36.0.0
Kirelamont Elder and Younger £133.6.8
Allan McOnachie £9.0.0
Mr. Robert Stewart £97.15.0
John Stewart in Gallachan £229.2.4
John Stewart of Ardinho £176.13.4
John Stewart of Ambrismore and his £178.0.0
Ninian Kerr Baillie £26.13.4
Donald McOnachie of Ambrisbeg £53.6.8
Scoulaks lands £351.2.4
John Glass of Mid Ascog £31.2.2
Archibald Stewart and Mcilcheran for ArdScalpsie £78.2.2
Donald McNiell Younger of Kilmorie £53.6.8
Robert Jamison Crowner £236.17.8
James Stewart of Kilwhenlek £101.2.4
Mr. Patrick Stewart £240.0.0
Lands of Shalunt Colinshemrag Balicreg and half Stuck £44.0.0
Robert Campbell of Taunie £22.0.0
Lenichael and half Glaknabae £48.18.0
John Bannatyne for Glaknabae £22.4.4
Iskichragan and Glenbuy £35.9.8
Laird of Kaims £906.0.0
Marquess of Argyll for Tack duties of Tiends & feu dutys of Inchmernock £126.13.4
Wester Kames £166.13.4
[Carried over] £12498.2.8

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Valuation of the Shire of Bute
Burgh of Rothesay Excepted

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