Land tax rolls for Banffshire, volume 02

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E106/5/2/1 Valuation Book of Banff. 1708
E106/5/2/3 Rathwen parish
E106/5/2/3 Crannok James Cock Fourty pounds £40.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Bogs John steward twenty Six pounds £26.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Collachy Mr John Murray thretty pounds £30.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Laird off Lamas twelve hundreth pounds £1200.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Cairnffeld Robert Gordone one hundred & fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Glastirum Patrick Gordone One hundred & Sixty libs [pounds] £160.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Oran William Patersone twenty Six pounds £26.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Littchiston Patrick Gordone One hundred & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Nether Bucky John Gordon One hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Cannachy Patrick Stewart One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Gollachy John Gordone Forty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Cowffurrach James Gordone one hundredth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Leterffury John Gordone One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Aradoule Alexander Gordone One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Oxhill John Stewart Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Upper Bucky John Gordone Nyne hundreth libs [Pounds] £900.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Fascan William Gordone three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Muldavatt John Roay three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Finnochly William Ord two hundredth & thirty libs [Pounds] £230.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Corriedown John Coats Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Duke Gordone One thousand Eight hundredth libs [Pounds] £1800.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Thornibank John Gordone Seventy libs [Pounds] £70.0.0
E106/5/2/3 E [Earl] Findlater three hundredth thirty eight libs [Pounds] £338.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Birkenbass James Gordone twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Bogs Alexander Reid Fifteen libs [Pounds] £15.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Sma [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £6395.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Belly parish
E106/5/2/3 Auchin halrick D [Duke] Gordone Forty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Neather Auchinreath James Anderson On hundred libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Milne of Tynet James Anderson twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
E106/5/2/3 D [Duke] Gordone Two Thousand Seven hundredth libs [Pounds] £2700.0.0
E106/5/2/3 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £2860.0.0
E106/5/2/3 The Valua[tio]ne rolls of the Sherreffdome of Banff as they have been valued and rectified by the [Commissioners] appointed fo[r] the act of Parlia[ment] att [ --- ] f[o]r the month of June jaj & vj [1600] and nynty nine [signed] Nicolas Dunbar
E106/5/2/3 Some words illegible at left hand end due to wear and bleed through from next page.
E106/5/2/5 Deskfoord parish
E106/5/2/5 Sir James Ogilvy fourteen hundredth libs [Pounds] £1400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Skeith George Abercromby On hundreth & eighty libs [Pounds] £180.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Swa of this parish thr [there] is £1580.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Rothimay Parish
E106/5/2/5 Turtry Arthur Forbes Five hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £550.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Meyan his whole interest seven hundredth libs [Pounds] £700.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Reidhill Alexander Smart Forty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Auchincrive John Fordyce one hundredth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/5 George Ruddach Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/5 John Ellies Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/5 John Fordyce Fiftie Libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Walkmill John Gordone Eightie libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Claymyrs & Rothemay John Gordone Fifteen hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £1550.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £3170.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Aberchirder parish
E106/5/2/5 Knorkorth John Innes three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Auchendaran Alexander Willson three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Elrick Calvy Alexander Innes Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Ardmelly James Gordone One hundreth & sixty libs [Pounds] £160.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Auchintoul Alexander Gordone Five hundreth & fiftynyn libs [Pounds] £559.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Zeochry Mr James Gordons Airs Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Kinnaerdy David Gregory On thousand and thirty three libs [Pounds] £1033.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Crombye Mr George Meldrum Six hundreth and ten libs £610.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Corskie John Aberneathy One hundredth & thirty-three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/5/2/5 Cluny Robert Sanders One hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Corstoun Alexander Abercromby One hundreth & thirtythree libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/5/2/5 Tilliedown John Aberneathy Sixty six libs [Pounds] £66.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Crannoh Sir George Gordone One hundredth & thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Shank and Quarry James Aberneathy one hundredth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Torax Laird of Park Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Pittendrich Lord Oliphant Four hundredth pounds £400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £4894.12.0
E106/5/2/5 Ordiewhill parish
E106/5/2/5 Sir John Gordone of Park one thousand and seven hund [hundreth] libs [Pounds] £1700.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Boyndy parish
E106/5/2/5 [Paddockburn & Bankhead] burn On hundredth and fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Lord Boyne For himself and wadsetters two thousand one hundreth and eighty libs [Pounds] £2180.0.0
E106/5/2/5 [Ratties] Lord Boyne Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Blairmade Two hundreth pounds £200.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Baldavy James Ogilvy One hundreth Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Kirktoune William Ogilvies susses [successors] Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/5 [Kirktoune] Lord Boyne One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Swa [Summa] of this parish yr [there] is £3220.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Inverkeithny parish
E106/5/2/5 Drachlawmill One hundredth thretty three libs six ss [shillings] eight d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/5/2/5 Kirktoune & Ballnoon David Cruikshank Four hundredth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Ard Four Lord Oliphant three hundredth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Dowadger of Frendrought two hundredth sixty six libs [Pounds] 13ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £266.13.8
E106/5/2/5 Auchingoul George Chrichtone One hundreth Fiffty three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £153.6.8
E106/5/2/5 Downies One hundredth and thirty three libs [Pounds] £133.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Auchinhampers Two hundredth sixty six libs [Pounds] £266.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Haddomill George Sincklair One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Over Tullos Alexander Leslie Sixty Six libs [Pounds] £66.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Tulloss Johnstone off Craige three hundrethss thirty libs [Pounds] £330.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Swa [Summa] off this parish thr [there] is £2198.6.8
E106/5/2/5 Botryphny parish
E106/5/2/5 The Fewars For Fewduties one hundredth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Drummuir For his whole lands Six hundredth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Bellihack Alexander Duff two hundredth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Westertoun James Andersone One thousand libs [Pounds] £1000.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Towiebeg Adam Innes three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Badenfinich Walter Inness seventy pounds £70.0.0
E106/5/2/5 Nicolas Dunbar £2320.0.0
E106/5/2/5 [Pages] 5 & 6 [Signed] Nicolas Dunbar
E106/5/2/7 Boharme Parish
E106/5/2/7 Boat of Bridge & Bridgtoune Laird of Grant One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Mill of papine Walter Grant Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Aibenway one hundreth thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Arindilly Walter Grant eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Easter Galdwall ... Grantt One hundreth and sixty libs [Pounds] £160.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Auchluncart For all his lands ther One thousand libs [Pounds] £1000.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Newtoune Mr Thomas Law three hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Auchmades Laird off Grant two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Knocken Paull Mckphersone One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £2170.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Gamry Parish
E106/5/2/7 Lichnet James Innes three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Achorsk James Barcklet seventy libs [Pounds] £70.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Whitthill John Urquart On hundreth thirty three libs [Pounds] 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
E106/5/2/7 Pittgair Sir James Blaire One hundreth & Eighty libs [Pounds] £180.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Troup & Minnony Alexander Gairden On thousand six hundreth & seventy libs [Pounds] £1670.0.0
E106/5/2/7 North Field George Keith two hundreth sixty six libs [Pounds] £266.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Tair Lair Mr Thomas Gairden one hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Margarat Baird now George Lesly thirty libs [Pounds] £30.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Cullen Lady Cowie Eight hundreth libs [Pounds] £800.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Melross John Ramsay Four hundreth and ten libs [Pounds] £410.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Silver Foord John Kierie fourty Pounds £40.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Downe George Leslie five hundreth pounds £500.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Monblatten Walter Grhame Six hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £620.0.0
E106/5/2/7 E [Earl] off Buchan John Kierie One hundreth and Fiftie libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Rott. [Robert] Straiton now John Kierie One hundreth and thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
E106/5/2/7 James Farqrn [Farquharson] now John Kierie One hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £5489.6.8
E106/5/2/7 Landward off Banff
E106/5/2/7 Lord Banff and his wodsetters One thousand One hundreth libs [Pounds] £1100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 E [Earl] off Findlater his interest Five hundreth & thretty three libs [Pounds] £533.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Reidstack Lord Boyne Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Mill of Boyndy Lord Boyne thirty libs [Pounds] £30.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Earl of Airly and wodsetters Six hundreth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
E106/5/2/7 [Total] £2313.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Keith parish
E106/5/2/7 [Lempkairn] John Ogilvy Five hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £550.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Pittlurg Gordone Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Edentor Alexander Gordone one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Kimminity Sutherland Eight hundreth libs [Pounds] £800.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Tarmore Sutherland One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Alexander Bailzie Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Airdneidly Cursartly Cruper hill & mill Laird of Grantt two hundreth & fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Aradoull For all his lands ther Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Cold home One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Neather Auchanasie Alexander Phinn two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Glengerack & Newmill Gordone Four hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £450.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Alehouse crofft Henry Palmer ten libs [Pounds] £10.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Milltone Lord Oliphant One hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Craigduff Lord Oliphant Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Birkenburn Alexander Gordone Eightie libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Achoynany David Gordone Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Little Cantly Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Achynacy John Gordone Six hundreth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Loithen For Fewduties one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Bishop off Murray For Fewduties Fiffty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Swa [Summa] of this parish ther is £5140.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Forglen parish
E106/5/2/7 Forglen Lord Banff Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Todlaw Mercer One hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Scotstoun & Broad myrd Mr Andrew Hay Sixty libs [Pounds] £60.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Oldtoune of Carnousie George Cow Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Crannoboig Sir George Gordone Sixty libs [Pounds] £60.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Carnousy Sir George Gordone two hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Bogtoune Sir George Gordone One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 John Brocky Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Robert Webster Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 John Stevensone One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Mill of Burnend Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/7 Swa [Summa] of this parish ther is £1420.0.0
E106/5/2/7 [Pages 6 & 7] [Signed] Nicolas Dunbar
E106/5/2/9 Fordyce parish
E106/5/2/9 Muirack George Gordone One hundreth and thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Hallyeards Patrick Ogilvy One hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Braccanhills Alexander Abercromby two hundreth and Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Birkenborg Sir James Abercromby one thousand and three hundreth libs [Pounds] £1300.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Coohyth Lord Boyne one hundred and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Glashaugh and John Morisone Six hundred and sixty six libs [Pounds] £666.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Boogmuchals E. [Earl] off Airly Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Earle off Findlater Five thousand libs [Pounds] £5000.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Alexander Adam twenty four libs [Pounds] £24.0.0
E106/5/2/9 James Ogilvie Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/9 John Strachan ten libs [Pounds] £10.0.0
E106/5/2/9 James Phinn twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Janet Adam twelve libs [Pounds] £12.0.0
E106/5/2/9 George Strachan ten libs [Pounds] £10.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Robert Andersone twelve libs [Pounds] £12.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Swa [Summa] of this parish ther [there] is £8274.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Alvah parish
E106/5/2/9 Stonyley Robert Sanders one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Auchinbady George Mortimer three hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Bythstone Cumming twenty pounds £20.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Alvah E: [Earl] off Airly two hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Lord Banff Six hundreth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Inverichny & Funkieston peter Russell three hundreth & one libs 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £301.6.8
E106/5/2/9 Dunlugus Robert Grantt Five hundreth sixty Six libs [pounds] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £566.13.4
E106/5/2/9 Ittlaw Walter Stewart three hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Muiryhill Lord Banff three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/9 E: [Earl] off Buchan now John Keiry two hundreth sixty Six libs 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
E106/5/2/9 Monblary Mr Andrew Hay two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £3304.13.4
E106/5/2/9 Straloch Gordone eight hundreth libs [Pounds] £800.0.0
E106/5/2/9 St Fergus and Fetterangus E: [Earl] Marishall Four thousand libs [Pounds] £4000.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Barrony of Gairtly Lord [Lady] Dowager of Huntly £1050.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Mortlich parish
E106/5/2/9 Coronasy and fewd. [fewduty] D: [Duke] Gordon two hundred and thirty three pounds £233.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Parkmore George Leslie two hundreth pounds £200.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Lesmurdy Alexander Steuart two hundreth & eighty three libs [pounds] £283.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Soccoch Alexander Stewart Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Bellchiry John Gordone one hundreth libs £100.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Edinglassy Sir George Gordone Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Kinninvy John Leslie three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Leachie Capt. [Captain] Gordone two hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £220.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Belldorny John Gordone two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Auchinhandock Sir George Gordon one hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Parkbegg John Leslie one hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Buchrome Alexander Leslie nyntie libs [Pounds] £90.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Tullich Mr John Lesly one hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Bp. [Bishop] of Abd. [Aberdeen] for his fewd. [fewduty] in this & Fordyce parish One hundreth Sixty libs [Pounds] £160.0.0
E106/5/2/9 D. [Duke] Gordon For his own and his L: [Lady] Mothrs [Mothers] liferent lands thirteen hundreth libs [Pounds] £1300.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Bracco Alexander Duff for his own and his Fathers lands Nyn hundreth libs [Pounds] £900.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Keithmor for his wod sett lands in Auchindoun One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Lochend James Andersone twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Swa [Summa] off this parish ther is £5076.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Kirkmichael Parish
E106/5/2/9 Braes John Grantt two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Keppoch two hundreth sixty six libs [Pounds] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
E106/5/2/9 Dell Fourtie two libs [Pounds] £42.0.0
E106/5/2/9 D: [Duke] Gordon For Fewd: [Fewduty] eightie three libs [Pounds] 6 shilling eight d [pennies] £83.6.8
E106/5/2/9 Delnabo John Grantt two hundreth thirty three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £233.6.8
E106/5/2/9 Easter Camdell James Gordone one hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Achriachan & Wester Camdell Farqrson three hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Carron Grantt Five hundreth And thirtie three libs [Pounds] Six Shilling eight pennies £533.6.8
E106/5/2/9 Inverury and Inverchebat two hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Ruthwen Duke Gordone eighty libs £80.0.0
E106/5/2/9 Swa [Summa] off this parish ther is £2158.13.4
E106/5/2/9 [Pages] 8 & 9 [Signed] Nicolas Dunbar
E106/5/2/11 Inverawen parish
E106/5/2/11 Tomavillan John Grantt One hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Badevochle Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Nevie & Tombae Four hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £450.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Achorachan & Wester Blair findy three hundreth and Eighty libs [Pounds] £380.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Tombreakachy one hundreth & thretty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Desky Gordone one hundreth and Eighty libs [Pounds] £180.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Drummin Stewart one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Dellmore Robert Grantt one hundreth & fiftie libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Minmore Lettoch & overdounnan two hundreth & Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Blair Findy William Grantt Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Wester Culquoich John Grant One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Killmachly John Stewart three hundreth threttie three libs [Pounds] Six shilling eight pennies £333.6.8
E106/5/2/11 Lettoch and Dounan one hundreth and twentie libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Ballandalloch John Grantt Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Liferentrix therof three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Morinsh Thomas Nairn Three hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Duke Gordon For Fewd. [Fewduty] one hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Swa [Summa] off this parish yr [there] is £3673.6.8
E106/5/2/11 Skirdustain parish
E106/5/2/11 Carron Grantt Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Kinnermony Innes Four hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £450.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Edinvilly Three hundreth and Fifty libs £350.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Aberlour Hilam Gordone two hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Muddhouse John Andersone Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Boat off Fiddich John Grant Thirty libs [Pounds] £30.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Bregach and Letterwandich two hundreth Fourty libs [Pounds] £240.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Bracco & his Fathers interest yr [there] Four hundreth & seventy libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Fewars For Fewduties Fourtie libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Swa [Summa] of this parish yr [there] is £2217.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Grange parish
E106/5/2/11 Edengeith For his whole interest Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Glengerack Gordon three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Dauch of Grange D. [Duke] Gordon Four hundreth sixty libs [Pounds] £460.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Myrietoun peter Stewart One hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Haughs John Fordyce sixtie Five libs [Pounds] £65.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Walter Mitchell For all his lands one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Muddhall John Ruddach thirty Five libs [Pounds] £35.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Fortrie David Ruddach eighty Four libs [Pounds] £84.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Adam Ruddach & burnside One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/11 John Chrystie twentie six libs [Pounds] £26.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Patrick Neills successsours fifteen libs [Pounds] £15.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Cranno Thomas Gordone eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Margaret Ruddach twentie Five libs [Pounds] £25.0.0
E106/5/2/11 John Ogilvie twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Echries John Hay Eightie libs £80.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Peill Fauld Peter Sime Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Cantly & Windyhills John Ogilvie two hundreth & twenty six libs [Pounds] £226.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Leithen For Fewd. [Fewduty] One Hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Bracco For his lands One thousand & Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £1400.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Swa [Summa] off this parish yr [there] is £3776.0.0
E106/5/2/11 Bridge of Don eight hundreth pounds £800.0.
E106/5/2/11 Swa [Summa] totalis off the valua'ne [valuatione] of the whole shire is eighty thousand libs [Pounds]
E106/5/2/11 [Page] 10 [Signed] Nicolas Dunbar [Page] 11 I Nicolas Dumbar of Castlefield Shirreff deput of Banff Shyre & collr [collector] of the Supply off the sd [said] Shyre Doe hereby Solemnly Declare & attest that the pre- ceeding eight pages & this nynth page of this book all Signed by me is ane true & exact double of the princl [principal] Valuatne [Valuatione] books of the sd [said] Shyre & [to] the [present] standart For collecting off the cess yrof [thereof] excepting the above valuatne [valuatione] of the bridge of Don which does not pay cess now to this shyre And In testimony hereof I have Signed this & the Saids eight preceeding pages At Banff the Nynth day of October jajvijC [1700] & eight years And Declairs this to be of verity as I shall anser to God Nicolas Dunbar
E106/5/2/11 Aberlour: Hilam Gordone should read Adam Gordone? Bracco: Figures should read £470.0.0 to match written amount