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Proprietor and land Valuation
Deskfoord parish
Sir James Ogilvy fourteen hundredth libs [Pounds] £1400.0.0
Skeith George Abercromby On hundreth & eighty libs [Pounds] £180.0.0
Swa of this parish thr [there] is £1580.0.0
Rothimay Parish
Turtry Arthur Forbes Five hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £550.0.0
Meyan his whole interest seven hundredth libs [Pounds] £700.0.0
Reidhill Alexander Smart Forty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
Auchincrive John Fordyce one hundredth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
George Ruddach Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
John Ellies Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
John Fordyce Fiftie Libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
Walkmill John Gordone Eightie libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
Claymyrs & Rothemay John Gordone Fifteen hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £1550.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £3170.0.0
Aberchirder parish
Knorkorth John Innes three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Auchendaran Alexander Willson three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Elrick Calvy Alexander Innes Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Ardmelly James Gordone One hundreth & sixty libs [Pounds] £160.0.0
Auchintoul Alexander Gordone Five hundreth & fiftynyn libs [Pounds] £559.0.0
Zeochry Mr James Gordons Airs Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Kinnaerdy David Gregory On thousand and thirty three libs [Pounds] £1033.0.0
Crombye Mr George Meldrum Six hundreth and ten libs £610.0.0
Corskie John Aberneathy One hundredth & thirty-three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
Cluny Robert Sanders One hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Corstoun Alexander Abercromby One hundreth & thirtythree libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £133.6.8
Tilliedown John Aberneathy Sixty six libs [Pounds] £66.0.0
Crannoh Sir George Gordone One hundredth & thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
Shank and Quarry James Aberneathy one hundredth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Torax Laird of Park Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
Pittendrich Lord Oliphant Four hundredth pounds £400.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £4894.12.0
Ordiewhill parish
Sir John Gordone of Park one thousand and seven hund [hundreth] libs [Pounds] £1700.0.0
Boyndy parish
[Paddockburn & Bankhead] burn On hundredth and fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Lord Boyne For himself and wadsetters two thousand one hundreth and eighty libs [Pounds] £2180.0.0
[Ratties] Lord Boyne Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Blairmade Two hundreth pounds £200.0.0
Baldavy James Ogilvy One hundreth Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Kirktoune William Ogilvies susses [successors] Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
[Kirktoune] Lord Boyne One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish yr [there] is £3220.0.0
Inverkeithny parish
Drachlawmill One hundredth thretty three libs six ss [shillings] eight d [pennies] £133.6.8
Kirktoune & Ballnoon David Cruikshank Four hundredth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Ard Four Lord Oliphant three hundredth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
Dowadger of Frendrought two hundredth sixty six libs [Pounds] 13ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £266.13.8
Auchingoul George Chrichtone One hundreth Fiffty three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £153.6.8
Downies One hundredth and thirty three libs [Pounds] £133.0.0
Auchinhampers Two hundredth sixty six libs [Pounds] £266.0.0
Haddomill George Sincklair One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Over Tullos Alexander Leslie Sixty Six libs [Pounds] £66.0.0
Tulloss Johnstone off Craige three hundrethss thirty libs [Pounds] £330.0.0
Swa [Summa] off this parish thr [there] is £2198.6.8
Botryphny parish
The Fewars For Fewduties one hundredth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Drummuir For his whole lands Six hundredth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
Bellihack Alexander Duff two hundredth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
Westertoun James Andersone One thousand libs [Pounds] £1000.0.0
Towiebeg Adam Innes three hundredth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Badenfinich Walter Inness seventy pounds £70.0.0
Nicolas Dunbar £2320.0.0

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