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Approved of in a General Meeting of Freeholders, Justices of Peace, and Commissioners of Supply.
held upon the first day of October, 1822.

Oct. 1, 1822.
At the General Meeting of Freeholders, Justices of Peace, and Commissioners of Supply, held at Forfar, on the 30th day of April, 1822, a Committee was appointed "to consider and digest the Standing Orders of the County presently in force, and to suggest such further and additional Standing Orders for the proper conducting of the public business, as to them might appear expedient and proper." This Committee accordingly met; and having taken into consideration the business remitted to them, the following General Rules and Regulations were submitted to the General Meeting of this date, approved of and appointed to be observed as "STANDING ORDERS" of the County in time coming.

1st, That, along with every Petition praying for aid from the Bridge money, there shall be delivered in a state of particulars, mentioning the dimentions of the Bridge intended to be built or repaird, the quantity of work to be done, and an estimate of the expense; which estimate must be signed by a person or perons willing to undertake the same; and no Petition shall be received by the General Meeting unless such state and estimate be annexed to it.
2d, That all Petitions so received by the General Meeting of the thirtieth of April, shall be referred to a Committee to consider the merits of the same, and to report their opinion to the General Meeting of the Justices of Peace and Commissioners of Supply, held on the same day with the Michaelmas Head Court, who shall finally fix the allocation of the Bridge money for the then current year.
3d, That the money so allocated shall not on any pretence whatever be paid till the work, for which it was granted, be executed; and that, therefore, the Clerk of the Meeting be instructed to grant no warrant for any part of the Bridge money so allocated, till he receive a proper certificate that the work is executed, and the money actually expended.
4th, That it be an instruction to the Committee not to recommend for public aid any new Bridge, the estimated expense of building which shall not exceed Fifteen Pounds Sterling; and not to grant a larger proportion than half the estimated expense for building any new Bridge whatever.
5th, That a Balance of Bridge money of not less than Twenty Pounds Sterling, be left every year unappropriated, in the hands of the Collector, to answer any sudden demands for the repair of any County Bridge (not being upon a Turnpike road) which may receive accidental damage; and for such purposes the Collector shall be directed to issue any sum not exceeding Five Pounds Sterling, on the order of any two Commissioners of Supply, provided
always that the said order be accompanied with a certificate mentioning the nature of the accident that has happened, and the sum laid out in repairing the damage.
RESOLUTIONS OF General Meeting, - -- May 1, 1815.
1st, That in time coming, when application is made for aid from the County Bridge money, such application shall be accompanied (agreeably to the present practice) with a plan and specification of the work, whether for new Bridges, or for repair of Bridges at present existing, and in the case of new Bridges, with production also of a subscription paper for payment of one half of the whole expense, - the remaining half only being claimable from the public.
2d, After the particular Committee appointed by the County, and also the General Meeting, approve of the application, and of the plan, specifications, and estimate, and previous to contracting for or commencing the work, the General Clerk on Bridges shall, after consulting with the person or persons so applying, or their agent, enter an advertisment in two of the Newspapers published in the County, specifying the work to be performed, inviting Contractors to inspect the place, plan, and specification, and deliver to the General Clerk upon Roads and Bridges (Within a time to be limited) an estimate, mentioning the sum for which they will undertake to execute the building, or repairs, in a substantial and workmanlike manner, and to find caution for performance; - which estimate and offer or the estimates and offers that they may be so lodged, the Clerk shall transmit to the Preses of the particular Committee originally appointed by a General Meeting of the County, that the person or persons who petitioned may, with a quorum of the said particular Committee, enter into the Contract with an undertaker, on the most economical terms consistently with having the work well and substantially executed, - the expense of which advertisment shall be paid for by the County.
General Meeting, April 30, 1822.
It was moved by Mr A. M. Guthrie, and seconded by Mr Lyon, that it be henceforth a Standing Order of this County, that all Petitions, and Reports on Petitions, craving aid from the Bridge money, be lodged in the hands of the Clerk twenty-four hours before the day of the meeting of the General Committee upon Bridges; and that no such Petition or Report, lodged after that time, shall be received, - which was unanimously agreed to, and the Meeting resolve accordingly.


RESOLVED in General Meeting, - -- June 13, 181[5]
1st, That the Committees upon all and each of the turnpike trusts in this County, are hereby enjoined to keep regular books, containing an exact account of the monies received and the application thereof, with all their other proceedings, as directed in the section at the bottom of
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