Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Earl of Strathmore, £133.6.8 Pitpointy, Peter Bell, Esq. £133.6.8
Powrie, £120.0.0 Ballutheron, David Millar, Esq. £120.0.0*
Tealing, £1133.6.8 Tealing and Finlarg, In the Cess Book for the year 1749, the Lands of Netherton of Finlarg are separately entered as under, and have ever since continued to be so:
Netherton of Finlarg, William Kerr, £100.0.0
In the Cess Book for the year 1756. the Lands of Overtown of Finlarg are separately entered as under, and continued to be so for many years, until repurchased by the proprietor of Tealing:
Overton of Finlarg, Miss Scrymsoure, £48.0.0
By Decree of Division, sated 30 Apr 1766, the remaining cumulo of £985.6.8 was divided thus:
Lands of Kirkton, Balneuth, and Priestown, disponed to Captain John Scrymsoure, Miss Scrymsoure, £429.8.0
Remainder of the Estate, Miss Scrymsoure, £555.18.5
[total] £1133.6.8
Claverhouse, £500.0.0 Lord Douglas' Lands, Lord Douglas, £500.0.0
£1886.134 £1886.13.4
*By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1822, the valued rent of the Lands of Ballutheron is divided as follows, viz.:
That part of the said Lands, disponed by Mr Millar to Mr Hood, Mr Hood, £80.0.0
That part of said Lands still retained by Mr Millar, David Millar, Esq. £40.0.0
[total] £120.0.0

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At FORFAR, the second day of October, eighteen hundred and twenty-one years, [2 Oct 1821]
In a General Meeting of COMMISSIONERS of SUPPLY of the County of Forfar,
THIS Book, containing the particulars of the Valued Rents of the several Lands within the Shire of Forfar, was this day laid before the General Meeting of the Commissioners of Supply, by the Committee formerly appointed for revising and correcting the Valuation Roll of the County; and the same having been considered by the General Meeting, they approve thereof, and ordain it to be the rule for levying the Land Tax and other public burdens in time coming, and authorise the Preses of the Meeting to authenticate the Book by his subscription at the end of the entry of each Parish, and appoint the same to remain in the hands of the Clerk of Supply, and all future Divisions of Valued Rent to be inserted therein as they occur.
The Meeting farther appoint a Duplicate of this Book to be made and authenticated in the same manner, and thereafter lodged with the Collector of Supply; the future Divisions to be also inserted by him in said Duplicate.

Forfar 25th June 1823 We hereby certify that what is contained on the seventy eight preceding pages of this book is a true copy of the Valuation Roll of the County of Forfar in our hands as approved of by a general Meeting of the Commissioners of supply of the said County held at Forfar the 2d October 1821
David Jobson Collector of Cess
Andrew Robertson Clerk of Supply

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