Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £2373.6.8 £1724.13.2 £623.6.8
4. Feu duties, payable to the Earl of Strathmore, from the lands of Baikie, Drumdairn, and Carlingwell, £25.6.10 Subdivided thus, - (See Cess Book for the year 1796)
Two-thirds of said feu duties sold to Mr Lyall of West Carcery, (Baikie) Robert Lyall, Esq. £16.17.11
One-third of said feu duties sold to Mr Blair of Cookston, (Carlingwell) David Blair, Esq. £8.8.11
Mr Thomas Wilson, £333.6.8 Baikie and Carlingwell. This Cumulo appears to have been divided previous to the year 1748 (the date of the oldest Cess Book extant.) In that Cess Book and in all subsequent ones, the lands are entered as under: £1750.0.0
Baikie, G. Gourlay, Esq. £222.4.6
Carlingwell, James Clayhills, Esq. £111.2.2
[total] £333.6.8
Bamf, for Grange of Airly, £120.0.0 Grange of Airly, James Ogilvy, Esq. £120.0.0
Auchindorie, £100.0.0 Auchindorie, Earl of Airly, £100.0.0
Earl of Airly, £383.6.8 Barony of Airly, Earl of Airly, £383.6.8
£3310.0.0 £3310.0.0
Earl of Panmure, £2300.0.0 Panmure and Kelly.
Kelly, £1966.13.4 By Decree of Division, dated in the year 1767, the Lands and Estate of Kelly, comprehending the Barony of Kelly and Tenandry of Cuthly; which in said Decree are stated at the Cumulo valuation of £3566.13.4 Scots, are divided thus:
1. Mains of Kelly, Phalais, and Hunter's Path, disponed to William Alison Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £444.17.0
2. Fairnieknow, Peasiehill, Newton of Arbirlot, and Blindwalls, disponed to James Carnegy, Honourable William Maule, £434.6.3
3. Upper and Wester Balmilnmuir, Bonnyton Lyn, Greenford, Rottenraw, and Garro, disponed to John Bell, Honourable William Maule, £486.15.8
4. Balcathie, Painstown, Mill of Wormyhill, and Mill-lands, Little Kelly, otherwise Nether Kelly, lands of Durie, possessed by Alexander Stewart, and Park of Kelly, possessed by James Fauld, disponed to James Butchart, Honourable William Maule, £475.7.6
Carried over, £4266.13.4 £1841.6.5
Brought forward, £4266.13.4 £1841.6.5
5.Milhill, Benhards, Mill and Mill-lands of Kelly, disponed to David Wallace, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £404.2.11
6. Nether Balmilnmuir, Easter Knox, and Wester Knox, disponed to William Robertson, Honourable William Maule, £423.17.6
7. Crudie, comprehending the Cotton; with Crudie Meadow and Acres, and the Lands of Broomhill, disponed to Colin Campbell, Honourable William Maule, £430.1.9
8. Lands of Arbirlot, Mill and Mill-lands thereof, Lands of Cuthly, Denhead, and Cartford, disponed to John Kerr, Honourable William Maule, £467.4.9
[total] £3566.13.4
N.B. - Previous to the date of the above decree, the Barony of Kelly and Tenandry of Cuthly has been separated in the Cess Books from the remaining Lands in the parish. There is no evidence that this separation was made by a decree fo the Commissioners: on the contrary, the Cess Books are appealed to in the above Division as fixing the valued rent of Kelly and Cuthly at the above cumulo of £3566.13.4 - The remaining Lands in the parish fall therefore to be stated at £700.0.0 and they are so stated in the Cess Book for the year 1758. Inde. Honourable William Maule, £700.0.0
£4266.13.4 £4266.13.4
Blacklounans in haill, £478.0.0 Blacklunans, Divided, per decree, 10th September, 1796. Colrich, alias Coldrach, including Croyan, John Spalding, £63.14.6
Borland and Ward, Peter McKenzie, £63.14.6
Drumour, formerly part of Whitehouse, John Webster, £31.17.3
Remainder of Whitehouse and Down, James Cameron, £31.17.3
Westerton of Blacklunans, Mill and Mill-lands of Milton of Blacklunans, and Lands of Drumfork, J. P. Shaw, £286.16.6
[total] £478.0.0
£478.0.0 £478.0.0

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