Parish Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No 7 Benvie Liff Logie & Invergowrie Parishes Scots
Lord Viscount Duncan Lundie £1150.0.0
Lord Gray Benvie £1093.14.11
James Clayhills Esq Invergowrie £980.0.0
Mr Constable Liff £40.0.0
James Waddle Liff £15.0.0
Mr Wedderburn 3/4 of Bullion £150.0.0
James Mill Esq 1/4 of Bullion £50.0.0
Mr Baillie Balrudery £426.5.1
Lord Gray Fews £500.0.0
Mr Wedderburn Gourdie £233.6.8
Fletcher Reid Esq Logie £316.13.4
David Hunter Esq Blackness £1237.10.0
David Anderson Esq Balgay £666.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £6859.3.4
No. 8 Brechine Parish
The Honble [Honourable] William Maule His Lands £1621.14.7
Mr Spence Bothers & Bearhill £233.6.8
Mr Speid's Representatives Ardovie £166.13.4
James Carnegie Arbuthnot Esq Findourie £382.10.8
Sir David Carnegie Bart [Baronet] His Lands £3002.11.6
Patrick Chalmers Esq Auldbar £564.6.8
George Skine Esq Easter Craigend £33.6.8
Mr Cruickshank Bowie Esq Keithock £333.6.8
George Skine Esq Balnabriech £500.0.0
David Blair Esq Cookston £300.0.0
Charles Hay Esq Pitforthie £333.6.8
Alexander Turner Kintrocket etc £110.10.8
David Hunter Esq Eskmount £277.5.10
Bishopricks lands £400.0.0
Mr John Smith His Lands £22.18.0
James Smith His lands £94.17.3
James Watson & Alexander Greig Their lands £89.16.0
Alexadner Mitchell His lands £36.3.0
John Fife His lands £13.7.0
John Aitkenhead His lands £31.1.0
James Smith Carter His lands £7.15.0
John Symmons His lands £13.8.0
John Robert His lands £8.17.0
Mr Gillies Little Keithock £8.6.8
Fewers in Tenements Caldham £186.15.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £8772.4.2

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