Land tax rolls for Aberdeenshire, volume 02

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E106/2/2/1 1 Parish of Tarland
E106/2/2/1 Laird of Drum £966.13.4
E106/2/2/1 Farquharsone of Westoune £250.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Gordon of Kincragie £233.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Willium Forbes of Skellater £246.10.2
E106/2/2/1 George Forbes of Skellater £92.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Andersone of candacraig £18.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Summa is £1806.3.6
E106/2/2/1 2 Parish of Logiemarr
E106/2/2/1 Laird of Drum £500.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Tilliechowdie £420.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Blelach £290.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Summa is £1210.0.0
E106/2/2/1 3 Parish of Migvie
E106/2/2/1 Lord Elphinstone £300.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Francis Farquharsone of Wester migvie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Blelach £215.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Alexander Forbes of Easter migvie £220.0.0
E106/2/2/1 John Andersone Threttie three punds Sex Shilling eight pennies £33.6.8
E106/2/2/1 Robert Reid £34.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Earle of Marr for few dutie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/1 william Forbes £27.0.0
E106/2/2/1 Summa is £1229.6.8
E106/2/2/1 The Valuatione of the haill Lands teinds and [others real rent] within the Shyre of Aberdeen As the samen was Setled [condescendit] and agreed upon by the Comissioners appointed for that [effect] the moneth of October jajvj [16] & threescore fourtein years 1674 1 Presbitrie of Kincarcarden [Signed] George Paton John Paton [Page 1]
E106/2/2/1 L.s.d. for pounds, shillings and pence, the letters being taken from the Latin librae, solidi and denarii.
E106/2/2/2 4 Parish of Coldstone
E106/2/2/2 Laird of Boynlie £1250.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Whithouse £136.6.8
E106/2/2/2 Mr William Dowglass £100.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Laird of Skene £60.0.0
E106/2/2/2 George Andersone £26.13.4
E106/2/2/2 Summa is £1573.0.0
E106/2/2/2 5 Parish of Coull
E106/2/2/2 Earle of Aboyne £288.6.8
E106/2/2/2 Laird of Drum £812.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Laird of Corss £432.4.6
E106/2/2/2 Summa £1532.11.2
E106/2/2/2 6 Parish of Aboyne
E106/2/2/2 Earle of of Aboyne £800.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Tilliechondie £237.11.0
E106/2/2/2 Laird of Auchinhove £100.4.6
E106/2/2/2 John Farquharsone of Kirktone £75.0.0
E106/2/2/2 John Gordon of Dilwhing £66.13.4
E106/2/2/2 John Midletone £10.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Finzian £100.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Balnacraig £133.6.8
E106/2/2/2 Aires of James Wight £40.0.0
E106/2/2/2 Summa is £1562.15.6
E106/2/2/2 [Page] 2/ 1 Presbitrie of Kincardine [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/2 Dilwhing is the modern Dalwhing.
E106/2/2/3 7 Parish of Birss
E106/2/2/3 Finzian £508.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Jean Strachan of Migstrath £300.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Donald Farquharsone of Kirkstanie £189.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Donald Farquharsone of Balfour £90.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Alexander Ross of Birsbeg £140.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Walter Gordon of Birsmoir £153.19.0
E106/2/2/3 Drumniachie £110.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Andro Malcome £26.13.4
E106/2/2/3 Jean Ross £26.13.4
E106/2/2/3 Jean Smith £26.13.4
E106/2/2/3 Andro Turner £26.13.4
E106/2/2/3 Alexander Ross elder of Tillisnaught £100.5.4
E106/2/2/3 Alexander Ross younger of Tillisnaught £200.10.8
E106/2/2/3 John and Alexander Andersones £60.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Auchaballa £66.13.4
E106/2/2/3 Robert Stewart of Inverchat £115.0.0
E106/2/2/3 John Garden of Tilliefroskie £150.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Donald Farquharsone Tilliegarmont £140.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Relict of Mr John Ross of Easter Clune £250.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Alexander Ross of wester Clune £140.0.0
E106/2/2/3 John Strachan for Whyte Stone £50.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Glencat £60.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Balfodie £88.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Mariewell £88.0.0
E106/2/2/3 Aires of James Wright for Torwhyndlachie £33.6.8
E106/2/2/3 Summa is £3139.8.4
E106/2/2/3 Presbitrie of Kincardine [Page] 3/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/3 Torwhyndlachie is the modern Torquhandallochy, in the parish of Birse.
E106/2/2/4 8 Parish of Kincardine
E106/2/2/4 John Gordon £90.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Laird of Auchlossen £130.0.0
E106/2/2/4 [And] for Cowcairdie £116.13.4
E106/2/2/4 John Strachan elder of Kirktoune £280.0.0
E106/2/2/4 John Strachan younger £66.13.4
E106/2/2/4 Janet Skene of Sluwie £60.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Andro Burnet of Craigour £170.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Sir Alexander Fraser of Durris for mid bealtie & Craigtoune £400.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Lord Forbes for Lands and mercat £500.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Patrick Irvine of Easter bealtie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Elspet Forbes of Wester Bealtie £224.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Alexander Burnet of Camphell £100.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Adam Gordon there £153.6.8
E106/2/2/4 Mr Alexander Irvine of Lernie £225.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Laird of Craigmyll £450.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Laird of Leyes £410.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Summa is £3675.13.4
E106/2/2/4 9 Parish of Lumphanane
E106/2/2/4 The Laird of Auchlossen £490.0.0
E106/2/2/4 The Laird of Auchinhove £808.13.4
E106/2/2/4 John Chalmer of Balnacraig £100.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Thomas Farquharsone of Colliestone £100.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Patrick Irvine of Easter bealtie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Finlergie £66.13.4
E106/2/2/4 William Forbes of Camphill £100.0.0
E106/2/2/4 And [William Forbes] for Kintocher £136.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Hugh Ross of Cloack £130.0.0
E106/2/2/4 George Adam £35.0.0
E106/2/2/4 Summa is £2066.6.8
E106/2/2/4 Presbitrie of Kincardine [Page] 4/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/5 10 Parish of Kindroucht
E106/2/2/5 Inverey £199.7.4
E106/2/2/5 John McCrurie of Dalmoir £140.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Alanachoich £140.0.0
E106/2/2/5 The Laird of Invercald £333.6.8
E106/2/2/5 John Grewer younger £20.18.0
E106/2/2/5 Cambusnakeist £70.13.4
E106/2/2/5 Earle of Marr for few dutie and Lands £500.0.0
E106/2/2/5 John Grewer elder £20.18.0
E106/2/2/5 Lodvick Farqrsone of Auchindryne £150.0.0
E106/2/2/5 John Erskine £40.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Summa is £1615.3.4
E106/2/2/5 11 Parish of Glengairden
E106/2/2/5 Earle of Aboyne £226.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Arthure Taws £100.0.0
E106/2/2/5 The Laird of Abergeldie £140.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Alexander Gordon £103.6.8
E106/2/2/5 Relict of Mr Alexander Gordon £110.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Malcome Mcgregor £80.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Grigor Mackgrigor Eightie punds £80.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Thomas Mcgrigor £66.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Thomas and James Keirs £80.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Summa is £985.6.8
E106/2/2/5 12 Parish of Crathie
E106/2/2/5 Laird of Invercald £230.13.4
E106/2/2/5 Charles Farqrsone [Farquharsone] of Monaltrie £220.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Relict of William Farqrsone [Farquharsone] of Inverey £188.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Donald Donaldsone £24.0.0
E106/2/2/5 John Mcgillivie £20.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Laird of Abergeldie £600.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Findlay Mchardy & his brot [brother] Edward Mchardie elder and John Mchardie of Crathie £280.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Donald Symond William Farqrsone [Farquharsone] James Stewart and James Symond heritors of Lawsie £280.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Lodvick Farquharsone for Tullochoie £90.0.0
E106/2/2/5 Summa is £1932.13.4
E106/2/2/5 Presbitrie of Kincardine [Page] 5/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/6 13 parish of Tullich
E106/2/2/6 Donald Farqrsone [Farquharsone] Minor £110.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Inverey £430.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Mr Robert Cowts £86.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Patrick Moir John McWilliam and Duncan Cowts £48.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Patrick Og £40.13.4
E106/2/2/6 John Erskine of Wester Migras £155.0.0
E106/2/2/6 John Erskine in Casteltoune £66.13.4
E106/2/2/6 John Morgun £55.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Earle of Aboyne £262.0.0
E106/2/2/6 John Smith for haugh £24.3.4
E106/2/2/6 Summa is £1277.10.0
E106/2/2/6 14 parish of Glenmuick
E106/2/2/6 Earle of Aboyne £120.10.0
E106/2/2/6 Donald Farqrsone [Farquharsone] minor relict Mr James Farqrsone [Farquharsoe] and Collonell Gourdons Lands £171.10.0
E106/2/2/6 Brachlay for Lands £300.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Laird of Abergeldie £430.0.0
E106/2/2/6 William Fraser of Craigtoune £100.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Summa is £1122.0.0
E106/2/2/6 15 parish of Glentaner
E106/2/2/6 Earle of Aboyne £123.0.0
E106/2/2/6 William Gairden of Bellamoir £93.10.0
E106/2/2/6 Lodvick Gairden £34.10.0
E106/2/2/6 Thomas Midletone £21.10.0
E106/2/2/6 James Midletone £33.13.4
E106/2/2/6 Relict of Mr James Farqrsone [Farquharsone] £86.10.0
E106/2/2/6 Margaret Blackhall for Tillicairdine £50.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Summa is £442.13.4
E106/2/2/6 16 parish of Kinernie
E106/2/2/6 Ballogie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Alexander Lumsden of Cairnday £210.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Lord Fraser £260.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Cursindae younger £200.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Relict of Arthure Forbes and William Forbes For Auchorrie £150.0.0
E106/2/2/6 Summa is £1120.0.0
E106/2/2/6 [Page] 6/ Presbitrie of Kincardine [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/7 17 parish of Midmarr
E106/2/2/7 Ballogie £960.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Laird of Cluney for Litle Sauchen £65.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Laird of Corsindae £712.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Summa is £1737.0.0
E106/2/2/7 18 parish of Eight
E106/2/2/7 Laird of Eight £1178.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Robert Skene £89.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Barbara Ædie £21.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Ares of George Ædie £42.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Laird of Drum £575.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Alexander Harper £160.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Thomas Forbes of Knockuquharne and his wodsett of Finersie £250.15.0
E106/2/2/7 Relict of John Sandilands £49.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Summa is £2364.15.0
E106/2/2/7 19 parish of Cluny
E106/2/2/7 Laird of Cluney £633.6.8
E106/2/2/7 Lord Fraser £560.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Ladie Cursindae younger £53.6.8
E106/2/2/7 Lord Forbes £26.13.4
E106/2/2/7 James Ross £280.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Thomas Burnet of Sauchen £310.0.0
E106/2/2/7 Summa is £1863.6.8
E106/2/2/7 .
E106/2/2/7 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Kincardine is Thirtie Two Thousand Two Hundreth fyftie fyve pund thirteen shilling and six pennies £32255.13.6
E106/2/2/7 [Page] 7/ Presbitrie of Kincardine [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/8 1 parish of Leslie
E106/2/2/8 Laird of Leslie £833.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Mr James Leith £200.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Whithaugh £533.6.8
E106/2/2/8 Summa is £1566.6.8
E106/2/2/8 2 parish of Premnay
E106/2/2/8 Laird of Leslie £666.13.4
E106/2/2/8 George Gordon of Rothnie two hundreth sextie sex pund 13 ss [shillings] 4 d [pence] £266.13.4
E106/2/2/8 John Moir of Barnes £366.13.4
E106/2/2/8 Mr George Leith £100.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Overhall and Ederlick £478.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Summa is £1878.0.0
E106/2/2/8 3 parish of Inch
E106/2/2/8 Earle of Marr £304.0.0
E106/2/2/8 David Tyrie for Duniedeir £333.6.8
E106/2/2/8 George Leith of Threefeild £116.13.4
E106/2/2/8 Laird of Wardhouss £160.0.0
E106/2/2/8 John Logie of Boddome £200.0.0
E106/2/2/8 William Logie Threttie Sex punds ten shilling £36.10.0
E106/2/2/8 Nether Boddom £114.10.0
E106/2/2/8 John Ross of Drumrossie £200.0.0
E106/2/2/8 George Gordon of Rothnie £36.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Mr Alexander Ross minister at Monymusk £247.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Mr Alexander Forbes For Large and meikle wardess £354.0.0
E106/2/2/8 Johnsleyes £66.13.4
E106/2/2/8 Summa is £2168.13.4
E106/2/2/8 Presbitrie of Garioch [Page] 8/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/9 4 parish of Culsalmond
E106/2/2/9 Laird of Newtone £1800.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Wranghame £300.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Summa is £2100.0.0
E106/2/2/9 5 parish of Rayne
E106/2/2/9 Threefeild elder & younger £266.13.4
E106/2/2/9 Mr Andro Logie £70.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Aires of John Leslie £70.0.0
E106/2/2/9 John Gareoch £70.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Mr Alexander Irvine of Kirktoune £200.0.0
E106/2/2/9 George Keith £300.0.0
E106/2/2/9 John Gordon of Rothmes £140.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Mr William Strachan £175.0.0
E106/2/2/9 George Pittendreigh £105.0.0
E106/2/2/9 James Leslie of Litlewarthill £140.6.8
E106/2/2/9 James Leslie for Cuterstan £74.13.4
E106/2/2/9 Elphinstone of Warthill £290.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Mr Alexander Midletone £140.0.0
E106/2/2/9 William Leith of Old Rain £448.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Blackfoord £45.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Summais [Summa is] £2543.13.4
E106/2/2/9 6 parish of Bethelnie
E106/2/2/9 Laird of Meldrum £1800.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Meldrum of Auchinerve Fiftie punds £50.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Summa is £1850.0.0
E106/2/2/9 Presbitrie of Garioch [Page] 9/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/10 7 parish of Oyne
E106/2/2/10 Earle of Marr £166.13.4
E106/2/2/10 Laird of Elsick £400.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Sr [Sir] Lodvick Gordon £333.6.8
E106/2/2/10 Laird of Pitodrie for fairbogs and Craigwalls £33.6.8
E106/2/2/10 Mr James Horne £400.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Aires of John Smith £60.0.0
E106/2/2/10 James Leslie £133.6.8
E106/2/2/10 John Leslie of Auchquhorsk £40.0.0
E106/2/2/10 John Leith of New Lands £310.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Harthill £200.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Patrick Leith £40.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Old Harthill £75.0.0
E106/2/2/10 William Farqr [Farquhar] £20.0.0
E106/2/2/10 James Smith £89.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Summa is £2300.13.4
E106/2/2/10 8 parish of Daviot
E106/2/2/10 Robert Burnet of Lethintie £320.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Aires of James Byset £600.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Fingask £300.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Patrick Farquhar of Mowney £900.0.0
E106/2/2/10 James Elphinstone of Glack £150.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Summa is £2270.0.0
E106/2/2/10 Presbitrie of Garioch [page] 10/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/11 9 parish of Logiedurno
E106/2/2/11 Laird of Pittodrie £700.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Earle of Mar for few duties £200.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Laird of Balquhyne £333.6.8
E106/2/2/11 Leslie of Tullous £133.6.8
E106/2/2/11 Sr [Sir] Lodvick Gordon £670.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Laird of Feterneir £400.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Laird of Lethntie [Lethintie] £433.6.8
E106/2/2/11 Robert Skene for Milntoune £133.6.8
E106/2/2/11 Aires of John Smith £400.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Laird of Pit caple £300.0.0
E106/2/2/11 John Gordon of Bracco £55.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Alexander Gallie of Logie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/11 John Leslie of Auchquhorsk £40.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Ladie Auchquorsk £133.6.8
E106/2/2/11 Blairduff £80.0.0
E106/2/2/11 George Scott £48.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Alexander Andersone £24.0.0
E106/2/2/11 William Davidsone £10.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Tilliehondie for Harlaw £158.0.0
E106/2/2/11 James Abercrombie £38.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Clark for Pitfurrie and Black inshes £110.0.0
E106/2/2/11 William Black Threttie four punds £34.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Summa is £4733.13.4
E106/2/2/11 10 Parish of Montkeigie
E106/2/2/11 Sir John Keith of Keith=hall £1600.0.0
E106/2/2/11 New place £90.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Summa is £1690.0.0
E106/2/2/11 Presbitrie of Garioch [Page] 11/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/11 "Few" in place of the somewhat more usual "feu."
E106/2/2/12 11 Parish of Bourtie
E106/2/2/12 Sir John Keith of Keithhall £160.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Mr John Reid of Barra £900.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Aires of John Andersone £400.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Patrick Ross of Colliehill £200.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Robert Simpsone of Thorntoune £120.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Alexander Simpsone £100.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Alexander Gordon of Pitgowrie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Aires of Blair & lyferentrix throf [thereof] £459.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Blackhouse £62.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £2501.0.0
E106/2/2/12 12 Parish of Kinkell
E106/2/2/12 Laird of Meldrum for Ardmurdo two hunder punds £200.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Robert Cruikshank £210.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Balbithan £750.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Laird of Tolquhone £666.13.4
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £1826.13.4
E106/2/2/12 13 Parish of Kemnay
E106/2/2/12 Sir John Keith £104.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Laird of Glenkindie £1500.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £1604.0.0
E106/2/2/12 14 Parish of Monymusk
E106/2/2/12 Laird of Monymusk £2436.0.0
E106/2/2/12 William Forbes of Tombeg £40.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £2476.0.0
E106/2/2/12 15 Parish of Kintoir
E106/2/2/12 Earle Marischall £270.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Sir John Keith £800.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £1070.0.0
E106/2/2/12 16 parish of Inverurie
E106/2/2/12 Sir John Keith £224.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Alexander Leslie for Auldtain £260.0.0
E106/2/2/12 William Grant of Conglass £204.0.0
E106/2/2/12 William Chalmer of Drimmies £124.0.0
E106/2/2/12 John Gordon of Bracco £100.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Midletone £100.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Blachall £100.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Ardtanyes [Ardtannes] £112.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Auquhorthies £110.0.0
E106/2/2/12 William Fergusone £200.0.0
E106/2/2/12 Summa is £1634.0.0
E106/2/2/12 [Page] 12/ Presbitrie of Garioch [signed] John Paton George paton
E106/2/2/13 Summa of the haill presbitrie of the Garioch is £34212.13.4
E106/2/2/13 1 parish of Alphord
E106/2/2/13 Laird of Balfluig £1233.6.8
E106/2/2/13 Alexander Gareoch of Litle endovie £415.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Forbes of Haughtone and William Ried £300.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Alexander Forbes of Auchintoull £108.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Laird of Balfluig portioner throf [thereof] £65.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Mr John Setoune portioner throf [thereof] £85.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Alexander Gareoch portioner ther £24.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Mr William Setone portioner there £95.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Bonar portioner £26.10.0
E106/2/2/13 John Mitchell £46.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Gareoch £140.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Mitchell £58.0.0
E106/2/2/13 John Keir £50.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Logie £50.0.0
E106/2/2/13 John Forbes of Asloune £200.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Forbes of Asloune £200.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Jean Forbes £30.16.0
E106/2/2/13 Summa is £3126.12.8
E106/2/2/13 2 parish of Touch
E106/2/2/13 Archibald Reid £150.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Patrick Leslie of Kincragie £165.0.0
E106/2/2/13 George Leslie of Kincragie £165.0.0
E106/2/2/13 George Wilsone for meikle Abercatie £80.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Patrick Farquhar of Tonley £590.14.0
E106/2/2/13 William Forbes of Camphill £310.0.0
E106/2/2/13 George Gordon of Ardgowes £50.0.0
E106/2/2/13 William Forbes of Tilliekierie £160.0.0
E106/2/2/13 Summa is £1670.14.0
E106/2/2/13 Presbitrie of Alphord [Page] 13/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/14 3 parish of Lochlell
E106/2/2/14 James Forbes of Fowells three hundr [hundreth] & Seventy punds £370.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Laird of Lenturk £360.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Laird of Craigievarr for the half of wester Fowells £666.13.4
E106/2/2/14 John Robertsone for the othr [other] half of wester Foulls £175.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Summa is £1571.13.4
E106/2/2/14 4 parish of Cushney
E106/2/2/14 George Gordon of Halhead £66.13.4
E106/2/2/14 Laird of Cushey [Cushney] £376.11.8
E106/2/2/14 Lairds of Cragievarr and Brue £380.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Summa is £923.5.0
E106/2/2/14 5 parish of Kearn
E106/2/2/14 Lord Forbes £500.0.0
E106/2/2/14 6 parish of Forbes
E106/2/2/14 Lord Forbes £666.13.4
E106/2/2/14 7 parish of Keig
E106/2/2/14 Lord Forbes £240.13.4
E106/2/2/14 Laird of Leslie £210.0.0
E106/2/2/14 George Willsone of Finzeuch £175.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Balgawne £140.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Pittendreigh £130.0.0
E106/2/2/14 Terpersie £370.0.0
E106/2/2/14 John Gellan £50.0.0
E106/2/2/14 James Farquhar of Tulloch for Tulloch and Litle Catie £259.18.0
E106/2/2/14 Summa is £1575.11.4
E106/2/2/14 Presbitrie of Alfoord [Page] 14/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/15 8 parish of Clatt
E106/2/2/15 Knockespack £225.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Tillieangus £120.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Beldornie £160.4.4
E106/2/2/15 Lord Forbes £180.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Arthure Dalgarno £220.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Henrie Gordon for Auchlyne and Newbigging & Kirktoun £480.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Summa is £1275.4.4
E106/2/2/15 9 parish of Tillienessell
E106/2/2/15 Laird of Eight £180.13.4
E106/2/2/15 Whithaugh £630.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Terpersie £200.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Summa is £1010.13.4
E106/2/2/15 10 parish of Kinethmont
E106/2/2/15 Mr James Leith of New Leslie £360.0.0
E106/2/2/15 John Gordon of Law £270.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Heugh Gordon of Kirkhill and mercat £133.6.8
E106/2/2/15 Patrick Gordon of Cults £134.0.0
E106/2/2/15 George Leith of Craighall £190.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Invercald £510.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Laird of Leslie £150.0.0
E106/2/2/15 New Leslie For Segieden £70.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Summa is £1817.13.4
E106/2/2/15 11 parish of Kildrimie
E106/2/2/15 Earl of Marr £563.13.4
E106/2/2/15 Laird of Brux £250.16.8
E106/2/2/15 Laird of Cushney £140.12.0
E106/2/2/15 Robert Reid £80.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Glenkindie for Chappell Ronald £16.0.0
E106/2/2/15 Summa £1051.15.4
E106/2/2/15 Presbitrie of Alfoord [Page] 15/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/16 12 parish of Auchindore
E106/2/2/16 Earle Marr for Auchmillan £70.6.8
E106/2/2/16 Lord Forbes £150.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Laird of Craig £720.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Laird of Lessmore £12.0.0
E106/2/2/16 George Ranald £60.4.8
E106/2/2/16 Terpersie £180.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Alexander Smith £60.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Aires of Robert Reid £70.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Summa is £1322.11.4
E106/2/2/16 13 parish of Glenbuicket
E106/2/2/16 Laird of Glenbuicket £740.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Patrick Gordon of Kirktoune £45.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Summa is £785.0.0
E106/2/2/16 14 parish of Cabrach
E106/2/2/16 Earle of Aboyne £162.12.6
E106/2/2/16 Laird of Park £150.14.6
E106/2/2/16 Terpersie £30.0.0
E106/2/2/16 Captain Leith £110.15.10
E106/2/2/16 Summa £454.2.10
E106/2/2/16 Presbitrie of Alfoord [Page] 16/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/17 15 parish of Kinbethack
E106/2/2/17 Earle of Marr £364.7.2
E106/2/2/17 Lord Elphinstone £125.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Laird of Cragievarr £260.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Laird of Glenkindie for Pitulie and Glencue £140.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Auchquherthies for Towie £250.0.0
E106/2/2/17 John Mchardie £160.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Alexander Innes of Maines of Towie £120.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Glenkindie for Over Towie £56.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Summa is £1475.7.2
E106/2/2/17 16 parish of Invernochtie
E106/2/2/17 Earle of Marr £384.9.0
E106/2/2/17 Laird of Glenkindie £420.0.0
E106/2/2/17 John Forbes of Buchan £90.0.0
E106/2/2/17 William Forbes of New £250.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Arthure Forbes of Culqwharie £130.17.8
E106/2/2/17 Alexander Forbes of Culquharie £132.15.4
E106/2/2/17 Inver nochtie £150.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Balnaboddach £50.2.0
E106/2/2/17 Mr Michaell Elphinstone £150.0.0
E106/2/2/17 William Forbes of Skellater £43.11.0
E106/2/2/17 George Forbes of Skellater £88.2.4
E106/2/2/17 Toldowhill [Tolduquhill] £74.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Robert Farqrsone £36.14.8
E106/2/2/17 Blelack £188.0.0
E106/2/2/17 John Forbes of Lidmacay £330.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Rober Moir £80.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Arthure Andersone of Candacraig £340.0.0
E106/2/2/17 Summa is £2939.1.6
E106/2/2/17 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Alfoord is Twentie Two Thousand ane Hundreth and sixtie fyve pund eighteein shill [shillings] and ten pennies £22165.18.10
E106/2/2/17 Presibitrie of Alfoord [Page] 17/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/18 1 Parish of Dumbenan
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £1610.0.0
E106/2/2/18 2 Parish of Kiñoir [Kinnoir]
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £1260.0.0
E106/2/2/18 3 4 Par: [Parishes] of Ruthven & Botarie
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £3160.17.0
E106/2/2/18 5 Parish of Gairtley
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £1040.18.1
E106/2/2/18 6 Parish of Drumdelgie
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £650.0.0
E106/2/2/18 7 8 Parishs of Rynie & Essie
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £1437.19.8
E106/2/2/18 Laird of Lessmoir £265.0.0
E106/2/2/18 Summa is £1702.19.8
E106/2/2/18 9 parish of Glass
E106/2/2/18 Marquess of Huntley £1800.0.0
E106/2/2/18 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Strathbogie is Eleven Thousand Two Hundreth and Twentie four pund eleven shill [shillings] and nyne pennies £11224.11.9
E106/2/2/18 [Page] 18/ Presbitrie of Strathbogie [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/19 1 parish of Fyvie
E106/2/2/19 Earle of Dumfermling £2000.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Tolquhon £429.16.0
E106/2/2/19 Lady Towie £150.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Gight £830.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Munkeshill £80.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Gight for Ard Logie £166.13.4
E106/2/2/19 James Leslie £155.12.0
E106/2/2/19 Duke Hamiltones feu duties £66.13.4
E106/2/2/19 Robert Smith and George Rait £155.12.0
E106/2/2/19 Portioners of Law £311.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Blackfoord £100.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Robert Seton fyftie pund £50.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Jackstoune £100.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Laird of Meldrum for the muires of Fyvie £350.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Chrichie £666.13.4
E106/2/2/19 Aires of Provost Gray £400.0.0
E106/2/2/19 William Raidt for Midaptes £83.6.8
E106/2/2/19 Milne of Rothie £50.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Summa is £6145.6.8
E106/2/2/19 2 parish of Drumblaitt
E106/2/2/19 Laird of Lessmoir £1200.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Laird of Lessendrum £950.0.0
E106/2/2/19 Camalegie £250.0.0
E106/2/2/19 [D]umoyes £333.6.8
E106/2/2/19 Cocklarachie £333.6.8
E106/2/2/19 Summa is £3066.13.4
E106/2/2/19 Presbitrie of Turreff [Page] 19/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/20 3 parish of Kingedward
E106/2/2/20 Aires of John Kinerd £166.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Braside £60.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Fornet for Montcoffer £420.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Bomad £366.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Byth £400.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Aires of provost Leslie £400.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Castletoune £100.0.0
E106/2/2/20 John Meldrum of Foulside £50.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Blacktoune £166.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Craigstoune £400.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Strocherie £70.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Mr James Park £233.6.8
E106/2/2/20 Walkerhill £66.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Sir Henrie Guthrie for Kinedward & the rest of [h]is Lands there £833.6.8
E106/2/2/20 Tolquhon for Gairnistoune and Balcorss £366.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Summa is £4099.6.8
E106/2/2/20 4 parish of Turreff
E106/2/2/20 Earle of Erroll £400.0.0
E106/2/2/20 George Hay of Delgatie £466.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Doctor Hay £442.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Sir Henrie Guthrie £133.6.8
E106/2/2/20 Alexander Leslie of Tullous £222.4.6
E106/2/2/20 Idoch £60.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Laird of Muiresk £400.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Balquhollie £833.6.8
E106/2/2/20 Mr Alexander Leask Eightie eight punds fyve shilling £88.5.0
E106/2/2/20 Walter Reid £60.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Woodend £53.6.8
E106/2/2/20 John Ross £66.13.4
E106/2/2/20 Ladie Towie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Tolquhone for Fintry £333.6.8
E106/2/2/20 Mr William Rires for Gask £300.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Lathers £800.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Balmelie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Feuars of the toune of Turreff for there ruds [ruids] £100.0.0
E106/2/2/20 Summa is £5159.2.10
E106/2/2/20 Presbitrie of Turreff [Page] 20/ [signed] John Paton George paton
E106/2/2/21 5 parish of Montquhyter
E106/2/2/21 William Cuming of Auchry £733.6.8
E106/2/2/21 Mr Adam Broune £62.4.0
E106/2/2/21 Tolquhone for Litle Auchry £100.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Tolquhon for Litartie £166.13.4
E106/2/2/21 Thomas Grant £60.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Idoch in Montquhyter £180.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Alexander Bruce £40.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Alexander Shand for Greines £40.0.0
E106/2/2/21 William Bannerman £60.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Balquhollie £266.13.4
E106/2/2/21 Thomas Mowats wadsett £74.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Brounhill £55.11.2
E106/2/2/21 Hairmoss £66.13.4
E106/2/2/21 Keathen £40.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Greens and Allathers £300.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Aires of Walter Simpsone £30.0.0
E106/2/2/21 Summa is £2275.10.10
E106/2/2/21 Presbitrie of Turreff - [Page] 21/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/22 6 parish of Auchterless
E106/2/2/22 Laird of Hatton £666.13.4
E106/2/2/22 Lady Cocklerachie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/22 William White £120.0.0
E106/2/2/22 Badenscoth £587.19.8
E106/2/2/22 Laithers £233.6.8
E106/2/2/22 Blackfoord £133.6.8
E106/2/2/22 Rotmethes £60.0.0
E106/2/2/22 Patrick Gordon and Patrick Forbes £53.6.8
E106/2/2/22 James Leslie £26.13.4
E106/2/2/22 John Gordon of Law £155.12.0
E106/2/2/22 Templand £26.13.4
E106/2/2/22 Marquess of Huntley for Logie attoune & Mulettie £266.13.4
E106/2/2/22 Montlettie for Nether third £80.0.0
E106/2/2/22 John Ogilvie £40.0.0
E106/2/2/22 Ladie Towie £500.0.0
E106/2/2/22 Relict of Alexander Mitchell £36.13.4
E106/2/2/22 Baillie Duncan £40.0.0
E106/2/2/22 Relict of Mr Robert Thompsone £26.13.4
E106/2/2/22 Summa is £3153.6.8
E106/2/2/22 Presbitrie of Turreff [Page] 22/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/23 7 Parish of Forgue
E106/2/2/23 George Moriesone of Bognie £666.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Couland £200.0.0
E106/2/2/23 Comistie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/23 Walter Leslie for the airs of Doctor Douglass £266.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Corniehaugh £88.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Glenmellen £66.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Bogfawtoune £88.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Auchintender £66.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Airs of Thomas Cushney £350.0.0
E106/2/2/23 John Watt £83.6.8
E106/2/2/23 James Davidson for pardarg £140.6.8
E106/2/2/23 Robert Spence £152.0.0
E106/2/2/23 James Wishart £80.0.0
E106/2/2/23 Lord Newbyth £100.0.0
E106/2/2/23 John Hamiltone of Cowbardie £666.13.4
E106/2/2/23 Lord Frendraught and David Gregorie £666.13.4
E106/2/2/23 James Gordon £100.0.0
E106/2/2/23 Aires of Mr Andro Massie £53.6.8
E106/2/2/23 Summa is £3936.6.8
E106/2/2/23 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Turreff is Twentie Seven Thousand Eight Hundreth thirtie fyve pund thirteen shill [shillings] and eight pennies £27835.13.8
E106/2/2/23 [Page] 23/ Presbitrie of Turreff [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/24 1 parish of Peterhead
E106/2/2/24 Earle Marischall £1762.5.0
E106/2/2/24 Laird of Ludquharn £1200.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Meikle Cocklay £800.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Kinemundy £150.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Clarkhill £200.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Dunihills £133.6.8
E106/2/2/24 George Gavine £80.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Mr George Bannerman for Litle Cocklay £200.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Summa is £4525.11.8
E106/2/2/24 2 parish of Lonsyd
E106/2/2/24 Earle of Marischall £1572.11.0
E106/2/2/24 Mr Roger Patoun £60.0.0
E106/2/2/24 William Smith £60.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Thomas Cargill £466.13.4
E106/2/2/24 Lord Pitsligo £600.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Fraser of Kinmundy for himself Invervedie and John Fraser £500.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Thoundertoune £133.6.8
E106/2/2/24 Aslowne for his Ladie conjunct feu Lands of Faichfeild £300.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Mr William Thompsone for the remanent of the sds [saids] Lands £300.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Caringall £400.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Mr James Gordon of Buthley £200.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Summa is £4592.11.0
E106/2/2/24 3 parish of Streichen
E106/2/2/24 Earle Marischall £125.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Laird of Streichen £1700.0.0
E106/2/2/24 William Knox £50.0.0
E106/2/2/24 Summa is £1875.0.0
E106/2/2/24 [Page] 24/ Presbitrie of Deer [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/25 4 parish of Reathen
E106/2/2/25 Earle of Marischall £380.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Lord Fraser for his owne and the conjunct feu Land £1400.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Laird of Inveralochie £600.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Lord Saltoune for him self and Auchirrs £1000.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Jaffry of Carthies £30.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Salterhills £60.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Summa is £3520.0.0
E106/2/2/25 5 parish of Deer
E106/2/2/25 Earle of Marischall £1693.10.0
E106/2/2/25 Collonell Fullartone £700.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Laird Straloch £800.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Lands of Pitfour £600.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Lands of Knock £200.0.0
E106/2/2/25 [L]itle Creichie £133.6.8
E106/2/2/25 Laird of Ludquharne £300.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Alexander Dalgarno £150.0.0
E106/2/2/25 George Rankine & Thomas Forbes £150.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Gilbert Keith of Creichie £133.6.8
E106/2/2/25 Alexander Keith £24.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Mr Nathaniell Martine £40.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Airs of John Ross £67.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Lands of Clachriach £450.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Alexander Strachan of meikle Creichie £153.6.8
E106/2/2/25 Patrick Strachan of Annachie £200.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Alexander Elphinstone of Warthill £300.0.0
E106/2/2/25 Earle Marischall for viccardge [vicarage] £300.0.0
E106/2/2/25 John Walker £33.6.8
E106/2/2/25 Summa is £6427.16.8
E106/2/2/25 Presbitrie of Deer [Page] 25/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/26 6 parish of Lonmay
E106/2/2/26 Earle of Erroll £533.6.8
E106/2/2/26 Laird of Inveralochie £400.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Fedderat £1000.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Muriefauld £666.13.4
E106/2/2/26 Doctor Gordon £216.13.4
E106/2/2/26 William Hay of Cairnlob £100.0.0
E106/2/2/26 George Forbes £133.6.8
E106/2/2/26 Jean Ogstoune £52.18.8
E106/2/2/26 Mr George Anderson £52.18.8
E106/2/2/26 George Wilsone £24.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Peter Ramsay £65.12.0
E106/2/2/26 Arthure Dalgarno £65.12.0
E106/2/2/26 Bilbo £56.10.2
E106/2/2/26 Summa £3367.11.4
E106/2/2/26 7 parish of Tyrie
E106/2/2/26 Lord Pitsligo £700.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Boynly Boynlie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Alexander Fraser of wester Tyrie £360.0.0
E106/2/2/26 John Lindsay of easter Tyrie £310.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Laird of Fedderet £60.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Summa £1530.0.0
E106/2/2/26 8 parish of Aberdour
E106/2/2/26 Lord Pitsligo £950.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Laird of Auchmedden £666.13.4
E106/2/2/26 Pitnacaddell £80.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Kinmundy £266.13.4
E106/2/2/26 Summa £1963.6.8
E106/2/2/26 9 parish of Pitsligo
E106/2/2/26 Lord Pitsligo £1000.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Lord Saltoune £1000.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Boghead £100.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Wester Tyrie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Summa is £2400.0.0
E106/2/2/26 Presbitrie of Deer [Page] 26/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/27 10 parish of Frasersburgh
E106/2/2/27 Lord Saltoune including Fingask £2200.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Wester Tyrie £400.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Techmuirie £400.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Suma [Summa] £3000.0.0
E106/2/2/27 11 parish of Crimond
E106/2/2/27 Brodland £333.6.8
E106/2/2/27 Airs of Alexander Watsone £30.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Seafield £80.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Blackwater £78.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Mr William Kiries £25.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Mr William Robertsone £80.0.0
E106/2/2/27 John Scott £8.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Alexander Hay of Bilbo £160.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Laird of Logie £400.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Mr Alexander Cuming £280.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Mr Alexander Hay Ane hundreth & nyne punds £109.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Mr William hay £181.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Alexander Dalgarno £150.0.0
E106/2/2/27 Watsone of Haddo £258.6.8
E106/2/2/27 Summa £2172.13.4
E106/2/2/27 Presbitrie of Deer [Page] 27/ It is provyded that the minister of Saltoune sall not legallie despoyne the Lands of Fingask from the parish of Pitsligo within the space of Seven years the half of the sds [saids] Lands of Fingask being three hundreth punds haill be accompted as valued within the paroch of Pitsligo and bear burden conforme during the valuatione as it was formerlie in the Said parish of Pitsligo [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/28 12 parish of Auchreddie
E106/2/2/28 Earle of Marischall £266.13.4
E106/2/2/28 Ardtamford for old mad £266.13.4
E106/2/2/28 Laird of Fedderet £900.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Laird of Glenkindie £466.13.4
E106/2/2/28 Laird of Haddo £106.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Laird of Ludquharne £333.6.8
E106/2/2/28 James Forbes of Savock £300.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Patrick Gordun of Cults for Barrack £133.6.8
E106/2/2/28 [Neth?] Nether muir & his mother £200.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Thomas Forbes of Auchryddie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Auchmunziell £100.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Mr William Dalgarno £83.6.8
E106/2/2/28 Airs of William Cheyne £83.6.8
E106/2/2/28 James Buchan of Oykhorne £200.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Robert Keith £20.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Lumsden of Auchinleck £200.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Brucklay £200.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Ironsyde £200.0.0
E106/2/2/28 Ardtamford £233.6.8
E106/2/2/28 Lindsay of Culsh £266.13.4
E106/2/2/28 Oldwhat [Auldquhat] £166.13.4
E106/2/2/28 Robert Cuming of Alathin £133.6.8
E106/2/2/28 Summa is £5159.6.8
E106/2/2/28 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Deer is Fourtie Thousand five Hundreth Thirtie three pund seventeen shill [shillings] and four pennies £40533.17.4
E106/2/2/28 Presbitrie of Deer [Page] 28/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/29 1 Parish of Cruden
E106/2/2/29 Earle of Erroll £4450.16.4
E106/2/2/29 Auchleuchries £324.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Muirtack £33.6.8
E106/2/2/29 Aucharnie £266.13.4
E106/2/2/29 William Hay of Sandend £200.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Earle of Panmuir for few duties of Ardenret £40.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Summa is £5314.16.4
E106/2/2/29 2 parish of Slains
E106/2/2/29 Earle of Erroll £2034.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Seafeild £100.0.0
E106/2/2/29 William Keith £133.6.8
E106/2/2/29 Leask £500.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Mr William Hay £66.13.4
E106/2/2/29 Summa is £2834.0.0
E106/2/2/29 3 parish of Foveran
E106/2/2/29 Laird of Foveran £1198.18.0
E106/2/2/29 Mr Alexander Skene £249.10.0
E106/2/2/29 Alexander Forbes of Savoch £133.6.8
E106/2/2/29 Laird of Udny £1985.5.8
E106/2/2/29 John Udny £147.15.0
E106/2/2/29 Alexander Huwstone £69.6.4
E106/2/2/29 James Skene £58.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Gilbert Black £22.4.6
E106/2/2/29 Airs of Andrew Burnet £62.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Laird of Monnies £800.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Auchnacant £200.0.0
E106/2/2/29 Summa is £4926.6.2
E106/2/2/29 Presbitrie of Ellon [Page] 29/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/30 4 parish of Udny
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Udny £500.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Pitmedden £1200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Knapernay £700.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Bunaketle £200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Mr Walter Cochran £666.13.4
E106/2/2/30 William Gordon for Logie ross £100.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Orchortoune £181.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Tilliecorthie £120.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Torrieleith £166.13.4
E106/2/2/30 Tillie eve £266.13.4
E106/2/2/30 Tillie grig £300.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Pitrichie £1100.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Slagmagullie fyftie pund £50.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Auchinhove £250.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Summa £5801.0.0
E106/2/2/30 5 parish of Methlick
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Eight £800.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Newtoune and Litle Ardo £233.6.8
E106/2/2/30 Chapelltoune £133.6.8
E106/2/2/30 Monlettie £66.13.4
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Pitrichie £266.13.4
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Haddo £1200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Summa is £2700.0.0
E106/2/2/30 6 parish of Tarves
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Shives £600.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Auchinhove £80.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Haddo including Rakestoune £1200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Tilliecairne and the Milne £200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Tilliegonie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Cairnbrogie £600.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Auquhorthies £200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Craig £200.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Laird of Tolquhon £1500.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Summa is £4880.0.0
E106/2/2/30 Presbitrie of Ellon [Page] 30/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/31 7 parish of Logiebuchan
E106/2/2/31 Taartie £1100.0.0
E106/2/2/31 New wark & watridgemuir £500.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Raniestoune £300.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Mostoune £100.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Auchmacoy £600.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Alexander Mcguire £266.13.4
E106/2/2/31 Mr Robert Reid £400.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Meikle Artrochie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Summa is £3566.13.4
E106/2/2/31 8 parish of Ellon
E106/2/2/31 Countess of Erroll £1750.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Airs of Robert Donaldsone £133.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Buckie £70.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Streichen £300.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Towie for Drumquhyndle £533.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Captain Barcly £100.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Laird of Arnadge £700.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Laird of Hiltone £1066.13.9
E106/2/2/31 Coldwalls and Pittachie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Litle Drumquhindle £333.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Fortrie £133.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Dudwick £800.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Ochterellen £633.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Laird of Faichill £400.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Laird of Wattertoune £1900.0.0
E106/2/2/31 Summa is £8953.6.8
E106/2/2/31 Summa of this haill presbitrie of Ellon is Thirtie eight Thousand Nyne Hundreth Seventie six pund Two shill [shillings] and six pennies £38976.2.6
E106/2/2/31 Presbitrie of Ellon [Page] 31/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/32 1 parish of Drumoak
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Drum £1000.0.0
E106/2/2/32 2 parish of Petercoulter & half of Banchory
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Drum £700.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Coulter £750.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Pitfoddells £500.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Glasterberrie Fourty two pund £42.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Murthill £200.13.4
E106/2/2/32 Beild Syde £140.0.0
E106/2/2/32 John Thomsone £146.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Milne of Murthill £135.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Summa is £2613.13.4
E106/2/2/32 3 parish of Skene
E106/2/2/32 Earle of Marischall £33.6.8
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Craigmyll £960.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Skene £700.0.0
E106/2/2/32 James Baskine of Ord £180.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Lands of Carny £200.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Sir John Keith £167.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Fernet £260.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Summa is £2500.6.8
E106/2/2/32 4 parish of Kinellar
E106/2/2/32 Laird of Craigmyll £200.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Mr Alexander Patone £280.0.0
E106/2/2/32 Mr James Keith £133.6.8
E106/2/2/32 Charles Brag £133.6.8
E106/2/2/32 John Keith of Glasgow £133.6.8
E106/2/2/32 Summa is £880.0.0
E106/2/2/32 [Page] 32/ Presbitrie of Aberdeen [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/33 5 parish of Dyce
E106/2/2/33 The Laird of Dyce £256.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Mr Alexander Patone £76.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Laird of Craig £400.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Thomas Shand £500.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Dr [Doctor] Moir £133.6.8
E106/2/2/33 Airs of Patrick Chalmer £90.0.0
E106/2/2/33 George Johnstone £90.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Barbara Forbes £160.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Summa is £1706.13.4
E106/2/2/33 6 parish of Fintray
E106/2/2/33 Relict of John Johnstone of Midletone £236.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Tilliekeirie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Craigievarr £450.0.0
E106/2/2/33 George Skene of Fintray £850.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Laird of Tolquhn [Tolquhon] £800.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Disblair £333.6.8
E106/2/2/33 Airs of John Jameson £59.8.4
E106/2/2/33 Gilbert Chalmer £118.6.8
E106/2/2/33 Alexander Fraser £59.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Summa is £3007.8.4
E106/2/2/33 7 parish of Balhelvie
E106/2/2/33 Earle of Panmuir £3000.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Alexander Innes of Blairtoune £180.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Meany £500.0.0
E106/2/2/33 South Colpnay £300.0.0
E106/2/2/33 North Colpnay £241.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Petaines £241.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Summa is £4463.6.8
E106/2/2/33 8 parish of Newmachar
E106/2/2/33 Earle of Panmuir £40.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Mr James Forbes £366.13.4
E106/2/2/33 James Sangster £100.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Kinmundy £366.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Hiltoune £500.13.4
E106/2/2/33 Marjorie Innes £80.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Henrie Pantoun £450.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Airs of John Burnet of Elrick £550.0.0
E106/2/2/33 Summa is £2454.0.[0]
E106/2/2/33 Presbitrie of Aberdeen [Page] 33/ [signed] John Paton George paton
E106/2/2/34 9 parish of Old Machar
E106/2/2/34 Earle of Panmuir Three Hundreth pund £300.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Laird of Pitfoddells £501.1.2
E106/2/2/34 Old Toune of Abirdeen £650.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Relict of Mr William Moir £200.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Dr [Doctor] Moir £150.0.0
E106/2/2/34 George Cruikshank for his Lands & fyshing £400.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Andro Cassie £8.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Laird of Balgaunie £720.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Grandhome £433.6.8
E106/2/2/34 John Moir of Stonnie wood £700.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Bishops Clintertie £66.13.4
E106/2/2/34 John Jaffry of Dilspro £166.13.4
E106/2/2/34 Hiltone £450.0.0
E106/2/2/34 relict of John Moir for Suniesyde £45.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Mr James Sandilands £240.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Alexander Alexander Baillie £166.13.4
E106/2/2/34 Whitstrypes £110.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Ruthriestone £300.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Pitmuxtoune £120.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Mr Patrick Sandilands of Cottoune £143.6.8
E106/2/2/34 Gordonsmilne £150.0.0
E106/2/2/34 James Gordon Seatonne £333.6.8
E106/2/2/34 Relict of Mr William Johnstone £166.13.4
E106/2/2/34 Thomas Mitchell Baillie £300.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Peterstoune £50.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Sclettie £70.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Relict of Mr James Sandilands £70.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Gilbert Black £50.0.0
E106/2/2/34 Summa is £7060.14.6
E106/2/2/34 10 parish of New Aberdeen
E106/2/2/34 Relict of John Dowglass £266.13.4
E106/2/2/34 Airs of Mr Thomas Buck £166.13.4
E106/2/2/34 Summa is £433.6.8
E106/2/2/34 Summa of the haill presbitrie of Aberdeen is Twentie six Thousand one Hundreth & nynteen pund nyne shill [shillings] and six pennies £26119.9.[6]
E106/2/2/34 Presbitrie of Abordeen [Page] 34/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/35 Byshop of Aberdeen for his rents in the Shyre throf [thereof] £1666.13.4
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Auchterless £100.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Kincardine oneill £300.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Invernochtie £100.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Turreff £300.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Logiebuchan £200.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Parsone of Monymusk to witt the Byshop of Dumblain £100.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Arch byshop of Saint Andrews £150.0.0
E106/2/2/35 Summa is £2916.13.4
E106/2/2/35 The Generall Soumes of the Valuatione of the Severall presbitries of the Shyre of Abd [Aberdeen] are as Followes
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Kincardine £32255.13.6
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Gareoch £34212.13.4
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Alphord £22165.18.10
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Strathbogie £11224.11.9
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Turreff £27835.13.8
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Deer £40533.17.4
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Ellon £38976.2.6
E106/2/2/35 Presbitrie of Aberdein £26119.9.6
E106/2/2/35 Kirklands £2916.13.4
E106/2/2/35 Summa Totalis Two hundreth threttie Sex Thousand two hundreth and fourtie punds thretein shilling nyne pennies £236240.13.9
E106/2/2/35 Valuation of the Kirklands [Page] 35/ [signed] George paton John Paton
E106/2/2/35V The fore going Thirtie fyve pages of this Book Containe the true and faithfull Extract of the haill Valued rents of the Lands, Mills, Fishings, Teynds and other Valuable Rents within the Shyre of Aberdeen as the Samen were divyded in Pariochs and Presbitries and Valued be the Commissioners appoynted for that effect Upon the then Heritors and proprietars of the same In anno One Thousand Sex Hundreth and Seventie four, Bot its to be remembred that since the perfycting of the Said Valuation The Commissioners of Supplie of the forsaid Shyre; Have exempted the Three Hundreth pund at which the Earle Marischalls Viccaradge teinds in the parioch and persbitrie of Deir are Valued, And the Three Hundreth pund at which the parsonage of Kincardine Oneill Is valued in the Kirk Lands, From the payment of any publict burthens As also Its to be remembred that since the perfyteing of the forsaid Valuation Anno 1674 A great many of the Lands then Valued upon Seall [Severall] Heritors are now conjoyned, And that the Commissioners of Supplie have divyded many of the Valued rents contained in the foregoeing book Amongest severall Heritors who have become proprietars therof since that tyme, The warrand of which divisions are in the hands of the Collector of Supplie of the said Shyre In testimonie wherof this present attestation As also everie one of the forgoeing pages Are signed be me George paton of Grandhome who was Clerk to the said Valuation And be John paton my Sone The said John paton and I being present conjunct Clerks of the Supplie of Aberdeen Shyre, Att Aberdeen the Fyfteenth day of November One Thousand Seven Hundreth and Eight yeirs [15 Nov 1708]. [signed] George paton John Paton [Page] 35v