Proprietor and land Valuation
12 parish of Auchindore
Earle Marr for Auchmillan £70.6.8
Lord Forbes £150.0.0
Laird of Craig £720.0.0
Laird of Lessmore £12.0.0
George Ranald £60.4.8
Terpersie £180.0.0
Alexander Smith £60.0.0
Aires of Robert Reid £70.0.0
Summa is £1322.11.4
13 parish of Glenbuicket
Laird of Glenbuicket £740.0.0
Patrick Gordon of Kirktoune £45.0.0
Summa is £785.0.0
14 parish of Cabrach
Earle of Aboyne £162.12.6
Laird of Park £150.14.6
Terpersie £30.0.0
Captain Leith £110.15.10
Summa £454.2.10

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