Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # 1 horse (10s) 2 horses 3-5 horses 6 or more horses Duty 10% per 31 George III
Brought Over 867 667 48 67 33 £461.2.6 £46.2.3
Grand Toral £507.4.9

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Lanarkshire Survey Continued

667 Horses at £0.10.0 Each is £333.10.0
48 Horses at £0.15.0 Each is £36.0.0
67 Horses at £0.17.6 Each is £58.12.6
33 Horses at £1.0.0 Each is £33.0.0
Ten percent on the above Duties is £46.2.3
Grand Total £509.4.9
52 Horses Entered in other Districts
[Total] 867

I William Mure Surveyor Aforesaid, do hereby Certify, that, upon Care
full Examination of the foregoing Several Rates & Duties, I find they
amount in whole to Five hundred and seven pounds four shillings &
nine pence Sterling & that, upon the 7 day of December I Delivered to
Archibald Hamilton Esqr Collector of the said Duties fore the Shire Aforesaid
an Exact Duplicate, of the above Account, duly Examined & Compared
with the foregoing, which Contained my Oath that Requesitions were left
with the Several Inhabitants, or at their Dwelling houses of the dates
Annexed to their Respective names & that they are to be Charged with the
Sums hereby Certified to be due from them.
William Mure Surveyor

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