Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
Baillie Alexander Mckenzie 1 Sadle £0.10.0
Alexander Mckenzie 2 Sadle £1.0.0
Alexander Wood Minr. [Minister] 1 Sadle £0.10.0
4 @ 10/ [£0.10.0] each £2.0.0

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FORTROSE 24 [Page] 67
A Survey of the Duties on Horses Arisin in the Burgh of
[Fortrose] from 5th April 1788 to 5th April 1789 By John Barclay Assistant Surveyor

I John Barclay Assistant Surveyor Aforesaid, Do hereby certify That
[upon careful] examination of the foregoing Duties I find they Amount
[to Two] pound Str. [Sterling] & that upon the Twenty ninth day of November
[I delivered] to Baillie Alexander Mckenzie of said Burgh, there being
[no Collector] appointed, An exact duplicate of the Above Acct. [Account]
[duly examined] & compared with the foregoing, which containd
[my Oath that] the above list containd the Number of Horses returned
[to me] or kept by the different Masters According to the best
of my knowledge & Information
John Barclay ass. [assistant] Surveyor
[December] 5 1788

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