Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
James Smith Mrt. [Merchant] 1 £0.10.0
Robert Gillies 3 £1.10.0
Dr [Doctor] Thomas Birse 1 £0.10.0
Robert Dalmahoy 1 £0.10.0
Dr [Doctor] Thomas Gillies 1 £0.10.0
John Bruce 1 £0.10.0
James McKinzie 1 £0.10.0
William Palmer 1 £0.10.0
10 £5.0.0

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Brechine Carriage and Horse tax. for the year ending
5 Apl. [April] 1789 By Daniel Ross Surv [Surveyor]

I Daniel Ross Surv. [Surveyor] aforesaid do hereby certify that
[upon] careful examination I find the foregoing duties amot. [amount]
[to the] Sum of Five pounds Stg [Sterling] and that upon the
... day of ............ 1788 I delivered to Alexander Vallantyne
Coll. [Collector] for the burgh aforesaid, an exact duplicate of
accot. [account] which contained My oath that the [preceding]
[inhabitants] were duly Served with requisitions of the
aforesaid and that they were charged according
[to] their Sevl. [Several] returns to me in consequence there of and
according to the best information I could procure of which
[the] foregoing is an accurate and just State

Daniel Ross Surveyor

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