Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
27 Sep 1786 Doctor Robert Groat 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Robert Baikie of Tankerness 1 Saddle £0.10.0
James Riddoch Collector 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Thomas Traill Merchant 1 Saddle £0.10.0
28 sep 1786 Robert Laing 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Andrew Munro 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Thomas Balfour 1 Carriage £0.10.0
John Traill of Westness 2 Carriage £1.00.0
Totall 9 £4.10.0

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Kirkwall 33
[Page] 93

Survey Carriage and Horse Tax. within the Toun of Kirkwall
from 5th April 1786 to 5th April 1787 By Alexander Fraser Surveyor

I Alexander Fraser Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby certify that the amount
of the foregoing survey of Carriage and Saddle Horse Tax within the Town of
Kirkwall from the fifth April Seventeen hundred and Eighty Six to fifth April
Seventeen hundred and Eighty seven is Four pound Ten Shillings and I
make Oath that this day I delivered to Alexander Loutit Town Clerk of
Kirkwall and Collector of the said Tax for the Town aforesaid an exact Dupli-
cate of the above account examined and compared with the foregoing

Alexander Fraser Surveyor

At Kirkwall the 28. November 1786
Sworn before John Weir, J:P. [Justice of the Peace]

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