Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
9 Aug 1786 Provost Andrew Robertson 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr. Alexander Kemp Writer 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr. George Munro Writer 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr. John Simpson Writer 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr. Kenneth Mckenzie Mercht. [Merchant] 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr. Donald Camron Writer 1 Saddle £0.10.0
Mr Daniel Rose Min. [Minister] 1 Saddle £0.10.0
7 £3.10.0

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A Survey of the Carriage and Horse Tax. Arisin in the Burgh
of Dingwall for the year ending 5th April 1787 By Hugh MacFarquhar Surveyor

7 Horses @ £0.10.0 each is £3.10.0 Total
[In Margin] -- [17] Nov 1786
I Hugh Macfarquhar Surveyor Aforesaed Do hereby certify that
upon carefull examination of the foregoing Rates & Duties I find
they Amount in Whole to Three pounds Ten Shillings and that
upon the Seventeenth day of this curr. [current] month of November I
delivered to Roderick Morrison Collector of said Duties for the
Burgh aforesaid an exact Duplicate of the above Acct. [Account] duly
examind & compared with the foregoing, which contained my
Oath that the Above list contained the Number of Horses keept
and employd by the different Masters, According to the best of my
knowledge or Information
Hugh Macfarquhar Surveyor

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