Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
1786 Town of Nairn
26 Sep 1786 Nathaniel Craigie Vintner 1 1 £0.10.0
Mr Patrick Dunbar Minr [Minister] 1 1 £0.10.0
2 2 £1.0.0

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NAIRN 39 -- [Page] 105

Survey of the Carriage and Horse Tax Arisin in the Town of
Nairn from the 5th day of April 1786 to the 5th April 1787 By Patrick McDonald Surveyor

2 Sadle Horse at 10/ [£0.10.0] each for a year is £1.0.0

I Patrick McDonald Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify
that Upon Careful Examination of the forgoing Several rates
and duties I find they Amount in whole to One pound Sterlling and
that I deliverd to David Shinloch Collecter of the Said duties in
the Town of Nairn Upon the 29 day December 1786 an
Exact duplicate of the above account duly examind and
compard which Containd my Oath that Notices were left
with the Whole forgoing Inhabitants or at there dwelling houses
of the dates forsaid In Order that they might make a report
of the Greatest Number of Carriage or Sadle Horses Retaind
or imployd by them for the period therein mentiond which
they did in Substance as Above
Patrick McDonald Surveyor

Sworn before one at Forres this 11 Day of Jany. [January] 1787
Alexander Grant J P [Justice of the Peace]

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