Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
3 Female Servants for Bachelors at £0.5.0 Ea [Each] £0.15.0
2 Female Servants for Bachelors at £0.10.0 is £1.0.0
25 Female Servants for married Persons at £0.2.6 £3.2.6
1 Female Servants for married Persons at £0.5.0 is £4.0.0

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I Daniel Ross Surveyor aforesaid hereby Certify that upon carefull examination of the forgoing [rates]
and duties they amount in Whole to Eight pound Seventeen Shilling and Sixpence Sterling and [I do]
make Oath that Notices were left with the Several Inhabitants before named or at their dwell-
ing Houses of the respective dates afore Said requiring them to give in a list of the servants retain[ed and]
employed by them from the 5 of April 1787 to the 5 day of April 1788 and that the foregoing Survey
is made out from the list returned to me and from the best information I could the fore[ ]
the Servants of those who neglected or refused to return a list thereof in terms of the Notes
left with them as aforesaid
Daniel Ross Surveyor
At Dundee the 7th day of November 1787
Sworn before John Guild Baillie

Female Servants
Exd [Examined]

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