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Survey of the Horse Tax, per 37 Geo. 111. Cap. 108. Whithorn

I David McMillan Surv. [Surveyor] aforesaid do hereby Certify that upon
careful examination of the foregoing several Rates & Duties I find
they amount in whole to the Sum of Four pounds and three Shillings
and eight pence four tenths Sterling; and that upon the
Twelfth day of January [seventeen hundred] and ninety eight yrs. [years] I delivered
to Mr John McCray Writer Whithorn Collector of the said Duties
for the Burgh aforesaid an exact Duplicate of the foregoing which
contained my oath that requisition or notices were
delivered to or left for the several foregoing persons of the date
foresaid and charges made out from their returns or
my best Information [signed] David McMillan Surveyor

Survey of the Horse tax
per 37. Geo.111. Cap.108.
in the Burgh of Whithorn
from the 5th day of July 1797
to the 5th April 1778


Exd per G.S.


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