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Date Masters/mistresses names Number of horses Horses liable in duty Horses not liable Duty 20% per 37 George III
1797 Brought over 58 56 4 £6.1.6 £
22 Jul 1797 John Christy Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
John Glas Esqr. 2 2 £0.4.6 £
James Millar Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
David Downie Carter 2 2 £0.4.6 £
Thomas Nuccol Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
John Cameron Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
John Burn Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
Peter Graham Carter 1 1 £0.2.3 £
Total 68 64 4 £7.4.0 £
Sum £
Old duty Brought from [ ] Account £
Total £

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I James Allan Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby Certify that upon carefull
Examination of the foregoing several Rates and duties I find that both Accounts Amount to
Fifteen pound and nine pence six tenths Sterling. And that upon the 27th [ ]I delivered
to Mr William Murdoch in Stirling Collector of the said duties for the Borough
foresaid an Exact duplicate of these two Accounts duly examined & compared
with the foregoing which contained my Oath that Requisitions were delivered to the several Inhabitants
or left at their dwelling Houses and that returns were made to the same or charged
by me to the best of my knowledge and belief that they were liable to the sums hereby certified
to be due from them.
Alloa 29th January 1798 [signed] James Allan Surveyor

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