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I Robert Aiken Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby Certify that upon Careful Examination of the foregoing Rates and Duties, I find they Amount by proof within to Three Pounds eight Shilling Sterling and that, conform to this Receipt, there was delivered to Mr William Templeton Collector of said Duties, an exact Duplicate of this Account which contained My Oath, that Requisitions were delivered or left and that the Rates and Duties charged in said Account were just and true to the best of my Skill Knowledge and Belief and no Person omitted known to me who ought to have been charged.
(Signed) Robert Aiken

of the Rates and Duties on
Husbandry Horses within the
Royal Burgh of Irvine
from 5th April 1797 to 5th April 1798
By Robert Aiken

Surveyor General Copy
Compared & Compleated by [ ]

Exd. per GS [Examined by General Surveyor]

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