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I James Millar Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby Certify that upon careful Examination of the
aforegoing Rates and Duties, I find that they amount in the whole to the Sum of [ ]
Sterling and that upon the ........... day of ........I delivered to Mr John Jamieson Collector of the
Duties for the said Burgh, an exact duplicate of the within Account which
contained my Oath that Notices were left with the Several Inhabitants or at their
dwelling Houses, that they were to be charged with the Sums hereby Certified to be due from them. James Millar Surveyor

Survey of the Duty on
Work Horses in the Royalty
of Dysert
From the 5 April 1797 to the 5 April 1798

36.G.3. [36th Reign of George the 3rd]

Exd. per GS [Examined by General Surveyor]

No 19

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