Date Masters/mistresses names Number of horses Horses liable in duty Horses not liable Duty
The Burgh of Peebles
13 Oct 1797 Thomas Brown Peebles 1 £0.2.0
James Marshall Tanner Peebles 1 £0.2.0
Walter Steel Flesher Peebles 1 £0.2.0
William Ballantyne Peebles 2 £0.4.0
Peter Ker and Son Peebles 3 £0.6.0
James Steel Peebles 1 £0.2.0
James Tait Peebles 1 £0.2.0
James Donaldson Peebles 1 £0.2.0
William Donaldson Peebles 1 £0.2.0
William Brown Peebles 2 £0.4.0
John Dick Peebles 2 £0.4.0
John Gardner Peebles 2 £0.4.0
John Wilson Peebles 2 £0.4.0
William Wilson and Son Peebles 4 £0.8.0
James Dickson Peebles 1 £0.2.0
Thomas Calderwood and Son Peebles 2 £0.4.0
Robert Tosh Peebles 1 £0.2.0
James Weir Peebles 1 £0.2.0
John Hislop and Son Peebles 2 £0.4.0
Archibald Murray Mercht [Merchant] Peebles 1 £0.2.0
William Sanderson Mason Peebles 1 £0.2.0
William Tait & Company Peebles 2 £0.4.0
John Hope Carter Peebles 1 £0.2.0
James Reid Surgeon Peebles 2 £0.4.0
Thomas Gentle Peebles 1 £0.2.0
Archibald Murray Carter Peebles 2 £0.4.0
41 £4.2.0
41 Horses t £0.2.0 Each £4.2.0

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A survey of the HORSE TAX, per 36 Geo. III Cap. xv. in the Burgh of Peebles
from the 5 of April 1797 to the 5 April 1798 By William Brunton Surveyor

I William Brunton Surveyor aforesaid do hereby certify that upon carefull
examination of the foregoing duties I find they amount to the Sum four pound two
shillings sterling and that upon the .....day of ........ I delivered to James
Hall Collector of said duties for the Burgh aforesaid an exact Duplicate of the above
duly compared which contained my Oath That the preceeding inhabitants were
served duly served with Requisitions of the dates foresaid desiring them within fourteen
days to deliver or cause to be delivered to me upon calling for that purpose, an
Attested list of All the horses used and employed by them from the 5 of April 1797
to the 5 April 1798 as well as an Account of what Horses they might use and
employ any where Else and that the foregoing report was made up from there severall
Attested lists or returns to me from the best information I could procure or from my
other certain knowledge of their respective Establishments
GS [General Surveyor]
Wm [William] Brunton

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