Date Masters/mistresses names Number of horses Horses liable in duty Horses not liable Duty
1 Dec 1797 John Mentiplay Milntown 2 2 £0.4.0
William Bridie Milntown 2 2 £0.4.0
John Bisset Milntown 2 2 £0.4.0
George Scott Anstruther Wester 2 2 £0.4.0
Baillie Meldrum Anstruther Wester 1 1 £0.2.0
John Young Anstruther Wester 2 2 £0.4.0
Mr Forrester Minr. [Minister] 1 1 £0.2.0
12 12 £1.4.0

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Survey of the Horse Tax, per 36 Geo. III. Cap. xv. in the Royalty of
Anstruther Wester for the year ending 5th April 1798
Patrick Plenderleath Survr. [Surveyor]

Proof 12 Horses @ 2/ [£0.2.0] £1.4.0.

Pittenweem 13 Feby. [February] 1798. I Patrick Plenderleath Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby Certify that upon Careful examination of the foregoing rates and duties I find they amount to the sum of One Pound four shillings sterling and that I this day delivered to John Young Collector of the foresaid duties a full duplicate of this account Containing my Oath that the preceding Inhabitants were duly served with
requisitions of the dates foresaid & that they were Charged according to their several returns or the best Information and that they were liable to pay the sums set against their several names.
[Signed] P. Plenderleath Surveyor

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