Date Names and designations Actual # Dogs at 3s Dogs at 5s Duty
20 Jun 1797 Patrick Miller Esq. younger of Dalswinton 10 10 £2.10.0

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Supplementary Survey of the Duty on Dogs, in the County of Dumfries, from
5th April 1797, to 5th April 1798, by William Laidlaw Surveyor

I William Laidlaw Surveyor, Certify That the
foregoing Duty amounts to the sum of Two Pounds
ten shillings Stg. [sterling] & that I delivered to the Collector of said
Duty an exact Duplicate hereof which Contained
an Oath the person above named was duly
served with a Requisition & is Charged agreeably
to his Return or according to my knowledge &
belief that he was liable in said Duty
William Laidlaw

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