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Date Names and designations Actual # Dogs at 3s Dogs at 5s Duty
Parishes Collected
No.1 Ecclesgreeg 10 4 6 £2.2.0
No.2 Benholm 4 4 £1.0.0
No.3 Arbuthnott 6 1 5 £1.8.0
No.4 Kinneff 2 1 1 £0.8.0
No.5 Dunnottar 5 4 1 £0.17.0
No.6 Fetteresso 31 4 27 £7.7.0
No.7 Banchory 3 3 £0.15.0
No.8 MarryCoulter 5 3 2 £0.19.0
No.9 Durris 3 3 £0.15.0
No.10 Upper Banchory 6 2 4 £1.6.0
No.1 Fettercairn 2 2 £0.10.0
No.2 Fordown 12 2 10 £2.16.0
No.3 Laurencekirk 2 2 £0.6.0
No.4 Marrykirk 3 3 £0.15.0
Totall 94 23 71 £21.4.0
Proof 23 House Dogs at 3/s each is £3.9.0 £21.4.0
71 Sporting ditto at 5/s each is £17.15.0 £21.4.0

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Survey of Kincardine shire continued...137

I William Greig Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby certify that
upon carefull examination of the foregoing rates and duties
I find they amount in whole to Twenty one pounds four shillings
Sterling And that upon the .... day of.... 1798 I delivered
to Messers Alexander Gardyne and John Burnett joint collectors
of the said duties for the shire aforesaid an exact duplicate of
the above accompt duly examined and compared with the
foregoing which contained my Oath that notices were left with
the whole foregoing Inhabitants or at their dwelling places of the
dates annexed to their respective names requiring them within
fourteen days to give in Lists of the Dogs kept by them from 5th
April 1796 to 5th April 1797 And the said Survey was made up
from the Lists returned to me and from the best information I
could procure of the Dogs kept by those whose lists were
defficient or of those who neglected or refused to return Lists
in terms of the Notices of requisition left with them as aforesaid
William Greig Surveyor

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