Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # 2 wheel carriages 4 wheel carriages Private: one carriage Private: two carriages Private: three + carriages Duty 10%
4 Aug 1794 Canisbay Parish
Lord Caithness Barrigill Castle 1 1 £8.0.0 £0.16.0
Olrick Parish
2 Aug 1794 James Trail Esq. Hobister 1 1 £8.0.0 £0.16.0
Parishes Collected
Canisbay Parish 1 1 £8.0.0 £0.16.0
Olrick Parish 1 1 £8.0.0 £0.16.0
2 2 £16.0.0 £1.12.0
2 Carriages at £8.0.0 each is £16.0.0 10 per cent £1.12.0
10 per cent £1.12.0 £17.12.0 Total
£17.12.0 Total

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A Survey of the WHEEL-CARRIAGE TAX. for the Shire of
Caithness from the 5 April 1793 to 5 April 1794 By David Brodie Surveyor

I David Brodie Surveyor do hereby certify, that upon careful Examination
of the foregoing Rates & Duties, I find they amount in Whole to Seventeen
Pounds Twelve shillings & that upon the 5 November last I delivered to
Mr John Davidson Collector of the said Duties an exact Duplicate
of the above account duly examined & Compared with the foregoing
which contained my Oath that Requisitions were left with the Several
Masters & Mistresses or at their dwelling houses of the Dates annexed
to their Respective names that they were to be charged with the
sums hereby certified to be Due fro them -
David Brodie Surveyor

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