Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # 2 wheel carriages 4 wheel carriages Private: one carriage Private: two carriages Private: three + carriages Duty 10%
24 -- 1791 Charles Dalrymple Esqr. 2 1 1 £11.10.0 £1.3.0
Proof 1 Carriage at £3.10.0 is £3.10.0
Proof 1 Carriage at £8.0.0 is £8.0.0
and 10 p.cent [per cent] on £11.10.0 is £1.3.0
amounting in all to £12.13.0 Ster. [Sterling]

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Survey of the WHEEL-CARRIAGE TAX in the Royalty of
North Berwick from 5 April 1791 to 5 April 1792 by William Johnstone Survyr. [Surveyor]

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I William Johnstone Surveyor do hereby certify that upon carefull examination
I find the foregoing duties amount to the sum of Twelve pounds thirteen shill. [shillings] Ster. [Sterling] &
that upon the 26 Oct. [October] 1791. I delivered to John Kirk collector of said duties an exact
duplicate of this Accompt duely examined & compared which contained my Oath that
the foregoing Inhabitant was duely served with a requisition and that he was charged
according to his return.

William Johnstone Surveyor

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