Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # 2 wheel carriages 4 wheel carriages Private: one carriage Private: two carriages Private: three + carriages Duty
6-- 1790 William Fildan 2 2 £14.0.0
Total 2 2 £14.0.0
Exd. [Examined]

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A Survey of the Duties on Four Wheel Carriages in the Burgh
of Arbroath Since the 5th Apl. [April] 1790 to the 5th Apr. [April] 1791

I Daniel Ross Surveyor aforesaid do hereby certify that upon careful
examination I find the foregoing duties amounts to Fourteen Pounds Sterling
and that upon [no date] day of [no year] I delivered to Mr. John Colvill
Collector of the said duties for the Burgh aforesaid an exact duplicate
of this Acco- [Account] which contained my Oath that the preceeding Inhabitants
were duely served with notification or requisitions of the dates
aforesaid and that were to be charged conformable to their several
returns to me or from the best Information I could procure.
At Dundee 5th Jany. [January] 1791.
Daniel Ross Surveyor.

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