Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # One carriage Two carriages Three or more Duty
1790 Surcharges
17 Feb. 1790 James Baillie Esquire of Olivebank 1 1 £1.10.0

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I John Wood Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify That
upon careful Examination I find these additional Duties
to amount to the Sum of seventy eight pounds Sterling ;
And that this same day being the first of February 1790
I did deliver into the office of George Cranston Esquire Collector
of said duties a Duplicate of this acct.[account] wherein
I mentioned that the Charges agt. [against] the several Inhabitants
were made and laid on in the same manner as
narrated in my Docquet adhibited to the old Duty Survey.
John Wood

Examined 8 March 1790 The above surcharge added to the Collector's Duplicate. John Wood

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