Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # One carriage Two carriages Three or more Duty
17 Aug 1789 Lamington Parish 32d [32nd]
No Duty
Total of Lammington Parish £0.0.0
Crawford Parish 33d [33rd]
18 Aug 1789 The Right Honr [Honourable] The Earl of Hopeton Enterred his Carriages in Linlithgow or Dumfrees Shires
Total of Crawford Parish £0.0.0
Crawford John Parish 34
19 Aug 1789 No Additional Duty
Total of Crawford John Parish £0.0.0
Douglas Parish 35
4 Aug 1789 The Honr [Honourable] Archibald Dowglas of Dowglas 4 4 £7.10.0
Alexander McKonnochie Esqr. Castlemains Enterred a four Wheel'd Carriage at Edinr. [Edinburgh] 4 4 £7.10.0
Wiston Parish 36
10 Aug 1789 No Duty
Total of Wiston Parish £0.0.0
Symington Parish 37th
8 Aug 1789 No Duty
Total of Symington Parish £0.0.0

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Lanark Shire Survey Continued
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