Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # One carriage Two carriages Three or more Duty
20 Aug 1789 Carluke Parish 22nd
Robert Brisbane Esqr of Milton 1 1 £0.15.0
Total of Carluke Parish 1 1 £0.15.0
Lanark Parish 23d
6 Aug 1789 Mrs Lockhart of Lee 1 1 £0.15.0
Allan Lockhart Esqr of Cleghorn 1 1 £0.15.0
Sir John Lockhart Ross Bart[Baronet] of Bonnington Entered his Carriages in Edinr[Edinburgh]
David Dale Esqr at Cotton Mill Entered one four Wheeld Carriage in Glasgow
Th Honr[Honourable] Robert Mcqueen of Braxfield Enterred two four Wheeld Carriages in Edinr[Edinburgh]
Total of Lanark Parish 2 2 £1.10.0
Carstairs Parish 24th
11 Aug 1789 William Fullerton Esqr of Carstairs Enterred two four Wheel'd Carriages in Edinr[Edinburgh]
Total of Carstairs Parish £0.0.0
Carnwath Parish 25th
12 Aug 1789 William Wilson Esqr of Wilsonton Enteres his Carriages where his family resides Edinr[Ediburgh]
Heirs of Lady Francess Stewart Denham of Westshield 1 1 £0.15.0
Carry Over 1 1 £0.15.0

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Lanark Shire Survey Continued
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