Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # One carriage Two carriages Three or more Duty
15 Oct 1789 Cullicudden Parish
David Urquhart of Brealangwall 1 1 £0.15.0
George Gunn Munro Pointsfield 1 1 £0.15.0
2 2 £1.10.0
Cromarty Town & Parish
Capt. [Captain] John McKenzie 1 1 £0.15.0
1 1 £0.15.0
Parishes Collected
Cullicudden Parish 2 2 £1.10.0
Cromarty Town Parish 1 1 £0.15.0
3 3 Total £2.5.0

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Survey of the Additional Rates & Duties on Wheel carriages
arisen is the Shire of Cromarty from 5th July 1789 to 5th Ap. [April] 1790
by John Barclay Assistant Surveyor
Additional Wheel Carriage Tax

I John Barclay Surveyor Aforesaid do hereby certify that upon
carefull examination of the foregoing Duties, I find they Amount
to Two pounds five Shillings, And that upon the tenth day of
December current, I Delivered to Mr. Walter Ross Collector of the said
duties for the Shire aforesaid, an exact Duplicate of the Above
Acct. [Account] duly examined & compared with the foregoing, which contained
my Oath that the above are the Number of Carriages returned to me
and were kept or employed by the different Masters According to the
best of my knowledge or information
Tain 21 Decr. [December]
John Barclay Ast. [Assistant] Surveyor

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